KIA Motors Corporationmaintenance service

Y Sep 04, 2018

I have an air condition problem especially it get worm when car not moving, i took the car to KIA car agent today 4 September at about 7 am. They told me i need to leave the car with them to be check the problem, then after it got checked it will be decided how many additional days needed to be fixed.

They claim that their workshop is very loaded right now.

I asked if they will provide an alternate car to be used temperately for that long time waiting which could be at minimum 10 to 15 working days, otherwise i need to rent a car on my own expenses for that approx. two weeks. Their reply was negative, and cannot provide an alternate car for free for me.

My complain is that we sucked with that un-capable agent in Kuwait where he sell very good volume of cars in Kuwait but at the same time he does not have that same parallel maintenance support capabilities.

This will make people and i will be first of them to be reluctant to buy new KIA car in the future due to lack of capability of maintenance support.

I hope i can get your feedback ASAP.

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