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On Sept 21, 2008, I was on my way to Madison and stopped at the KFC Taco Bell drive thru. I ordered a large mashed potato and gravy- a T 7 with soft shell tacos and a root beer, and a popcorn chicken meal with wedges and a sprite. When I got to the window the lady asked me if i wanted any sauce. i asked for mild sauce, bbq, ranch and butter for my mashed potatoes. When she handed me the food I noticed there was no mashed potatoes-- she must not have heard me so then I had to pay again and then got my potatoes. My boyfriend and I then headed towards Madison and I got his tacos out and notices they were all hard shell when we ordered soft, and when I reached into the bag to get mild sauce, a bbq was opened and all over the bottom of the bag. So I looked for a napkin and they had not given us any. At this point I am very frustrated---being pregnant I wanted mashed potatoes all day and when I finally got my boyfriend fed and I was about to eat I notice they had not given me a spoon. I can not tell you how upset I am with the service we had to deal with and I hope we are compensated in some way or we will never go back to KFC or Taco Bell.

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Sep 24, 2008 3:45 am

The service and the fact that your employee's are evasive when you ask questions is very bad it is like your web site no telephone numbers. I won't be back. Thanks for nothing.

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