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Kaspersky Complaints & Reviews

Kaspersky / Unauthorized debit card charge

ebenn127 on Feb 18, 2017
There is a debit on my bank account dated 1/15/17 for $106.24 that was not authorized. I have no services currently with Kaspersky, nor have I had for some time. The transaction reads: "DRIKasperskycom 952-9084089" name on the account: Erin G Bennett Please refund the full amount to the same...

Dri*kaspersky / opération non autorisée sur ma carte de crédit american express au montant de 152.21 $

Christiane Fortier on Feb 14, 2017
Après avoir communiqué avec un représentant d'American Express au sujet d'une opération effectuée sans autorisation sur mon compte en date du 30 décembre 2016. Ce dernier m'a suggéré de communiquer avec vous et c'est pourquoi, je vous informe que je n'ai jamais autorisé aucun paiement lequel...

Kaspersky / Anti virus product

C Suzanne on Feb 12, 2017
I have had nothing but trouble with this product. I used my password for almost a year, before I kept getting an error message telling me that my password was incorrect. I changed the password, and now that one won't work. They said they would send me a reset e-mail but I haven't gotten it...

Kaspersky / Disappointed

Arnold on Feb 6, 2017
I bought an official Kaspersky antivirus software with a product key. I wasn't able to install it on my PC. When I tried to enter the security key it said that key was incorrect. I tried again and again and it took me nowhere. Then I went to Kaspersky website and found their email addre...

Kaspersky / Distributor delay and bad service

amir datoo on Jan 19, 2017
We based in tanzania. We order our licenses from it chase africa kenya and data guard kenya. All this distributer have big problem in submission of licenses on time, sometime we get licenses but work some period and get black listed. While we pay in advance. Recently we have an...

Kaspersky / TV Advertising

Mr C.Turner on Jan 5, 2017
After watching the latest advertisement for Kaspersky on television I was shocked and disgusted with the part about the very young lady wanting to show her private parts to her boyfriend / partner online. This is wrong on a number of levels; Firstly, why are Kaspersky putting across to it'...

Kaspersky / Kaspersky total security

catvan on Jan 3, 2017
When I was installing my total security it came back with a problem. I was on your website and I called the number for technical help. I talked to people who said I had some foreign people with access to my network and it needed to be cleaned up. I paid them money to do this and extend my...

Kaspersky / KIS License

TAQA Power on Jan 2, 2017
We bought a KASPERSKY Internet security 9 CD each one for 4 devices from 3 weeks 3 CDs of them after installing license the expiration days less than the normal Expiration days as the following: CD 1 Activation Code: BVUR5-ABW4Z-99SSW-ZTUGJ Key: a86af408-7f8f-490b-a16d-fcf7ffd02141 Expire in: 180 days NO of...

Kaspersky / Billing

reeper256 on Nov 3, 2016
I have receinty has a payment of £69 deducted form my bank without authorisation by Kasperky, i have been with them since 2014 but never set up a direct debit, i was waiting for this years licence to end in 17 days so i can increase my licence to 1 pc and 1 laptop but this was auto renewed. I...

Kaspersky / Customer service

nobut on Nov 2, 2016
I had recently the need to check with Kaspersky about a matter concerning financial transactions that have been blocked. Having checked with my bank and finding no fault there, I searched the Kaspersky website to see if their 'safe money' attribute might have been the source of the...

Venkataraman / Kaspersky internet security 2016

I bought a Kaspersky internet security cd for my laptop for home use.After the installation of this internet security I am unable to make any online transaction .Upto secured browser window everything works fine.When I finally press the button for payment, it says everything is fine and...

Kaspersky / Fraudulent CC Charge

Reviewer63971 on Nov 5, 2015
Kaspersky notified me via email about a automatic renewal charge about to take place on my CC. I answered them saying I no longer want the subscription and therefore won't authorize a charge. 2 days later they charged my CC anyway. I called them, told them I didn't authorize it...

Kaspersky / Not Delivering Product

Reviewer39453 on Oct 19, 2015
Bought a business server edition and the initial temporary keys were not able to be validated to get the permanent keys (???). Contacted customer support with no resolution other than to contact sales. No link to sales, or a phone number. Have not been able to contact anyone. At this point wehave no product even after a half dozen requests.

Kaspersky Total Security / Customer Support

Richie B on Aug 11, 2015
Used this software for approximately 11/2 years had several instances where I had to use customer support and that turned out to be total disaster because of hard to understand agents (language problem) also agents where not very knowledgeable of their own products and reading off of...

Kaspersky / Harasses you to renew and won't listen!

PO'DShopper on Jun 11, 2015
I originally had KAV pre-installed on my laptop and had purchased a 1 yr license once the trial ran out. This has turned into yet another stupid mistake on my part. For the software messed around with several (minor) settings in Windows that not even the forced upgrade to 8.1 would fix! I...

Kaspersky Total Security / Tech Support Worthless

CWKMD on Apr 10, 2015
Never, ever by any products from Kaspersky. I had a password issue that is still unresolved after 10 days. Tech support is incapable of correcting the situation and only will tell me to repeat the same steps over and over even when I inform them that the steps do not work. My comments come...

Kaspersky Anti-virus / dishonest practices

Miketwo on Mar 27, 2015
In November 2014, I purchased a 3 year anti-virus plan. I found out by accident they double billed me. I wound up with two 3 year plans. I only purchased it for one computer. I got no satisfaction until I got the credit card company involved in a 3 party conversation. Only then, were they...

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 / Non-delivery

Angry cheated on Mar 23, 2015
Payment confirmed by the bank is through. Kaspersky Malaysia said they cannot trace my order. How come the payment can get through? Where is it gone to? They did not know. I was using their own online order system and the payment was through and yet they did not know about my order??? If...

Kaspersky Home / renewal fee

dath on Mar 9, 2015
Do not renew your subscription with Kaspersky earlier than the last day of your subscription. you lose the coverage - I paid 30 days early and as a result they activated the renewal immediately and now I have paid for a year subscription but only have 335 days left. despite numerou...

Kaspersky / tech support

brucebalinor on Feb 9, 2015
I am having downloading problems with my computer. I bought the Kaspersky Internet Security and loaded it onto the computer with the disk in the box. I was still having download problems. Sent an e-mail to tech support. The return email gave me a link to download a diagnostic program. I...

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