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Speed Services Couriers [SSC]speed services

I send a parcel on 30 December 2019 and expecting it to arrive at least by 03 January 2020 from East London to Johannesburg and still today 09 January 2020 it is not delivered. I phoned yesterday 08 January 2020 to ask the services to deliver to the post office in Edenvale and when i checked this morning it is still not delivered. For me this is so dissapionted and will not use the service again or recommend it to anyone i know. I paid a lot of money for the quick service and yet not delivered. Can someone expedite the order please.

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    Speed courier servicesMissing item from parcel

    I used speed courier services to ship a parcel back to a supplier as the item was faulty. I bought the item using bid or buy and supplier was MR Frog. the item was faulty twice and I shipped it back twice. The second time I wanted a refund as I was not happy with the crappy product. I shipped it and a week later the item was missing from the box it was shipped in. I was not contacted. I paid 300 odd rand to ship a item that would have taken me 10min to deliver myself. the supplier would not let me deliver it. The post office bertsham in ormonde were very unhelpful and told me that the box was empty and that there is no claim form and that the item is under investigation. I still have not heard from them more than a week later. I have now lost the receipt for the parcel but have the tracking number. This is has happened many times apparently with this suppliers items and I was not informed. he has my money. Speed courier services has my money. It seems as it is an inside job if you ask me. why was I not informed of parcels going missing. I am not happy about this and I want my money refunded as it is alot of moneys worth of goods.

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      Speed Services - Post officeParcel sent by speed services but after 5 days not at my post office

      Parcel was sent on Monday 28December 2014 via speed services from Lephalale post office. The staff at Lephalale told us that the parcel will be at Marble Hall post office on Tuesday the 30 December 2014. When we phoned the post office the afternoon they said they have not received any parcels for the day. When we phoned the post office in Wednesday they said that they haven't received any parcels for that day as well. When we phoned the speed services contact sentre on Thursday they said the parcel was scanned in on the system on Tuesday night in Marble Hall and that post office said there is no parcel. I went to the Groblersdal post office on Friday morning they said that the parcel is still in JHB but the track is going out today. Every time we phone the speed services contact sentre they keep on putting us on hold until my airtime run out. I went back to the Groblersdal branch to phone the speed services on my behalf and the staff at the branch in Groblersdal think the whole situation is a joke, they think it's funny!!! Why do you pay for speed services if they just send it by regular post?????!? The parcel is cronic medication that's why we send it via speed services we need it urgently!!! If there is any problems regarding my health I will take legal action against the post office! I want a refund for the speed services that I paid for but my parcel was sent with regular post.

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        I am still unhappy because my parcel was sent "overnight by speed services" and only arrived after 4 DAYS! I have paid for a faster service but it was just sent as ordinary mail.Why did I have to pay more!??? I demand a refund for a service I had to pay and didn't receive.

        • Ap
          A Prinsloo Jan 02, 2015
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          No I am not happy and this case is not resolved! I had to pay for "OVERNIGHT" which is much more expensive than just ordinary mail, and yet my parcel was sent as ordinary mail and NOT OVERNIGHT! I want a refund and believe me I WILL NEVER EVER SEND ANYTHING EVER WITH THE POST OFFICE AGAIN! From now on I will only use POSTNET or a courier service that is not linked to the Post office


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        Speed Services Couriers — Non delivery of parcel

        Documents (TC214641870ZA) was handed in at Montana Post Office on 4 June 2014 for overnight delivery by Speed...


        Speed ServicesService regarding counter to door parcel

        A parcel was sent to me throught 'counter to door' service on 12 January 2012 with reference TC137109661ZA. Delivery was expected on 13 January 2012. After waiting at the indicated delivery point until 12pm, I went to the post office to enquire and/or collect the parcel myself as I needed it urgently. It contained licencing papers for a car whose temporary licence expired on 11 January 2012. The following is what transpired in my dealings with Mabatho General Post Office where Speed Services is housed and is also the essence of my complaint:
        On my arrival at Mmabatho Post Office I was welcomed my two ladies who seemed pleasant enough in attitude and approach to me. They were at counter number 1 on the day (12/01/2012). I gave on of them my reference number after explaining the nature of my business at the Post Office. She checked her book and informed me that the parcel had been taken for delivery. I asked her if she could find out if the delivery lady/guy has already been to my office because I had locked and would not have found me. The lady told me that I should go back to the office and wait. I again asked her to find out and offered that if the cost of the call was the problem, my phone could be used or I could be given the number of the delivery person so that I could acertain that we do not miss each other. At this stage the lady grew impatient with me and told me 'taboga o ye ofising o tlogele go senya nako ka go bua' (Tswana saying which translates roughly: 'go to the office quickly and stop wasting time by talking'). This was said in a very dismissive way which made it very clear that she was no longer interested in me and my suggestions. I asked her what would happen if the person did not get and whether someone else could receive the parcel on my behalf. She again reminded me that I was wasting time talking and the guy would not find me at the office and reminded me that the particular service I opted for was 'counter to door' not 'counter to counter'. She also told me that if the person did not find me at the office the parcel would be brought back to the Post Office. I went to the office as directed by the lady without any further argument as I was getting irritated by her attitude and hoped not to have to deal with her again. That was not to be, however. I waited at the office until 5pm and nothing was delivered.

        On Saturday, 14 January 2012, I was the first customer at Mmabatho Post Office. I was waiting at the door when they opened at 8am. The lady immediately recognised me and directed me to counter 1 again. She asked me if I was still looking for my parcel to which I answered in the affirmative and further informed her that I had waited until 5pm for the delivery. She, without comment, took the paper with my reference number again and went to the back where she spent more than 15 minutes (I was counting minutes) and was getting very annoyed iwith the service I was getting. When she came back she motioned for me to come back to the counter as I had already offered myself a seat on one of the benches. She was talking on the phone and I heard her say in Tswana, words to the effect that 'I need to know who signed for it because the customer is here'. At the end of this phone call, she informed me, and by this time her colleague of the previous day had joined us at counter 1, that my parcel had been delivered to Unibo Post Office and I could collect it there. I must admit that at this stage I lost my temper and had to work hard to maintain composure and be professional. I reminded her of the events of the previous day and what her responses to me had been and she did not contradict me. I informed her that I needed to know the procedure for laying an official complaint and I was not happy with the service. She shouted at someone as an inquiry whether Speed Services had a form for this purpose.

        In response, the only man in the office on the day, came to me and, I must say, he proved very professional and understanding. I wished I had dealt with him the previous day. He informed me that he understood my frustration and that I was not being unreasonable by complaining. He offered to help me with the complaint process and even advised me that their Post Master will be in the office on Monday and I could see him if I wanted to take the matter up.

        However, as I am writing this two hours after my visit to the Mmabatho Post Office,
        1. I do not have my parcel
        2. I cannot drive to do my business because the licence of my car has expired
        3. Importantly, I am disappointed at and frustrated with the service of Speed Service
        4. I do not know who to contact at the NWU Post Office. As a matter of fact, I did not even know that NWU had a branch of South African Post Office.

        Unfortunatel, I this my mistake, I did not get names but I think the information given is sufficient for identification of the people involved, for anyone serious about pursuing my complaint.

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          Speed Services CouriersParcel missing and no one has an idea where

          My parcel was sent from Qwaqwa on the 30th March 2010, I have called speedservices more than 10 times with no luck. None of the people I have spoken to have an idea where it is. They also do not know when I will get feedback as to where is my parcel.

          Last week I spoke to Moroesi who is in Bloemfontein and she could not give me a fixed time as to when my parcel will be delivered or where it is.

          Solution I want my camera back or they should replace it if its lost.

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            Speed Services CouriersCharge a fortune and do not deliver

            I sent documents to a post office in Johannesburg. I paid a fortune for overnight delivery and it still has not been delivered. When you call speed servies call centre no - you have to hold on for 30 minutes. Althought he call centre staff are really sweet - they cannot do what I require. Mr MOlefe the MD or his PA willnot take calls and you keep on going back to call centre to peole who cannot make calls.

            I suggest that people do not waste their money using this service as it offers nothing better than normal postage times.

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              Speed Services Couriers — Losing my parcel and do even letting me know

              On the 23th of October I went to Cape Town Post office to sent document to Zambia(Lusaka). When I got the i...

              Speed Services CouriersTell me I can collect and then nothing is there

              My parcel was meant to arrive this morning via speed services. I checked the online page AND phoned the number to ensure this before going in to the post office, they assured me it was ready to collect. When I arrive at the post office they say there is no such parcel, and after waiting over an hour for them to phone around and waste my time they tell me that the parcel is still sitting in gemiston.

              It is bad enough that it is now late but why can they not track the parcel properly. They have wasted time that I will never get back, are they going to pay me back for this time? I doubt it...

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                Speed Services CouriersStill do not know whats become of my long long awaited parcel!

                I looked online to track a parcel i was expecting deliver yof, on the online system it reflects as being at my post office for 10 days already so i went down to locate it.

                I arrive and there is no record of my parcel. so I ask for the number od speed services in order to contact them directly. i call there contact centre and after selecting my option i wait for over 5 mins till an agent answers.

                i try to give him the tracking number, he says he cant hear me so I repeat it and he finds no record of the parcel, I ask him to confimr the number and he asks me to wait and puts the phone down on me!!!

                So i still do not know whats become of my long long awaited parcel!!

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                  Speed Services CouriersI have lost all the respect I used to have for Speed Services and wouldn't recommend it to anybody

                  My wife posted a parcel to me from Table View in the Western Cape to Benmore in Gauteng on the 08 Aug 2009. The parcel hasn't arrived since then. When we phone the Speed Services, call answered after 5 minutes or more, We are being told the same story over and over again. They are busy investigating and they would call us back in 24 hrs to provide feedback. They never phone us back. We've called again numerous times receiving the same feedback. Three weeks ago we asked to speak to the Manager of which we were told he is not available and requested his email address. The email was sent to one [Hidden Email] and he hasn't responded to that email since then.

                  Honestly I have lost all the respect I used to have for Speed Services and wouldn't recommend it to anybody. The is absolutely no accountability. My wife and I have lost valuable contents that would take a while to replace and do not know what to do! The service shows no interest and doesn’t value the goods that’s been entrusted with them, it’s just another business transaction!

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                    • Ol
                      Olive Manor Nursing Oct 11, 2019
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      People are trying to courier us stuff from Durban but a few post offices there don't have the courier plastic bags. Why is that? Don't you have a service to provide? There are quite a number of alternative couriers to choose from so if this is not solved, I'll have to shop around.

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                    Speed Services CouriersNo response to complaint

                    On 30 July 2009 parcel TC085592862ZA was dispatched in the Cape. This parcel was to have been delivered to my address in Louis Trichardt the following day. Ever since 1 August I have been trying to locate the where about of this parcel. It was received in Johannesburg on 31 July 2009.

                    However hard I try, I do not get any feedback from Speed Services. I have complained, I have requested feedback, I have even suggested that they remove the comment on their website as there is no feedback from them on any of my queries. I have now given up corresponding with them on their website.

                    I initially phoned [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting. There I was referred to a number in Johannesburg [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting. At this number you get put on hold until a consultant will be available. I gave up on this too. You are on hold for an eternity and there is never a consultant available.

                    The sender of the parcel paid for the parcel to be delivered to me. How is it possible that a parcel (that has been paid for) can for convenience sake just disappear?

                    The fact that Speed Services do not give me feedback upsets me even more.

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                      • Wa
                        Wanga Oct 15, 2018
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        My parcels arrive last month from London I pay them and someone working there request money from me an promise to realese my parcel I found out later that day that they didn't receive my parcels I'm about to be arrested by my angry clients here

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                      • Ph
                        Phatsoa Jul 30, 2019

                        M told there is my parcel that need to be paid a charge before its release and delkvered to me. Problem is i am not sure if its tru, why cant i pay the charge when its delivered to my adress. Its a gift which i doubt it there at your custody.

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