LBC Expressshipment issue by lbc express

J Jul 30, 2019

Nagpadala po ako ng documents from Siquijor to Davao city but when I traced the remittance may "shipment issue" comment. What should I do? Idedeliver po ba ito o madedelay lang? My tracking number is 161835349172. Thank you po. Baka po hindi sya madedeliver. From Siquijor po ang package to davao city. Sana po ay maaksyunan po ito kasi needed po and documents na yun.

  • Updated by junedy flores · Jul 29, 2019

    Hello, I tracked my lbc shipment po na mga documents but it wasn't delivered po eh ang nakalagay is, shipment issue please get in touch with us. Paano po ito? Dadating pa ba yung shipment? help naman po.

    My tracking number is 161835349172.

  • Updated by junedy flores · Jul 29, 2019

    161835348067 is my tracking number po. but when i tracked this one hindi sya na deliver at ito lang po ang nakalagay
    May 29, 2019 Arrived at DAVAO CARGO DELIVERY TEAM.

    pa help naman po. paano ba ito antagal na kasi ngayun ko lang po na track eh. Salamat po.

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