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Customer Service

150 0662(Indonesia) 49 15
1800 723 0597(USA and Canada) 9 16
1800 467 974(Australia) 4 5
800 014 8148(United Kingdom) 3 8
+86 57 187 209 378(China) 5 9
+965 22 200 089(International & Kuwait) 11 9
+962 791 773 000(Jordan) 13 7
+966 138 928 999(Saudi Arabia) 47 24

Complaints & Reviews

Order NO: JB200222232514660441970

I had a discussion with customer care, they were conveying the message like ordered product was return to warehouse.
Howcome, they did not contact me so far... then order proudct was return

I was following online chat(robot) but after seeing and enquiring the ordered product was retrun to warehouse. ..

Order NO: JB200222232514660441970

I have ordered below prodduct longtime ago.
i9s Tws HeadphoneWireless and 2pcs Men's Set Long Sleeve
so far, I have not received the above mentioned one. Please help me get this asap.

Order Submission Successful
Estimated time of Arrival without exceptions: 02/03/2020-04/03/2020

Saravanan E

Order NO: JB200222232514660441970

I have ordered i9s Tws HeadphoneWireless and 2pcs Men's Set Long Sleeve and order was submitted Successful
but i did not get any update and call so far. Please help below requset asap.

Order Submission Successful
Estimated time of Arrival without exceptions: 02/03/2020-04/03/2020
02-25 10:14

Saravanan Eswaravelu
Ministry of Finance BUILDING 2, RIYADH OMAR IBN AL KHATTAB ROAD 12641 RIYADH, RIYADH OMAR IBN AL KHATTAB ROAD, Al Malaz, Riyadh, Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Asbaq express

I have never spoken to the courier and yet i saw in the tracking that i rescheduled the delivery. How did that happened? Please check into this matter. I tried calling [protected] but it just ended without even a ring on the other line. They should've provided a working line. How can i follow up the delivery now? I need those and there's another pending delivery.

  • Sa
    Saravanan Eswaravelu Apr 05, 2020

    Thanks for the response. can you please confirm or tell me when should I get my product. I am reachable

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  • Sa
    Saravanan Eswaravelu Apr 05, 2020

    Dear Asbaq Express Team,

    can you please reach me out below mentioned number or please provide(Asbaq Express) reachable contact number


    Saravanan E

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My order still hasn’t arrived

i ordered from jollychic maybe a month ago and still it hasn't arrived even tho it's shipped and is at riyadh at the moment why is no one Contacting me???
why isn't it here already??
Please contact me my name is reem saleh

my phone number is +[protected]

My order number is [protected]
Please resolve this problem

Thank you..

My order still hasn’t arrived
My order still hasn’t arrived


Too late delivery it is taking so long I have order since [protected]

Order No: JA200306194539142482850 — No update about

Petrus Household Ice Cream Machine Full Automatic 2L Capacity. Last update is dated 08/03/2020. Estimated time of arrival: 15-16 Mars 2020. Shipping method: Absaq. Logistics NO: [protected]. There no information at all !!!

Returns and Refund

If my experience is anything to go by, DON'T BUY ANYTHING from JollyChic, based in Dubai. At best they are utterly incompetent and at worst, plain dishonest. I ordered a...

delivery of my parcels

I want to complain about my parcels, they told me 5th times already that they will deliver my order but I just wait for nothing... And they will said my place is not there work place? Its been 5 times already... And my 2nd parcel is same problem... They also contact me that they will deliver but no one deliver... Its very disappointing, how I wish I can just cancel my 2 parcels

delivery of my parcels
delivery of my parcels

cancellation of order

I would like to kindly ask you to cancel our order for [mask], which we made on [01-29-2020]. The order number is [[protected]]. It appears that we won't be needing it because my flight going to thailand is tomorrow morning and I can't get it today my order.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we didn't anticipate this situation. Please confirm that you received my cancellation request.

Thank you for your cooperation.

the delivery man is lazy and bad!!!

I want to complain one of your delivery man here in madinah ksa just today incident january 1-2020 at 6:22 pm he called me for my shipment logistic number [protected] when he reach my address and I said him to come up because im in the duty and cant go down he said I can not go up its not allow for him why??? This is so disappointed why this delivery man like this we the customer need to adjust for hi he is the only one who can not come up... And now I saw in my apps to track my ship and he wrote sshipment delivery failed due to customer requested to change the delivery time?? Which did not!!!. Im sorry but I will not get my package because of this [censored] lazy delivery man... This is the number of the delivery man [protected]
Im hoping you will do an action to this matter...

wrong shipment returning refund

i have ordered 3D projector & some clothes in jollychic. but they sent wrongly without 3D option, and they agreed and advised me to sent back those wrong shipment to dubai jollychic warehouse. when i'm trying to send shipping cost is nearly 33KWD, same time i have confirmed with jollychic customer care and they agree pay back those amounts. so approx. 10 days before i sent shipment and submitted those invoices through [protected] they refund only 6KWD for shipping cost, still my remaining amount 27KWD is pending. so till date there is no response from jollychic. Please help me to solve this issue.
my order number - JA191130132702503238110,
Return no - YGEEJ1575822374876

Remal opposite building or Al-Amal clinic opposite building

mobile cover

510350 I was made the order in jollychic 5 items and 1 item received the other 4 items will receive after 30 days, and once I open there is a mobile cover which are completely damage...

my order

I have already got my order and the product has been sent. But, since I was not at home when the delivery guy called, he was not ready to cross the road and deliver it to my house. I have been trying to call him back and he is not responding well. Now the status of my order shows that the order is cancelled because the customer has provided wrong address, which is not true. Please do the needful. Am waiting for my products which is already paid.

return was closed with no justifying cause

510350 I have applied for return of Nike shoes and you promised to pick it on 5/11/2019 . No one came today to pick it up . More over when I go back to my account on I...

product and services and customer service

This is my parcel tracking # [protected] I called today and yesterday november 3 and november 4 2019, And the customer service dont answer my calls and after an hour he...


It's been long over due and my order has not been delivered to me by Asbaq express. The number provided on Jollychic to contact them does not work. And Asbaq express has not contacted me and I have no way to contact them. I'm very disappointed in JollyChic for using horrible company. I've been waiting for so long and my order has not been delivered! I will not be buying from Jollychic again unless they change their delivering company.

the courier man

510350 Dear all the courier guy called for the first shipment and Informed him to come after 5 he came Last week and I collected. Again I received another shipment he called me last...

thousand of complaints

Jollychic online shopping company is not affected by thousand thousand of complaints of their dirty service, scam, fraud very bad service if you cancel or return or refund your...

misleading return policy

It is clearly mentioned on the return policy that if the return shipping cost is over $20, please contact customer service for the difference. There is no "conditions" that have been put up with this statement.

After the big hassle to find my parcel and to pick up from the delivery company, I tried everything on immediately and decided to return some goods that I received since the size not fit and one is in faulty. I took the box down to post office to ask for the delivery cost with the Dubai address that was given on the refund page. The delivery to Dubai is quite pricy which is $135+. I contacted the live chat agents, and to double check and reconfirm to be sure that I will get full refund on the return delivery fee and the answer was positive. I suggested if they gave me the China Return Warehouse address, I could send in a cheaper way, but they didn't . I followed the instructions to go ahead my returns delivery with Auspost as other logistics companies cost the same to return back to Dubai.

I then contacted the live chat agent and was advised to send the receipt to the email and I can receive the full refund on the difference.

The customer service email team then put up a different story now ! She is telling me "If a mistake by jolly chic, you will be compensated for the return shipping fees. and the amount will be transferred to your PayPal account within 3-7 working days." These were not mentioned anywhere in the JollyChic website! But anyway, I did follow the size guide but it only mentioned the top size but not the pant size (waist, hip) in its set. The oversea size is quite different to Australia size and it is my first time buying. The email team is now only offering me 70% of my return delivery cost which is not acceptable.

Anyway, my main point is if you put up a statement, and your customer service agent confirm it. But at the end, you are not following it accordingly, this is totally unacceptable and unreasonable. You have used the big data to calculate all the cost and profit involved. And the returns delivery fee was expected, if the company cannot compensate such cost, then why it has to offer in first place? It is very unacceptable that customer service team doesn't have to follow the black & white policy that written clearly on the website. This is very misleading!

I would request the full refund on the return delivery cost.

wrong item!!!

Calling the attention of JollyChic co. to stick from your words or your promise that you told you can solve the problem of your customer within 48 hours but nothing happen, why...


Hello Jolly Chick,


Today we got 2 different message from bank for 2 purchases but we dint do any purchases for Jolly chick, never we have purchased from Jolly pick anything.

1st transaction
Bank: Emirates NBD -
Card holder name : Shabbir Hussain
Amount: 9, 089.54
First 6 digit - 5409 78
Last 4 digit - 4268
*Authorization code from bank for Jolly chick to claim payment from citi bank: 772114*

2nd transaction
Bank : Citi bank
Card holder name : Shabbir hussain
Amount: 10, 311.96
First 6 digit : 5460 68
Last 4 digit : 2484
*Authorization code from bank for Jolly chick to claim payment from citi bank: 696634*

Now we spoke to bank and they told that call jolly chick and tell them to reject this payment and not claim the bank for 5 working days then we will not be charged.

THE AMOUNT IS APPROX 20, 000 AED ( 5, 500 USD)

We would request jolly chick to hold the delivery and cancel this order and dont claim bank for 5 days so it will not be charged to us.

We have also called Saudia Arabia service center +966 [protected] and spoke to Ammar and we have registered this complain and he gave us this number 553738.

This is my number you can call me [protected]

Thanks and regards,
Shabbir Hussain

Asbaq Express or Jollychic — "refund payment not received"

02/10/2019 delivered wrong item, my #:[protected], i request android box from jollychic online shopping, but they didn't delivered my exact request but delivered a wrong item. at...

wrong item

Dear sir/madam,

Please am asking assistant or help from you (Jollychic co.) to focus on your responsibilty and to pay your incorrect delivered items to the customer!! I received my order 02/10/2019 at same day i request to return because of wrong item!!! but until today 05/10/2019 no call no message no anything, I call many times the customer service and said: within 48 hours i can receive my complain but nothing happen.

thank you for understanding.. i hope for your kind assistance

didn't get my money back


Excuse me i returned a products thay i buyed 6months ago and they said that the money is going to be in my account .. its more than 300dhs .. and they told me to buy anything with the 300dhs and wont pay anything since i already returned the products and need to get my money back !!! But i did this and the shipment man comes to say you have to pay !!! .. more than 6months now and they're not giving me my money back !! Like what kind of fooling is this !!!

Please help !

Jollychic UAE Branch 👎

asus rog ii phone

I've ordered a phone last week, order number: JA190918020644063045770.
And it was around 2747QAR, and once I received the shipment and I looked at the same mobile price it's showing 2303QAR only? What's going on? Did I get scammed? And I just realized that the mobile is only worth 2000QAR in India. And I've also got scammed by the images you have given for the phone in the ad. There was fan included in the order which I made but I haven't got the fan(accessory) for the phone. I'm hoping for a reply from your side.
The below attached picture is of the order which I made. This image was included in the thumbnails of the phone which I ordered and there was also different option available for cheaper price in jollychic itself which doesn't come with fan. What's happening?

asus rog ii phone

Jollychic — dishonesty, fraud

I purchased from them a dress a week ago and after some days they sent me a tracking number which was invalid. I keep contacting them they do respond without taking any...

order number [protected]

Dear Jollychic,

I placed an order approximately 8 days ago. It was to be shipped via Postaplus. However, when I checked just now, it says my order is "On Hold" for some reason. Please help and inform me fo the reason and please try to deliver the order AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as it is urgent. The order number is [protected]. Please call 00974 [protected]. Please help AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Thank you,
Ahmed Zayed

order number [protected]

asbaq express delivery service in ksa

I can't get in touch with the shipping company, for they don't have any customer service hotline or what so ever, but the issue is they delivered it to the location but I wasn't...

deduction from my bank account for purchase orders while I didn't order??

Good Morning

am Mr.Mohammad Ali from Jeddah - Saudi Arabi
Address : Jeddah - Thagher District

am working as Cars Tires Technician with Salari 718 (2700 SAR) USD PER Month to deposited in my AL-Rajhi Bank Account with IBAN : SA 4280000113608010323545 .

on 28.08.2018, I received my August Salary 2700 SR, Then Today 7.9.2019 @ 7:30 AM I went to withdraw some money, BUT I Found only 758 SR !!! and 2147.90 SAR was deducted without my Knowledge ??

when I check my Account Statement I found 11 Purchase orders and Deductions performed from my BANK Account as " ONLINE PURCHASE JOLLYCHIC" !!!

Am 52 Years Man, working in car workshops with very few amount of money every month, I never deal with Jollychic, all of us, me & my wife, are illiterate esp. for internet and your application .

Today Morning I wrote the attached complain to the Customer Care in AL-Rajhi Bank to inform them about this incidence, and HOW The DEDUCTIONS happened without notifying me by SMS on my Phone as happening always ??? because the "Online Purchase Jollychic" orders Deductions occurred without noticing or watching any SMS on my Mobile .

am here writing to JollyChic Company alsoto inform, Notify and solve my problem, then Return my 2147, 90 SAR = 571.25 USD to my Bank Account shown up .


Mohammad Abdullah Mohammad Ali
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Nationality : Yemen
Mobile [protected] ( Arabic Language Speaker)
Mobile [protected] ( Mr.Fahad, My friend, English Speaker)

My Bank :
IBAN : SA [protected] 323545
Mohammd Abdullah Ali محمد عبدالله محمد علي


Dears i have make my order in 10 of July and after 4 weeks betwen 30/70 -1/08 i had receiveed a call to infotm me that my shipment is on transit Nd i had to pay extra money (140 USD) and i refused to receipt the shipment and noting that i payed the order via my credit card . And today is the fourth of September and no one has refunded back the money i had payed
My order number is [protected]


I have a pending order that I still didn't receive, it arrived to Dubai but the company asbaq are so bad and still didn't deliver it to me. I even made some orders after and...

delivery service

i want to complain about jolly chic delivery, i have confirmed paid order on 1st of August and till now not received, and jolly chic costumer care agents not supportive, always said wait and they not take any action against delivery company, on tracking they write delivery faild duo to customer mobile off, and in real no one call me or any msg or tracking showing that my order out for delivery. when i complain them they said you calk by yourself to delivery compny, and the number provided by them is voice mail, i call many time and wait almost 5 minutes but t no one answer only music, they are lier

delivery service


I'm complaining about the delivery guy who was completely unpolite and disrespected me, Please inform me about the action you'll take because this is totally unacceptable
I sent the voice note as a proof. This is the number he contaced us from :+[protected]
It's his problem if he doesn't have change
I really don't have to tolerate or accept any disrespect pointed towards me.
A delivery man has to have some morals towards the customers!!!

im complaining about my order 1 item was recieved but the first order not recieved they me give track number but no use aj73063905553426952

What happen to jollychic I order item on july 2 2019 but I did not recieved until now I paid thru debit card but it always appear to that they will shipped but until now not recieved is almost 1 month near and what will happen to my order no action at all. I alwyas sending messages but no action at all.. Its not good service after you taken my money and you will not mind our order. So it will affect your company if your like this below are photos of order and how tracking cannot find... So bad service

im complaining about my order 1 item was recieved but the first order not recieved they me give track number but no use aj73063905553426952
im complaining about my order 1 item was recieved but the first order not recieved they me give track number but no use aj73063905553426952
im complaining about my order 1 item was recieved but the first order not recieved they me give track number but no use aj73063905553426952
im complaining about my order 1 item was recieved but the first order not recieved they me give track number but no use aj73063905553426952
im complaining about my order 1 item was recieved but the first order not recieved they me give track number but no use aj73063905553426952

  • Updated by horible · Jul 24, 2019

    i order item but very bad so many way i do to ask where to find my orser but until now i did not recieved my order
    and im calling yhe number they give to me 920003205 is always busy every second minute i will call but its always busy. maybe they just give a number so tbat my mind will divert jollychic do your qork not because you recieved the money but your not sending the order nxt time to all people in the world avoid order in jollychic they are scammer they will give your order specially after paying your item they will not mind you at all. so stupidity. why having company like this no responsibility at all. this is scammer online.. not good bad service

order not delivered

510350 I have an paid order through debit card for jollychic from last three days i was expecting my order delivery yesterday i got tracking that costumer is not receiving the call but I...

online delivery not delivered yet

510350 I have ordered and paid it thru credit card but i did not receive it. When i track my order, it says that delivery failure coz the customer is not answering the phone. I dont have...

paid order not delivered

I have ordered and paid it thru credit card but i did not receive it. When i track my order, it says that delivery failure coz the customer is not answering the phone. I dont have any missed call notifications.
The courier is ASBAQ and the CDD package number is [protected]. I have ordered 13 items.. 2 dresses, 1 shorts, 2 bracelets and the rest are kitchen tools.. the expected delivery date was july 18, 2019..
I want my money to be refunded if not delivered.
Please help me..

paid order not delivered
paid order not delivered

  • Sh
    Sharik Ahmed Jul 20, 2019

    Bro the same is mine did you got your delivery

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  • Sh
    Sharik Ahmed Jul 21, 2019

    Bro can you send me the number of the courier guy if you received your order

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my order is pending for 3 months, [protected]

I ordered in mid of April 2019. I am a regular customer. Shipment arrived at Qatar on 24/04/2019. Since then I have been trying to communicate with Jolly Chic and Postaplus almost...

I am complaining about my missing order, 6 pcs of my order is missing

I am avid customer i think almost 4 or 5 years this is the first time my order is missing i pay my order but when i open the plastic something is missing the eyelash curling growth(eye makeup), hairdressing tool, 2 earing, 2 ring (women necklace) i hope you can fix this problem me and my co workers so dissapointed ... because the order is not mine only