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I would like to cancel my subscription, but can't find any way to do it. I've googled it and, apparently, this is a common complaint. I'd like my $5.00 back, too. The app says it will charge me over $20 per month for this- I only wanted to ask Sceptre a question about my new tv's remote. They would not answer unless u agreed to a "totally refundable"
$5.00, and that I could cancel. However, I can't seem to.

  • JustAnswer Customer Care's Response, Oct 10, 2019


    Thank you for reaching out to us about this issue and we apologize for any frustration you've experienced. We are not affiliated with a company named Sceptre. Unfortunately there is not enough information in your review to pull up your account.

    At your earliest convenience, please reach out to our Customer Care team so that we can properly assist you in resolving any open concerns.

    We can be reached by phone or email from the Help Center

    JustAnswer Customer Care

Oct 10, 2019

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