Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]store was closed only drive through open


I went to the KFC store in Sandy UTAH 653 E 9400 S. 7/20/2017 6pm

I tried the door and it was locked.
No signs whatsoever on the closed doors
Noticed someone in the drive in window.
I went around and asked if he was open,
he told me the drive in was open.
I drove around and got in the line 5 cars ahead of me.
It took 15 minutes to get to speaker.
I waited 10 more minutes and a voice said bare with me I will with you shortly.
I waited another 10 minutes and I notice there was NO car at the service window.
I waited another 5 minutes and got frustrated and left.

Such a very bad experience.
And I love KFC I go there for a family bucket and cake often.

I went home and had a TV dinner. YUCK

Ken Ford
Sandy UT

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