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Reviews and Complaints

Krogerpoor service, rats & leaks.

I do our weekly shop here every Friday morning hitting the one and only open check out around 8.15am, the cart is about half full, about $200+. Increasingly of late there is never anyone to pack the bags, and everything gets thrown into a random pile and is eventually packed randomly, even though I put everything thru in order, frozen & chilled, fruit & veg, dry goods, bottles & jars etc etc. Today, as usual, no one to pack the bags, I asked 3 times for someone to come and help me pack the bags without any success. The goods were put through the checkout in a random pile. I walked away leaving my shopping and went to another Kroger were this did not happen. FYI I've seen big rats on various occasions running around and underneath the open waist high freezers, and the roof leaks into buckets when raining. I gave em 3 years of my custom, but I ain't going back there no more. The Management need to deploy their staff to help pack at the checkouts, or just replace all the check outs to self serve/self pack, then their customers know what to expect and can make informed choices if they continue to shop there again.