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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Jpmorgan Chase / failure to release payment

JP Morgan Loss Draft dept in Florence SC 866-742-1461 Our company did water damage mitigation work for a mortgage holder in 2011. We've been trying to obtain the endorsement of JP Morgan for our mitigation work in 2011. State Farm insurance has reissued three checks to Servpro & JP...

Chase Mortgage / principal reduction

JOEY GONZALEZ on Sep 17, 2012
My name is jose a. Gonzalez Email salsabor77@yahoo.com Chase account 0024197527 With the assistance of naca we negociated a modification in which according to naca chase mortgage would lock me into a 2% interest rate for the life of the loan. After the negociation Came into agreement chase sent...

Chase Auto Finance / identity theft and fraud

Norman Wilkins on Sep 10, 2012
Chase Auto Finance used my online banking information without my consent. They setup recurring online transactions to debit my checking account. I disputed the transactions. Chase stated that they had the right to deduct automatically without notifying me or obtaining my authorization. In...

Chase Mortgage / payment not credit to account

Anabel A. on Sep 7, 2012
I paid off my mortgage balance ($600 per the payoff statement) with an EFT payment before the time listed on the payoff statement. Then I never received another monthly statement from Chase. Several weeks later, I went in to Chase to check why the payoff and reconveyance documents were not...

Chase Mortgage Fraud / I need fellow complaintants to make this damn bank pay for their incompetence

Floome on Aug 31, 2012
I have been in Mortgage hell with Chase (formally WAMU) for going on 6 years now. They double paid my taxes, totally screwed up my account and destroyed my credit. SIX years ! In a final attempt to save my home I applied for a Modification... 3 years ago! After monthly inquiries, sending...

Chase / modification fraud

schweetye on Aug 13, 2012
I was laid off my job back in 2010, after falling 3 pmts short I called Chase to see if I could add my late pmts to the end of my note, now employed again with a better job.Chase said no an told me best option was to modify my loan, sounded great, hoping to modify my mortgage under HAMP...

Chase Auto Finance / car repo

trl214 on Aug 5, 2012
Chase had our family car repossesed today ...Big mistake on my part for even thinking of entering into a binding contract with this company...Even showed the lady my proof of payment...No wonder they are collapsing...going to make sure our president gets an e-mail on this also...We...

Chase Bank / unauthorized electronic withdrawal

TarunG on Jul 26, 2012
I had a business checking account with Chase Bank that I recently closed. The reason I closed it is because they allowed a company to withdraw a thousand dollars from my account without even asking my approval. This company went and withdrew my funds not only once, but twice. When I...

Chase Fha Streamline Refi Loan / chase just wants yourmoney, not your business

Sue P Sales on Jul 24, 2012
I have a FHA loan at 6.25% and have been waiting for the NEW FHA Streamline Refi so I could get a lower APR. I have made all of my payments and have never been late. I contacted Chase because they have my checking, savings, and business accounts. They said that the refi would be easy and...

Chase / beware of big banks

Kastrol on Jul 18, 2012
BEWARE of BIG Banks!!! Chase bank in particular. If you pay extra to pay down your mortgage. They will apply it to future interest payments and not your PRINCIPAL. In fact they charged the same exact amount in interest x2 on the same day and put the paltry amount left on the principal...

Chase Mortgage / loan modificatin

jfennell on Jul 6, 2012
My 78 yr old mom recently had a pacemaker inserted due to arrythmia and anxiety poblems. I am disabled, and have suffered a myriad of health issues in the past ffew years. My mom and i live in the home and severl years ago we requested a loan modification. It took three (3) years for chase...

Chase / fraud in refinancing

Tina Husak1 on Jul 4, 2012
I am contacting your regarding fraudulent activities under the HARP program by Chase Bank. I have a mortgage with Chase and was approached by them in January to refinance under the HARP program. I was told over the phone that the loan would be easy and a non-income verification loan. I...

Chase Bank / hippa law violations

Rebels on Jun 26, 2012
We had an account at Chase our personal banker told people we knew, we had bad credit. I sent a formal letter, called and have not heard anything back. We have not applied for any credit and feel that chase and the personal banker have violated the hippa law. and has yet to fix the issue!

Chase Payment Assurance / they never sent documentation

Larsen on Jun 26, 2012
I purchased Chase car payment assurance so I would be covered in the event of losing my job. When I called to take advantage of the benefit, I was advised that my insurance payment never covered involuntary unemployment, only disability...which was not as much as a concern to me. I think...

Chase Mortgage / bullying tactics

nc4me on Jun 24, 2012
This complaint consists of a few parts. Today, for the third time, a man came to my house to try and collect my mortgage payment. I am 2 months behind. When I told the man I did not want to reveal details of my mortgage agreement to a stranger, he became abusive, tried to force his way...

Chase Visa / chase visa unwilling to work with me

Karen R Ireland on Jun 20, 2012
I have been a customer with Chase since 1990. I had always paid my bills on time & fully. A few years ago, while still married, my husband & I both became unemployed. With no income, I used my credit card to pay for household expenses; I struggled to keep up, but missed a payment. At that...

Chase / re-finance loan rejected due to low appraisel

ernestinewalker on Jun 14, 2012
Applied for a re-finance loan in 2011 to get a better rate and cash out some equity. Was told by the chase rep all requirements were met and the last step was to get an appraisal. the appraiser came and in < 10 minutes was finished. He did not ask any questions nor listen to me as I...

Chase Bank / poor customer service

Chase bank - bad service on Jun 5, 2012
Bad service means bad business at this particular Chase branch. Came to cash $35 check around 3:30pm on 6/4/2012 and here it is what happened: Waited in a line to be served by the next available teller who doesn't have a name tag. Later I found out her name is NATALY. She was very...

Chase Mortgage / their service has been terrible and misleading

Gaginode on Jun 4, 2012
I am trying to refinance a loan. Chase contacted me in Sept. 2011. They stated that this loan could be funded in 2 weeks. The loan is still not funded, although they stated it has been approved. Their service has been terrible and misleading. Personal has changed several times requiring...

Chase Bank / anyone with a chase bank overdraft beware

pahenderson on May 31, 2012
Anyone with a chase Bank account beware, I had an account with chase bank and due to a work problem went overdrawn to the sum of $90.00, that not much I hear you say, because that what I said, well I now have my account frozen, and I now have to pay back $1535.98 in fees and charges, they...

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