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June 23rd i was making my weekly groceries at what i thought was my favorite Kroger store, after getting my usual i get in line put my groceries on the counter($140.00) my husband and i reach cashier to pay and my groceries s were not bagged looking over to the next counter the sacker to see if we just wait a minute he will come over to sack ours ...never happen cashier took the next customer and so do the sacker we sacked our own groceries however the cashier sacked the person before us and the customer after us i have never been so disrespected in all my days.. so i asked why didn't she sack or call someone to sack my groceries she had the gall to say she didn't have any bags WHAT THE HELL WAS WE USING!!! I'VE BEEN GOING TO THIS STORE SINCE 2005 NEVER EVER HAVE I ENCOUNTERED SUCH BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 12620 WOODFOREST STE#200 WITH CASHIER SANDRA I SURELY DID NOT EXPECT TO SACK MY OWN GROCERIES THIS NOT SACK-N-SAVE... BLACK LIVES MATTER

Jun 23, 2019
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  • Sh
      Sep 19, 2019

    Why don’t you just stop being lazy and bag them yourself. I highly doubt someone didn’t bag your groceries just because your black lol grow up

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