Kogan Australiakogan tv model kaled28lh6000ra serial number kaled28lh6000rab 0251

N Aug 02, 2018

The TV was purchased online on 24 June 2018 for $169 plus delivery.
The payment was made by Paypal.

I installed and auto tuned the TV and it worked satisfactorily.
It is installed through a Panasonic STB DMR-BW750.

When the TV is used through the STB using an HDMI cable the TV works satisfactorily.

When the TV is used directly to the same antenna as the STB It no longer works.
I have tried re-tuning the TV using both auto and manual tuning without any success.

It appears as if the tuner is no longer working.

I would like the problem resolved as soon as possible. I do not mind if it is repaired or replaced.

Neil Hamer
12 Marida Court BERWICK VIC 3806

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  • Updated by Neil Hamer · Aug 02, 2018

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