Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]service/ out of multiple products

A Oct 04, 2019

Tonight I stopped in to buy dinner to take my husband, the guys he works with and myself. I ordered the 12 piece chicken bucket with sides of, potatoes, mac and cheese and cole slaw. I then ordered a chicken liver dinner. That is when I was told that they were out of livers. I then ordered the 5 pc tender big box with potatoes and cole slaw and up sized my drink to a large. I went to fill my drink and there wasn't any sweet tea. I then went to get Pepsi and they were also out of Pepsi. So I paid extra for a drink that I didn't drink. Once I received our food I went to my vehicle and checked to make sure that I had everything that I ordered. That is when I noticed I was missing one of the sides in the tender big box. I went back in and waited for all the girls working to flirt with a man who was in there. Finally someone decided to help me. I then asked to ensure that the tender big box was in fact supposed to come with two sides. The girl said yes, I then let her know that I had only received potatoes. She then gave me the cole slaw. I then left and took the food to my husbands work. Not 3 minutes after leaving him, he called to let me know that we were given green beans ( My husband is allergic to onion) instead of the mac and cheese I had ordered. I guess that's on me since I only counted the sides and not ensure they were actually what I had ordered. My husbands work is almost 30 minutes from the KFC and it was already their lunch break or I would have gone back to my husbands work and taken the order back. Very disappointed!

Angela Luna

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]

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