Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]big box meal

S Aug 07, 2018

Bought same meal 3 nights in a row. Big box All Dark with Double Mac-n-Cheese and Fruit punch with No Ice.
Night one I got 3 legs, dbl mac, 2 mash potatoes, 4 biscuits, & Diet Pepsi extra ice. $8.27. Night #2, 5 Thighs, 4 Mac-n-Cheese, 0 Biscuits, Fruit Punch. $9.16.
Night #3, 4 Breasts, 3 Legs, 4 biscuits, Mash w/gravy, Slaw I AM ALLERGIC TO THE COLE SLAW IT'S NOT FUNNY & Orange Drink. $9.16.
They were very polite, but on the second night the girl at the window was complaining that she was tired of working the damn window and someone needed.
The third night the guy laughed about giving me the wrong food when I called to see if I could get it exchanged and when I stated I was allergic to the slaw all I got was laughing and "that sucks". Nice thing is I am a Paramedic and my calls are recorded so I have it to send to the proper people that KFC finds feeding people people foods they are allergic to FUNNY!
Ticket # 2849
Ticket # 3410
Ticket # ???? the girl that was fed up with the window never gave me a ticket.

On the two that were drive through I see I was charged for Dine In
And the one I came in and ordered I was served as Drive Through.

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