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D May 09, 2018 Review updated:

I purchased a 2018 Kia Optima in April 2018. The car has less than 1500 miles; no previous owners, I am the first owner of this new vehicle. On 9 May 18, noting some vibration with the car, I took my vehicle to Firestone where it was documented during a total wheel alignment inspection the Left Front exhibited -0.7 on the Camber; 4.5 on the Caster and 0.14 on the toe. Left Rear was aligned perfectly. On the Right side of the vehicle, the Right Front was aligned perfectly while the Right Rear was documented -1.6 on the Camber and -0.01 on the Toe. I paid Firestone $89.99 to re-align my vehicle but the service department at Kia of Abilene in Abilene TX says "that's my problem". That type of response is totally unacceptable. A car, year-date 2018 should NOT have been off and needing a wheel alignment. I feel I should be reimbursed for that expense.

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      May 09, 2018

    Is there not a bumper to bumper warranty ?

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      Jul 07, 2018

    please someone help me contact headquarters in Seoul. I am American and bought a Car in Ecuador. The check was written for $2000 more and said do not worry we will reimburse you the $2, 000 Dollars. My check was 22, 000 and my contract shows 20 Thousand. All I get is promises tomorrow, tomorrow, next week, next week. It is now a month and they do not even answer my emails. I should have never taken the car. First they said the problem was 2 people had to sign the check. The last day before I left the country they said will we will transfer he check in to your account in Ecuador. Now that I am back in Mexico they do not ever answer my emails. I guess I have to get an attorney to handle but when I get to Ecuador next month I will picked that place till I get my money. Can someone help with contacts?
    Thank you

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