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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Auto Finance / Jp morgan chase lies. Fraudulent business practices.

techride0020 on Jan 23, 2012
In a nutshell, I am writing this because I want the world to know jp morgan chase, and chase auto finance as a whole cannot be trusted. Anything credit related that this company tells you is a blatant lie. I financed my vehicle over two years ago at an extremely high interest rate. I wa...

Chase / Overdraft fees

tbultt on Jan 20, 2012
I got overdrawn and didnt have the money for two weeks to cover it. of coarse more auto-withdraws keep coming in. I have paid over $1000.00 in over-draft fees plus the withdraws in the last 6 weeks because I cannot get caught up. There should be a lemit

Chase Auto Finance / Repo car when payment was current

Jerome1224 on Jan 19, 2012
My wife and I a had loan with chase Auto finance car was reposessed even though we were current with loan. called 10-15 spoke to reps who lied, did not return calls and in general had terrible attitude. Am now receiving calls from rep who demands payment of balance. Hard to believe that...

Chase Mortgage / Harrassment

LyndaB51 on Jan 9, 2012
Chase foreclosed on my home 6/30/2010 after accepting a short-sale offer they stopped all contact with my realtor and let the house foreclose. They eventually sold the home for less than what I had it short-saled for and offered many incentitives to the realtors and buyers. Approximately...

Chase Investment Security Corp / Did not advice of risks in investments

Bruce Buffa on Jan 7, 2012
In September of 2009, I had gone to my local Chase Bank and deposited $17, 000.00. A bank investment officer approached me and I told him I was interested in a savings account where I could make more than a regular passbook savings account. He told me that he could get me in to a saving...

Chase Home Finance / Poor business practices

bkms on Dec 29, 2011
Chase has done my husband so dirty on a home refinance. We built our home thru our local bank and they sold the loan to Chase. We applied to refinance at a lower rate. Filled out all of the papers and a glitch was found on the deed. Legally our local bank still owned the land that the house...

Chase Bank / Problems with ira rollover at chase bank

Debitor23 on Dec 25, 2011
When I wanted to move my IRA funds from Chase Bank to another institution, the first banker with whom I had an appointment to do so stood me uo. Another Chase personal banker offered to help. Instead of a transfer bank to bank, she asked their IRA investment dept. to close the account and...

Chase Health Advance And Green Apple Dental / False advertising and fraud

Susan M Lewis on Dec 20, 2011
I recently financed $2700 for dental work through chase health advance. The contract I signed had a place at the bottom to intial saying I agreed to the 12 month option, $231 a month. I did not inital because I wanted the 36 month extended payment option, $100 per month, as advertised in...

Jpmorgan Chase / Dishonest check proceedures

ashleetc on Dec 14, 2011
I sold furniture on craigslist, and the "lady" sent me a check for the furniture with an extra $2000 for shipping and movers fees. I am not stupid, I know scams happen on craigslist all the time. So I brought the check to the bank and deposited it. The next day, my online banking showed...

Chase Bank / I am sick of the calls

Pludane on Dec 8, 2011
Chase bank is constantly calling my phone asking for Rebecca Bonds. I have never heard of her until they started calling. I have told them repeatedly that this is not her number. I have sent a fax and letter to their communications dept. stating that this is not her number and any further...

Chase Home Mortgage / Opt out modification

ELOISEMARIE on Dec 6, 2011
I am recieving letter from chase mortgage that was in a trail peroid modification. I went to naca semiare and was going invested my options after reviewiing the program. I noticefy chase and deciding not to go through it. I spoke the customer service to opt out. They are contining to...

Chase Mortgage / Telephone collection harassment

Klie on Dec 2, 2011
On August 8 (Monday) I reported the collections department for contacting us for payment when our payment due was not past the terms of our agreement. As of the 16th of any given month, if payment is not made, we are liable for late fees and it can escalate from there. I informed the person...

Chase Mortgage / Rookie loan officer

nowhere to go on Dec 1, 2011
Had to be prequalified by a Chase loan officer before I could put a contract on a condo owned by Chase Bank. Submitted the preapproval & credit score. Was offered a loan package. 9/28/2011. Closing date set for 11/23/2011 a full 60days to get the loan approved. Great, my realtor gave...

Chase Bank / Bait and switch

sjnu7 on Nov 28, 2011
Was offered a promotion to open a new account in exchange for $125.00 account credit. Waited over 14 days for crecit. Called into call center was advised that it would take 10 days for credit, credit would be in account on 11/28/11.. Waited the ten days as you can see above, no credit...

Chase Banks / Unfair fees that rip you off

unhappy customer, too on Nov 27, 2011
Chase banks are nothing more than rip offs. I closed my checking accounts last year because of the monthly service fees (That were the highest of all the banks charging them) I had an ira account that I could not transfer as it had yet to mature (When I opened the ira it was wamu and wa...

Chase Bank / Took my mortgage twice and won't return it

coletteg on Nov 18, 2011
Chase has my mortgage and checking account. They took my $ out twice leaving me with a negative balance and said they could not refund it into my account because it was negative! They have had me on hold a total of 90 minutes per day. Ec time they tell me it would be corrected with 24 hours and again it has not been done.

Chase Bank / Refused to accept durable power of attorney

Chris, New Jersey on Nov 17, 2011
The bank manager refused to allow us to utilize a valid durable power of attorney to pay bill on our father’s behalf exposing us to fines, penalties and attorney fees.

Chase/credit Card / Denial of Credit

Michelangelo3 on Nov 10, 2011
When I was injured in Iraq in 2006 and later incapacitated for 3 months, Chase suspended my credit card privileges - rightfully so.To my surprise, when I called to explain the circumstances and the reasoning, followed by requesting reinstatement, I was only granted an apology and "...there...

Chase Bank / Stolen funds

MRS. G on Nov 10, 2011
on 10/28/11 i went into chase bank 2 withdraw $2, 500 but was only given $1, 600. The teller named Michael was very sneaky he seen i had my son w/me n was not really focused on what i was doing, trying 2 keep my son by my side n stole $900 from me. i went 2 the bank 2 get some help but of...

Chase Auto Leasing Finace Department / Fraud

Leonard H on Nov 6, 2011
Leased a new 2010 Mazda 3 from Menlo Mazda. The car was discovered to be a stolen recovered recovered vehicle. Went to dealer to complain and was offered a new 2011 in exchange. Accepted offer and drove off in new 2011 vehicle. Following morning called dealer regarding extended warranty on...

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