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My 2012 Kia Forte is apart of the Fire engine recall. The Lee Johnson Kia dealership in Kirkland has had my Kia Forte 460 days out of 530. 4 engine replacements and countless other repairs. Refuse to repurchase my vehicle or offer me any other recall remedies. Below is a timeline of events.

9/24/2017 Purchased a 2012 Kia Forte SX Koup from the Kirkland WA Lee Johnson Kia dealership with less then 9,500 miles.

I am lied to about the history of the vehicle (actually purchased at auction) and I am asked to come back over a week later and resign/ renegotiate a new sales contract. (Bushing period violation RCW 46.70.180).

I purchased a 60000 mile 5 year extended warranty. Purchase price of the vehicle on service agreement is incorrect. I have 2 "retail installment agreements that are both dated 9/24/2017. 10/11/2017 is when the second one is signed. No signature on my extended warranty agreement.

10/31/20 Vehicle has"catastrophic engine failure"at 48,000 miles while I am driving and dies, leaving me trapped inside with engine smoking in the middle of a 4 lane highway. Fire engine has to be called and police officers have to do a" pit maneuver "to get me out of traffic.

Extended warranty company charged for 1st engine replacement even though Kia has already publicly acknowledged my make and model is having engine problems like this.

Vehicle is out of service from 10/31/2020 - 12/18/2020.

2 Engines are replaced during that period of time.

January 27th 2021 I received the official recall notice in the mail notifying me that my car has been affected and Kia's plan to remedy any affected vehicles with" a reasonable number of repair attempts, repurchase or replacement "4/26/21 Car breaks down again while going 70 miles per hour down the freeway. Engine is replaced again. (3rd engine)

Out of service from April 26, 2021 until September 28th 2021 (155 days).

May 6th 2021 I have an accident in a 2017 Kia Nero l had been provided by the Kia dealership. I was at a stop light when I rear ended somebody because my power steering had gone out. I find out later that there was a recall for that particular make and model and it had to do with the power steering going out and causing accidents at slow rates of speed. I tell Kia what happened, I tell the manufacturer what happened, and I tell my insurance company what happened. No one does anything. Greg the service parts manager actually yells at me When I tell him what happened and why I got into the accident And refuses to provide me with another loaner vehicle even though I tell him that I was recently diagnosed with a disability and need transportation for appointments. I have to call Kia America and have corporate call him and reiterate their policies and procedures to allow me another vehicle to drive.

At this point Greg and I do not get along and every time he does something unethical or unfair, I call Kia America and corporate calls him and tells him to do things differently. I can tell this makes Greg very angry.

At this point I have started questioning my rights and the legal length of time my vehicle can be out of service. I mentioned the fire Engine recall and no one acknowledges that these problems are A direct result of the recall related issue. I mentioned the recall remedies and express my Desire to have the car replaced or Repurchased.

Greg unofficially tells a sales guy that he is only willing to give me $2000 for a trade-in.

The loaner vehicles can only be driven up to a 50 miles per day, I have 2 emotional support puppies that need daily exercise but are forbidden from being in a loaner so I am unable to take them to the dog park everyday, or doggie daycare for socializing, or too the vet, or too the groomers, etc. Their quality of life and training has suffered the most because of this.

I start talking to Kia corporate about their obligation to repurchase or replace my vehicle pursuint to my state's lemon laws. I call probably 50 times in 2 months, I am promised that I have a case and that it is being looks into, Only to call back a few weeks later after not hearing anything and being told that no one actually filed a complaint and there's no record of me ever calling. I am told that my case is going to be sent to the escalation unit and a case manager will be in touch with me shortly. At this point I'm waiting to speak to corporate and I'm hoping they will help me because Greg the service parts manager is being as difficult as he possibly can be about replacing or repurchasing my vehicle. At this point it's late September and I have lost all faith in my 2012 Kia forte. I do not feel safe driving it, I have lost total trust in the kia dealership and its ability to fix my vehicle And I have expressed several times how how scared I was it was to drive it and how badly it was triggering my disability. To no Avail.

The out of pocket costs have now made me default on my car payment Of which I had had a 100% payment history for almost 3 years up until then. My credit score takes a nosedive because of this and I am unable to rent or be approved for an apartment or qualify for another car loan. I still have not heard back from a case manager and so I am told through a sales guy that Greg Said I can use my forte as a trade in at a value of $2000 Which is way below its actual trade in value, Which doesn't matter anyways because my credit at this point will not get me approved for approved for a car loan again.

September 2021 I pay $1978.00 out of pocket for my $1000 deductible for the loaner accident and a new clutch replacement. Greg charges me sales tax on my $1000 deductible.

I try calling my case manager in early October 2021. I reach her voicemail and I realize that my case has been escalated to a woman who is on vacation and will be out of the office for the office for another 3 weeks. Frustrated at this point after trying to get ahold of someone for over a month and calling most everyday, I retain legal representation. The legal representation I retain Specializes in in magnusson moss act violations.

Late October of 2021 I finally get ahold of my case manager in the escalation unit. I explained to her the situation and tell her the FEDERAL lemon laws that are being violated And about recall remedies since my car is officially part of the fire engine recall. I tell her I do not feel safe driving my Kia forte and I would like the vehicle to be repurchased. She becomes extremely rude on the phone, Completely denies that my car has anything to do with a recall, Accidentally let's slip that my car was purchased at an auction Which is the 1st time I'm hearing of that since I was told this giant elaborate story by the salesman about my car, about where it came from and then she hung up on me.

Every time I get into a loner vehicle or I get a rental from enterprise there is never a specific day in which the vehicle needs to be returned because my car is always spending unpredictable, long amounts of time in the shop.

Kia continues to find things that need to be fixed That are an out of pocket cost for me.

At this point since my life has been put on hold and revolves Only around the Kia dealership and it's repair schedule, I am unable to plan anything and I and I am missing out on business opportunities, new living opportunities opportunities, family events, vacations, I miss memorials for people who have passed away from covid, etc. I can't afford these out of pocket costs because I'm on a fixed income due to my disability and All of this stress is making my life unbearable.

My car breaks down again in late October. I am told that it will take at least a week to repair. I get a loaner from the enterprise location. I have it for A-day or 2 until I receive a email from Ronnie at corporate America Reminding me that she is spoken to the service department and my warranty does not cover the cost of the most recent fix it needs and I will need to pay out a pocket. I respond with the letter from my attorney's office and request All correspondence be directed To my attorney moving Forward. Within 20 minutes I received a call from Greg and he told me I needed to bring the vehicle back to enterprise immediately because my vehicle was ready for pick. At this point I feel like I'm being retaliated against for asserting my rights because every time I do I seem to face some adverse action from either Greg or Kia corporate. I text Greg explaining how badly this was affecting my mental and physical health, I explained that I was working nights in the city and the car was not not reliable or safe enough for me to drive alone at night. I express my terror of driving the Kia forte again to him. To no avail. Out of fear for my safety and since I had been told that I would be in this loaner for ATLEAST a week originallly I kept the loaner for a few days just so I could go to work but then Greg refused to pay for any of it and stuck me with a $600 bill from Enterprise.

I am no longer represented by an attorney. Kia offered a settlement of $3000, included that I keep the Kia forte and they would continue to fix it And provide me loaners so I can continue being being held hostage, And I would sign an agreement That's provided I never Speak of this settlement and I never get an opportunity to sue Kia again.

I declined that offer.

My car broke down on the freeway at 11 o'clock at night while I was going 70 miles an hour Again on November 22nd 2021. My car has been at the kia dealership now getting a 4th engine installed since then. Greg was reluctant to give me a loner at all and in fact told me he did not have one available, contrary to what his sales department had just told me. I have been driving a 2018 Kia Cadenza with a giant 3 foot long crack in the windshield for almost 3 months now.

About a month ago I was informed by Greg That he had received a camera traffic ticket infraction in the mail For my vehicle. The ticket was $250. I explained to Greg that it was a non moving violation and would not affect insurance rates and he was not obligated by law to give them my information. All he need to do was sign the paperwork and they would send it to my address where I would take care of it myself. A few days later I called Greg to get an update on the ticket and He told me that,"he just went ahead and paid for it and that I would pay him back $250 when I came to pick up my Kia".

It is situations like this that I have been in with Greg and with employees at the kia dealership that make me also feel like I'm being discriminated against based on sex for being a woman.

I have been spoken down to, belittled, embarrassed, And feel completely helpless at this point. I cannot imagine any man being treated the way that I have been treated. In fact I don't know one person that has had to go through the amount of repair attempts and endured the terrible treatment I have received.

I want to be compensated for the amount of time this is cost me and the opportunities that have been lost to me because of this.

On 4-4-22 I was Driving to work when I notice that my front Right tire was low on air. I made it to work and decided to put the spare on after my shift was over. I got off work around midnight and had to call the Kia 24 hour road side assistance. It was then brought to my attention that there was a special key needed to remove the tire and put the spare on. Kia did not provide me with this key so we could not put the spare on. The gentleman from a roadside assistance decided to put a can of fix a flat in my tire and told me that I was completely safe and fine to drive at the 25 miles home. At this point it was around 1 AM and I got on the freeway and in about 60 seconds I watched my tire pressure go from 39 down to 9. I barely made it off of the freeway in downtown Seattle where I was able to park on the side of the street. I sat there for 12 hours. I called roadside assistance 20 times and and could not get any help with a tow to my home with the vehicle. They were trying to charge me $350 even though their policies online state that if an"authorized dealership is closed that they will make an exception"I was promised that tow trucks were being sent out and then they would cancel. This literally went on for 12 hours. At 5 AM my car ran out of fuel which meant that I could not turn at the engine on which meant that I no longer had any heed and it was 35゚ outside. At around 9:30 Am I called the Kia dealership in Kirkland to let them know about the situation because I would be needing another loaner as soon as possible. Greg refused to help me until I was able to get his car back to the dealership. Miraculously my Kia forte was also ready. I explained to Greg the situation and that I had been sitting in my vehicle for 12 hours with no heat and had somebody coming to pick me up to take me to the dealership. He still refused to give me my vehicle until his was returned although I explained to him that 10 different tows had been sent out and never arrived. No compassion or empathy on Kia's part as usual For the situation they had just stuck me in for the last 12 hours. As I was on my way to the kia dealership I was informed that my battery was dead in my forte. When I arrived at the kia dealership I was also asked to pay for the tire on the cadenza that was flat, that I might be liable for the car running out of fuel even though I had called Kia roadside assistance and that 4 separate fuel Orders had been sent to be delivered to me and canceled.

These situations that I have been put into from Kia over and over and over again are completely unacceptable. Kia has shown me over and over and over again that my safety and my well being and my property is completely insignificant and unimportant.

After knowing exactly what I had just experienced over the last 12 hours Greg had the audacity to then tell me that he was willing to jump my battery and that I"would need to drive straight home without stopping anywhere because it might not start again". So after being stranded for 12 hours in the middle of downtown Seattle by myself he was more than happy to just send me on my way knowing that I probably wouldn't even make it home safely.

I opened up yet another case with Kia Corporate to have the vehicle repurchased. The case manager assigned kept sending me emails denying my request but the information she kept providing me with that she was basing her decision off of was completely incorrect. I was finally able to speak to her on the phone last week and realized that the information she was being provided from the dealership and from Corporate was false. She didn't know about the amount of engines that had been placed in my car, she didn't know that my car was apart of the recall, nothing. Kia had provided her with an entirely different story.

She told me I could send all of the documents I had to an automated email address. I sent over 70 documents. It has been almost 2 weeks and I have reached out to her daily to know avail. After spending 4 hours on hold today with Kia trying to get her supervisors number, she called. She was denying my request again and before she could provide me with an explanation, the call dropped and she hasn't tried once to call back or answered a single phone call from me. My extended warranty company sent me the independent report from their adjuster from 1/31/22. Greg told the adjuster several times that engine number 2 and 3, were covered by kia because they qualified under SC200 (fire Engine recalll)

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