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Posting this also under Sexual Abuse - FEMALE MODELS BEWARE!

Kris Josef, a "photographer", from Toronto, contacted me a while back to do a photo shoot. This "professional" insisted it was in my careers benefit to shoot with him, as he could get me published, but only under the condition that I shot erotic nudes with him.
After checking the models who have shot with him, and the other photographers who are connected to him, I felt comfortable enough to go ahead with the deal, not knowing his intentions. I myself have no professional photos, so I figured this to be a prime opportunity to get started in the industry.
Kris was very charming with a keen ability at manipulating my thoughts, TD banker by day, photographer by night - I felt there was nothing I could not trust.
Upon arriving at his studio (what turned out to be his apartment), he had liquor already out on his table. He stressed the importance of me being "loose" and letting go of my inhibitions with a drink or two before the shoot. Once the shoot began, he forced me to do poses I was not comfortable with such as leg/lip spreads, or bending over. I felt absolutely powerless, as if I had no voice. He continued to make sexual advances towards me to the point where I felt degraded and disrespected.
After leaving the shoot, I was upset, but hopeful that I had gotten a few great photos. I waited a few weeks before contacting him for the photos, once contacted, there was no response. I later found out that he manipulates countless numbers of women into taking their clothes off for photos, only to have been made fools out of. Kris privately sells his erotic/nude photos of models without the models consent (each model signs a release stating that neither party may use/sell the photos without the others permission). He uses his status to his advantage in order to get what he wants, and ends up ruining the image models are trying to put out there.
I write this in hopes to inform other models about the scary people in this industry. Kris ruined me inside and out, and I sincerely wish that upon no other woman trying to make it as a professional model. His actions have geared me away from the industry, as I know there are plenty more unprofessional photographers with hidden motives out there as well. Please BEWARE of this photographer!

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  • Ma
    mattroll Jul 31, 2012

    when you eventually find them on the net please post the link for us

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  • My
    Mya Z Aug 01, 2012

    Will do, his site is currently "under maintenance"

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  • Kris Josef, Do you know Maryam Torabipour?
    She's looking for a NEW Male Friend, and I think You are just her type!

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  • To
    TomC. Aug 16, 2012

    I have to say, I have met Kris. I know and have worked with several models who have worked with him. I know other photographers who know him very well. This is absoultely not possible. Kris is the most professional photographer in his industry. His work is second to none. He knows that his career is hinged on him being 110% professional. When you shoot the types of shots he does you cannot afford to even hint at unnaceptable comments or actions. I think this complain was made by one of his competitors who is jealous of the quality of work Kris Josef puts out and can't they can't come close to it so they need to resort to slander.

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  • La
    LaurellaAce Aug 16, 2012

    I've worked with Kris once, and he in no way shape or form had me do anything I was uncomfortable with.
    He was polite, extremely professional and I completely disagree with this posting.

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  • Ju
    JuliaViscomi Aug 16, 2012

    Although Kris has never shot me, he has shot my best friend, and I was lucky enough (with permission from both Kris and my friend) to sit in and witness the whole process from start to finish. Furthermore, I have spoken to other friends who have hired Kris, and they have shared nothing but glowing reviews of him. I hate to make accusations, but I 100% do not believe a WORD you have written. It reeks of jealousy, actually, as pointed out above me by TomC. I also find it incredibly immature and foolish of you to address your concerns in this way. Kris, if you're reading this, I hope you take appropriate legal action to deal with this slander!

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  • Kt
    KtStew Aug 16, 2012

    Anyone who has worked with Kris would know that this is a made up story and a horrible attempt at slander. I have worked with Kris and hope to work with him many times in the future. He is 150% professional, and I felt 150% comfortable with him. Not only that, as soon as I told him which images I want, I had the edits in my inbox the next morning and they were amazing shots. Kris is kind, friendly, and professional.

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  • Ma
    Mariemodel Aug 16, 2012

    I recently shot with Kris Josef. I had never taken nude/erotic photos before this and was nervous about it. From the moment he introduced himself I felt immediate comfort, trust and confidence. He was extremely professional, there was no mention of alcohol. He continued to stress the fact that we shouldn't shoot any poses I'm unvomfortable with as it would show in the photos. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. He made the experience wonderful and as a result of this, he produced amazing photos. I hope to have the chance to shoot with him again and would without a doubt shoot nude/erotic photos with him again. Thank you so much Kris! -Marie

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  • Re
    RedBomb Aug 17, 2012

    I, as with the others above, do not agree with a single word in this abusive posting. Kris and I have worked together a number of times in the past and he has never been anything but professional and wonderful to work with. He has never made inappropriate advances or pushed alcohol on me (I shot nude in his studio/apartment and felt entirely at ease). I hope to work with Kris again in the future, and would absolutely recommend anyone reading this slanderous post to do further research on Kris' business, which I am more than confident will lead the reader to book Kris hastily. He's a kind, talented, professional and good man with the best intentions, and will always have my support as one of the many 'good' people in the industry. - Heather

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  • Tr
    Tram Zam Aug 17, 2012

    I have worked with Kris and so have many other beautiful women/friends I know.
    Kris was/is exactly what I was told to expect. A photographer who is professional, fun & someone who makes the shoot COMFORTABLE. My photos were as amazing as I expected from seeing his previous photos. I HAVE worked with a photographer that has made myself and others uncomfortable, but KRIS is FAR from that & COMPLETELY OPPOSITE. I can honestly say it was my best shoot & I would recommend Kris to everyone.
    T Zam

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  • Jn
    JND Canada Aug 17, 2012

    I have recently shot with Kris and my experience with him couldn't have been better, he is extremely professional. From booking the shoot over email, chatting about the shots we were going to do, meeting him at the venue, spending almost 4 hours with him in a room by myself where there was NEVER ONCE alcohol offered or seen on the premises and all of the shots were directed in a professional manor. This is incredibly sad that someone has found the time to actually think up random BS and post it online

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  • Ce
    CEnns Aug 17, 2012

    I worked with Kris on my very 1st photoshoot and he was nothing but professional. Knowing it was my first time in front of the camera in a fitness shoot, Kris helped me with posing, facial expressions, as well as outfit ideas. After the shoot he even gave me advice for future shoots, which I really appreciated. As for waiting for my photos Kris had them available in a couple of weeks. There were ALOT of people he was shooting over the same weekend so to get the photos in what I thought was a short amount of time was amazing. I think this post above is someone who hasn't even worked with Kris. I think this person tried to work with him and he declined and now they're upset with being refused. Karma's a ### and she'll find you.

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  • Te
    Teena Sharon Aug 17, 2012

    I have shot with Kris on many occassions. I have done glamour, nudes and headshots. I have even done some erotic type nudes and I was part of his photos at the OverXXXposed shows. There was never a time where I felt uncomfortable with kris or felt he was degrading me in anyway. All my photos were sent to me in a timely manner and I have NEVER had to ask Kris where they were. I have been very impressed with the finish product and get many compliments on my photos. Kris has also been contacted by for possible future work because of the photos I have posted. I completely disagree with everything this woman has stated. THIS IS NOT WHO KRIS IS. He prides himself on his professionalism and the way he treats his models. When anyone asks me who I would refer as a phototgrapher, Kris is one photographer, I say that everyone should definitely work with. He is great at what he does and makes you feel comfortable no matter what type of shoot it is. I know people who kick themselves now because they passed up the opportunity to work with Kris. I will continue to refer Kris in the future.

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  • Bl
    Blondie818 Aug 17, 2012

    I am absolutely astonished by the completely false remarks of this complaint. Kris is an incredibly professional photographer – very good with communication prior to and after shoots via email, only photographs what styles and poses I am comfortable with in locations we mutually agreed upon, allowed a friend to stay and witness a shoot when asked and as a newer model he gave very helpful direction in angles and posing. I have shot with him for fitness and glamour, and no matter what the style he was able to create stunning and quality images. Anyone who has worked with Kris knows he is a class act, treats models with respect, and does not deserve these heinous untrue remarks against his name or his work.

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  • No
    Norinicole Aug 17, 2012

    These claims are absolutely DISGUSTING. There is absolutely no shred of truth in anything that this person has posted. I have shot with Kris and he is professional from initial contact right down to having AMAZING turn around with his photos. I received my photos for review merely days after our shoot (where he was shooting well over 20 models that week) and once I had submitted my final choices I got my copies within a few days. I felt extremely comfortable, was NEVER FORCED TO CONSUME ALCOHOL, and Kris offered great direction with posing. In no way did I feel coerced or unsafe during our 2 hour shoot. I have referred many of my friends to Kris, and they have all had the same experience. Professional, courteous and photos of amazing quality.

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  • Al
    AlexWilson Aug 17, 2012

    Wow . . . sweetheart you really did pick on the wrong photog to slander! I've worked with Kris in the past and can absolutely say without a doubt in my mind that the accusations you've posted are outrageous, disgusting and completely false!!! Shame on you for TRYING to slander not only a great photographer but person! To post personal information about his full time employment? You my dear are a fool a coward and no better than the fictional person you have created above. I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. . . brace yourself woman because the backlash you will feel from the support this man has, is gonna suck! To prove what a more respectable human Kris is than you, he has kept your identity from everyone . . . Bravo Kris for not sinking to this level and revealing her identity.

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  • Se
    seakay Aug 17, 2012

    Having known Kris for over 10 years, I can say with 150% assurance that this is total BS. He would never disrespect or harm anyone, let alone make them feel uncomfortable, professionally or personally. People like this accuser make me sick to my stomach and I hope they get what they deserve for making someone as sincere and genuine as Kris waste time on such stupid claims. I think the 1000's of comments on his photos and the comments here and on Facebook speak for themselves. Its so sad that someone is so pathetic and desperate for attention that they try and do this to someone.

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  • Jb
    JB85 Aug 17, 2012

    This is absolutely absurd and ridiculous. Whoever wrote this is slandering a good name in the industry.. There aren't many photographers I have chosen to work with but Kris I have shot with twice and he is professional, funny and helps you feel comfortable. I know many people who have worked with him who would vouch for his professionalism and amazing attitude.

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  • Ka
    Kate Taylor Aug 17, 2012

    I have known Kris Josef for about 8 years now. Hes an all around great guy. He is very professional and very trusting. I have worked with a lot of girls who have recommend him to work with as I myself would recommend his work. Kris has an easy going personality and strictly business attitude and his photos are Amazing. I have nothing but good and professional things to say about Kris. I know people who kick themselves now because they passed up the opportunity to work with him. I was one :( I feel sad that after all these years of him dedicating his heart and soul into his photography business, someone that is Obviously Jealous of his work and abilities would try and knock him down. Although i am extremely happy Kris has the love and support he deserves. I will continue to refer Kris in the future.

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  • Mi
    MichS Aug 17, 2012

    I have been lucky enough to have a photoshoot with Kris (hopefully another in the near future) and know several other models that have shot with him too. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Kris. He was charming and enthusiastic and made me very comfortable for one of my first shoots. He never once, however, stopped being anything but utterly professional. I have met him in social settings aswell and he is such a nice nice guy. I absolutely do not believe these accusations and hope that they do not affect Kris negatively. He is an amazingly talented photographer who knows how to make people look stunning.

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  • Pl
    Playandkonker Aug 17, 2012

    I've met Chris a few times now, and have seen a bunch of his work. Nothing but professionalism from what I've seen. Nothing described here seems to fit the Chris I've met. My bet would be that this is just someone mad about something, and should not be considered a reflection of him.

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  • Ma
    mariaZA Aug 17, 2012

    First off, I am seriously disappointed that someone would make up such an OUTRAGEOUS story about Kris. I've had the pleasure of shooting with Kris on TWO occasions and he would be my first choice to shoot with in the future. He is extremely kind, patient, informative, and has the ability to create an environment for you that invigorates confidence in his models. I can't say that about many photographers. I was very inexperienced during my first shoot, however everything about my session with Kris was more than professional and appropriate. Was a beverage offered? Yes, it was water, juice, wine ect. An offer any host would present their guests. He would NEVER tell you or get you to do something that you are not comfortable with. Anyhow, having to write this to defend him seems pointless as I feel everyone who knows him, or even meets him for a minute, would know that this accusation is ridiculous. I personally would love to work with him in the future, would refer my unborn children to him (that's how much I trust him), and think that anyone who hesitates on booking with him based on this complaint, is an IDIOT. He is an extremely talented photographer who captures and brings out the best you. All the love and support to you Kris. And "MyaZ" Karma is a ###.

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  • Sa
    Samotulka Aug 17, 2012

    Im a model who worked with Kris, he was also my first professional shoot. Now that I've expanded my experience with the HELP of him, i can honestly state that he was utterly, hands-down one of the most professional photographers i have ever worked with out of VARIOUS photographers. These accusations are beyond false, Kris would never make any model professional OR beginner feel uncomfortable during a shoot and would never prompt them to do ANYTHING they are not comfortable with. Before our shoot we sat down and talked about different styles we were going to shoot (in a professional manner) and NOTHING was forced upon, in fact he was nothing but complimentary during my first shoot and helped guide me through poses to create the best images possible, because it was my first professional shoot as well. Its quite sad that someone would accuse Kris of such negative behaviour. He is a friendly charming person and amazing PROFESSIONAL photographer. I send my highest recommendations toward Kris as a photographer and i can only hope that this ridiculous accusation doesn't affect him in any way, shape or form.

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  • Ca
    Caitlin11 Aug 17, 2012

    I have worked with Kris several times now and this is absolute ludicrous! Had you actually worked with him before you would know of what an amazing and respectful photographer he is! I do not even know what to say but give it a break, grow up and quit spreading malicious rumors. Kris is one of the most talented photographers out there and its surely your loss for spreading this BS because now you can't work with an absolutely amazing talent. Oh and a missed opportunity at exposure and mind blowing photos! Love Kris- respectful on all levels and always ensures the comfort of his clients!

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  • Ei
    Eikona Aug 17, 2012

    This is obviously a set-up against Kris Josef. It's particularly disturbing, not only for its reckless and wanton disregard for his livelihood and reputation, but also for the fact that if this can happen to Kris, it can happen to any respectable photographer. The poster of this complaint is undeniably sociopathic in his conduct, cowardly in his taking advantage of the Internet's relative anonymity, and disingenuous in the manner of his complaint's conveyance.


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  • Mi
    Michelle K30 Aug 18, 2012

    I am a recent client of Kris Josef who had a shoot done this past June. I have nothing but absolute respect and admiration for him and his work alike. The shoot lasted almost two hours and not once did I feel uncomfortable or pushed by him. He has amazing energy and pride in his work, which obviously shows in his images. From the inital email contact to receiving my final edited prints, he was nothing but efficient and very professional. I would give my strong recomendation for any model to use his photographery skills. I know that I will be using him again in the future!!

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  • Je
    JessicaCasey Aug 18, 2012

    I have known Kris for some time now and have shot with him before. These accusations are completely false. The night after shooting with him he sent me EDITED photos right away! He was an absolute pleasure to work with and even brought in an incredibly talented makeup artist to assist the shoot. At no point did I feel uncomfortable or as though he was trying to make me do things I was not happy doing. The entire time he asked me what I wanted and what I needed in order to build my portfolio, being very respectful of my time. He did not even offer me alcohol! I am incredibly saddened by the fact that someone had to go out of their way to post such slanderous remarks. Kris is a FANTASTIC photographer and a great friend. I hope that people will be able to see through the bull ### of this original post.

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  • Cr
    CrystalK Aug 18, 2012

    Kris Joseph is an incredible photographer, seriously one of the best in the industry. After shooting with multiple photographers from Canada and the US, Kris was definitely the top of his game. His amazing make up/hair stylist Monica and his beautiful assistant Cathy made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot. Kris exemplifies true, humbleness and professionalism. The amazing images we created were breath taking. I plan on submitting to multiple magazines for exposure and spreading the word.
    I can't say how disappointed I am to hear of this complaint, I feel extremely sad and disgusted that this even occurred. I consider Kris a great friend and would back him up 100%. When we shooting next Kris, let's set a date!!

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  • Se
    Sean Alexander Aug 18, 2012

    I've worked with Kris Josef twice a few years ago, he hosted two photography work shops aimed at introducing already established photographers into the realm of glamour photography.

    The first thing Kris teaches you is respect. Anyone working with him would instantly understand how respectful he is towards other photographers, past and present models, and even the delivery guy who brought us lunch.

    Every interaction I've had with him both online and off has been nothing short of high class.

    I would not believe a negative word written by Mya Z.

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  • Em
    emmasinclaire Aug 18, 2012

    Kris took amazing photos and got edits to me the same day, he was professional throughout, and the photos he took showed that we had a fun shoot. Like many have said, he didn't ask me to do anything we hadn't previously agreed upon. And we would have never done anything I wasn't comfortable with, because it does show in photos. The poster; karma is a needle in your side, what you are doing is immature and inappropriate.

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  • To
    TomHenke Aug 18, 2012

    I have had the pleasure of living in the appartment beside Kris for 6 years. I have seen countless models come and go and never once did I see of hear anything that would resemble sexual abuse. In fact I have seen nothing but admiration to Kris from his models when they leave his studio. Kris has also shot my children and the photos were AMAZING and I couldnt believe when he presented them to me the NEXT DAY. Not only is Kris an amazing photographer but he is also a great friend. It makes me sick to see how someone can so easily drag someone's good name through the mud with no recourse. I'm just happy enough people know Kris and are willing to take the time to speak the truth and help to keep his solid reputation intact. Please not not listen to anything Mya Z says, he/she is a liar! If you are reading this and are considering using Kris believe me when I say I trust him with my children.

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  • Ph
    phat2fitrae Aug 19, 2012

    I worked with Kris and plan on doing it again in the near future. He is a down to earth, friendly, guy who takes his NAME and work seriously!!! He was very professional during the shoot, allowing me to feel comfortable and explained that I was to only do what I was comfortable doing! He was helpful with verbally directing me through the poses as I was new to fitness modeling. During his session I felt the most comfortable I have in any shoot!!! And to top it off, his work is incredible! TALENTED, HARDWORKING, PROFESSIONAL and GENUINELY NICE!!!

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  • Va
    Vasko_ Aug 22, 2012

    This is bogus! I've known Kris on a professional level for years and I've worked with a lot of the same models he's worked with. Never have I once heard any complaints of a sexual nature. If this was a legitimate complaint you would have filed a report with the police but obviously that didn't happen so this is just slander. Not cool.

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  • Brenda* Aug 22, 2012

    No one can say the OP's accusation is false unless they were there.

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  • Bm
    BMSPANX Aug 22, 2012

    This is all just a complete lie! I have known Kris for 5 yrs, I have referred women to him to shoot on several occasions and all were extremely pleased with him and the product of the shoot! Kris and I shot in Punta Cana back in 2010 and I was completely comfortable and extremely pleased with every aspect of the shoot. Kris and I are friends and to see his name slandered in such a way, truly sickens me!

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  • Bl
    bluejayY2K Aug 29, 2012

    You are all pathetic to think this guy is not a creep!

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  • Bl
    bluejayY2K Aug 29, 2012

    So why would Kris give out booze to woman who are getting there first photoshoot? Why would he then ask them to come to his home in Toronto and take some more shots because he can see the potential? Some of you may have had good dealings with Kris but what about the people that have not? Not everyone is a saint! And in this industry most people have no soul.. Go figure a photographer that offers a girl alcohol at a photo shoot and makes her feel worthless ha... Pathetic.

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  • Ph
    PhotoM Aug 08, 2013

    I have heard exactly this from other models - but you should verify accuracy on your own -

    He will get the model drunk to "loosen up" and she ends up taking photos that she regrets. She asks him not to use them and he refuses. He apparently sells them.

    He doesn't seem to do this in the fitness industry as this is where he makes most of his hobby photography money. He does it with young, independent models who he feels are easily duped.

    He produces quality work when he's professional, just be careful !

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  • Kr
    Kris Josef Aug 26, 2013

    The first question one might ask is WHY would someone post such a malicious, slanderous and disgusting post about someone if it wasn’t true? Who would be that vicious and spiteful to say something (anonymously at that) that is so clearly a public bashing? Two people!... who are actually connected in the photography world... let me explain their motives for doing so:

    I have LONG been a vocal supporter of protecting models from working with shady/creepy/unscrupulous photographers in this city. Perhaps too vocal, as on more than one documented occasion, I’ve called out a local photographer for doing all of the things in the original post: promising models to get them published, getting models drunk, coercing them to shoot, not allowing chaperones to shoots and on top of that, taking ages to get images back to models or not even getting images back to them at all! I find it ironic and almost eerie that these are now the EXACT same things I’m being accused of.

    On a seemingly unrelated note, I was contacted by someone in the fitness industry last July asking if I would shoot the winners of their competition. When I asked about compensation rates, I was told that there were none, and that I should feel privileged to shoot for them. When I politely declined, the person immediately changed tones and got rude and started making demands. At this point, I realized very quickly that they were a loose cannon and removed them from my Facebook, preferring not to deal with unnecessary drama. Well this just caused them to go over the deep end and they wrote a TIRADE on their wall about what certain photographer to stay away from, and how they were going to ruin my career (in not so many words) and that any contacts I may have had would now be gone.

    However, I kept screen prints…. of everything: our original conversation, their tirade on Facebook… everything. Knowing that this person was a loose cannon and that I’d want the truth to be recorded. Any potential clients reading this, email me and I’ll be glad to provide you with the screen prints of it all.

    Now, about a month after all this drama, these ‘complaint’ threads about me starting popping up online (this one in particular). The writing style on this matches the writing style of the original poster, and is very shortly after all this drama started. Hopefully now you can see there is motive (albeit disturbed and misguided)... a reason someone would want to post something as disgusting as this.

    Please people, use your best judgement. Ask around, ask past clients that have worked with me. The poster of this allegation, does not know me very well. They are a hot head who acts before they think and isn’t aware that I simply don’t run my business this way and is hoping that that someone SOMEWHERE along the line had a problem with me or a beef, but you can see from the countless testimonials above that this isn’t the case. I have nothing to hide, and often encourage people to ask past clients and people in the industry - I am confident you will end up coming away with a positive picture of my business, and actually AVOID the photographer that I believe had a hand in posting this. THEY have something to worry about if potential clients start asking about him to others in the industry.

    So now, let me address all the items in the original post:

    First off, I AM a nude and glamour photographer. This is no secret. I don’t hide it nor do I try to. I have many clients that hire me for fitness work as I’ve been published in a number of fitness magazines in the past, but it is definitely not my forte nor how I make my hobby money as the post above states.

    1. I NEVER have, nor ever will, make a promise to get someone published or recommend that it’s in their careers best interest to shoot with me. In fact, photographers who promise to get models published or in a magazine as a ploy to get them to hire them or work with them is one of my big pet peeves. I think it’s manipulative and shady. I want people to work with me because they love my work, not because of the strings I can pull to help them out. I’ve publicly criticized photographers for this before so it’s interesting now that this is being said about me, when I’ve been so vocally against it.

    2. I never EVER encourage models to drink or to loosen up at my shoots. In fact, because of what I shoot and the sensitive nature of it, I won’t even work with someone new unless they have a meet and greet first to go over what exactly we’re shooting and to make sure people are comfortable. If I’ve determined you aren’t comfortable, then you won’t even GET to the point of shooting. Nobody will ever be surprised at one of my shoots as all the details have been discussed well in advance. This is always the way I’ve run my business and always will be.

    3. Be wary of any photographer that does not allow chaperones! Their argument is usually that they distract the model or slow down the shoot, etc, etc. I have always allowed chaperones and approved them for anyone that’s asked. Chaperones can prevent someone from being in an awkward situation and from unwanted sexual advances… another accusation in the original post. Let me make something very clear here: ANY photographer, established or otherwise, that forces himself on a model or degrades / disrespects them is a knuckle dragging P.O.S… to put it lightly. Any model that has experienced something like this at a shoot SHOULD be reporting it to police immediately, not passively accepting it and then posting anonymously on some board. I know it is not always easy for a model to do this as it could have been a traumatizing incident, but do something ANYTHING.. tell your husband, tell your boyfriend, or even a friend, but do something. Sexual assault is serious and not something that should be thrown about lightly. I have never worked with a “Mya”, and I would find it disturbing that someone, after being sexually assaulted by a photographer and degraded, would shrug it off and hope that “at least they gotten a few great photos”.

    4. ANYONE that has worked with me, will tell you that the one thing I am known for is getting photos back incredibly quickly! Often times models will get their images and possibly even an edit within 24 hours of a shoot. I’m huge on this - it’s one of my biggest selling points since many photographers drag their feet on getting images back to a client. It’s always the way I’ve run things and the fact that the original poster mentions this just works to further invalidate them.

    5. I sign a release with many of my models, first off to prove they are of legal age (with a copy of their ID) and also to protect their privacy as my releases are to limit rights to use, not give them. I would never EVER EVER sell a clients / models images without their permission. This is such a disgusting accusation as it aims to cause doubt in the mind of future clients. I challenge the original poster (you know who you are) to find a single incident of me illegally selling clients images, or a website where they’re being sold. They simply don’t exist, and you are a ### for even giving people that idea.

    When I first discovered this thread through a past client about a year ago, I was in absolute shock. It totally floored me that there would be someone out there that would have enough spite for me to make up something this malicious. It didn’t take me long to put 2 and 2 together though and realize who it was.. Instead of hiding this thread and ignoring it, I decided to share it and asked past clients to see what someone was accusing me of. I did not tell them what to write, but instead asked them to simply come and write about their experience with working with me. If it was a bad experience, then say so, if you had a great time, then say so. But I wanted to be as open as possible as I run a very tight ship and have nothing to hide. You will notice that since the original poster (repeated in the post above this one) no one has come forward with a story about how any of this was true. On top of that, people have no problem using their real names to support me, but the original poster hid behind anonymity when making disgusting accusations. Come on out from behind your curtain… I know who you are. You know what they say about lady Karma….

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  • Mc
    MCPhoto Dec 27, 2017

    @Kris Josef You are definitely missed my friend! Thank you for just being an amazing human being!

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  • Di
    Dinck Nov 01, 2016

    Kris Josef is a talentless douche who has given up on photography anyway XD

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  • Mc
    MCPhoto Dec 27, 2017

    @Dinck Kris Josef is a great man, who has loads of talent. He gave up the full pace of photography (even though he was doing it part-time), because he found love in his life, and a new purpose. Kris gave up a lot of his time and energy to mentor other photographers when he never even had to. You're just jealous that you couldn't do what he did.

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