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My son and I were trtying to find a waterproof bag to take on a snorkeling trip and we had about a half an hour to get there. we stopped at the Kmart in Key West on US1. We asked the lady up front about the bag and she said try sporting goodss. By the time we got back to the department the manager called a meeting and every employee was at this meeting.
Why arent these meetings called before you let customers in the store? Needless to say we couldnt get any help so we left without the item we needed. So thanks Kmart, please stop wondering why your in such bad financial shape, obviously you werent interested in my money for a sale.
But hey at least you had that all important meeting. We even stood back at the meeting to get help and we were ignored by the entire group including the manager.


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      Jun 28, 2009

    I was k-mart in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia last evening. The Wrigley gum had a big sale sign 10 for $10.00 with assorted wrigley gum underneath. I took 3 packs to the checkout. one rang up for $1.00, the other two rang up for $1.49 each. I asked them to correct the overcharge and they did. I asked the checkout employee if she was going to correct the problem in the computer so that this overcharge won't happen to others. She told me that Kmart will be closing in an hour or so and that item goes off sale tomorrow anyways. I held up a few others waiting in line for me to get my 98 cents back. I wonder how many shoppers would take the time to complain about a 98 cent overcharge? I wonder how many others bought wrigley gum in the next 75 minutes. I wonder if the checkout employee at k-mart is still angry at me for holding up her line over 98 cents? I WONDER!

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