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HSN Complaints & Reviews

HSN / boost mobile 4g hotspot

Charlene Peterson on Sep 20, 2017
On March 11, 2017 I called HSN to purchased a Boost Mobile no contract pocket hotspot, On March 14th I received a email regarding my order and stating that it has been shipped and I should receive in7-10 business days . I received the item on the 20th of March I opened the package and...

HSN / delivery by ups, hsn has changed options discrimination

Tina Carlson on Aug 30, 2017
Hsn has stopped us being able to have pkgs held for pick up or sent to a ups store so people who work can get them. I just spoke to a hsn supervisor who confirmed this just happened. Do not order from hsn if you do not want to be forced to quit your job to wait for your pkg. Worse busine...

HSN / non-delivery

Rhonda on Aug 30, 2017
I bought a laptop and chose an express delivery. It never arrived. I contacted customer service and was said that it's the third party's fault. I asked them for a cancellation and it took them 4 days more to do it. I placed one more order with the same product and delivery, and everything...

HSN / iphone scam

Joan Kelley Hardy on Aug 22, 2017
I purchased a cell phone from HSN. Sprint is my cell phone provider some how HSN has put a lease on the phone without my authorization now that's fraud I have a complaint against them because the supervisors hide behind the phone reps. I have my paper work I didn't give you permission for...

HSN / tracphone+1200 minutes

djona on Aug 21, 2017
In June I bought a Tracphone from HSN. I was pleased with the purchase and was assured that they would transfer my old cellphone number of 39 years with no problem and no loss of minutes. This was not true! Tracphone demanded I purchase more minutes. I refused. Traccphone agrees that I have...

HSN / closed account without any notice

Northga1 on Aug 17, 2017
I have been very loyal customer with HSN for almost 25 years or more now, and have spent thousands of dollars on their products for my family year round as well as special occasions, holidays etc. There have been times when something didnt work out as expected, and i either exchanged it...

HSN / broken item/hsn will only post positive reviews.

Maryann Mansfield on Aug 3, 2017
I ordered a Michael Todd makeup brush for $80.00 off HSN. It worked a grand total of 2 times. I wrote a negative review and noticed there were several similar complaints. The brush is now on again for $40.00. I looked at the reviews and noticed ALL the negative reviews were gone. There wa...

HSN / phone: samsung galaxy alpha

Judith Muhando Imoite on Aug 1, 2017
I bought this phone on May 12, 2017 and it was delivered about about a week later. The phone freezes and goes black every time. I have to keep restarting it. For example when I click on maps to use my GPS it freezes and I have to pull over and wait for it to wake. Even in my house I have...

HSN / shipping and return service

Mireya Blanqueza on Jul 31, 2017
I ordered a Bear paw boots, middle of June 2017. I've been waiting for over a month but did not receive anything. I got an e-mail today saying that HSN received the returned item and that I'll be refunded. How would I return an item I did not even received? I called the customer service...

HSN / unethical behavior

dlouhi on Jun 7, 2017
I am a personal buyer and opened an account with HSN. they took my money and my orders and then cancelled them all without notifying me and closed my account. When I spoke to their security dept, they stated the could not identify me or my customers. I asked if I provide physical...

HSN / Return of unused induction burner

wblower on Jun 1, 2017
HSN would not take it back even for store bucks. I will never shop there again. Macey's or Penny's would have happily taken it back/ I ordered this in February. I was in the hospital from an accident and could not return it within their 30 day rule. It was returned to me. It was in pristeen...

HSN / Return policy

Kraign on May 30, 2017
I purchased their Bose Soundlink portable Bluetooth speaker. Not being completely satisfied with the quality, I tried to return it via their pre-paid return policy. First off, there was no return label on the packing slip. Then when I tried to print one out on the HSN site. That was not...

HSN / ordering department

Joshua McNellis on May 26, 2017
The worst shopping experience of my life, no exaggeration!! The representatives who take your order are polite and professional but if you need to talk to anyone in any other department concerning your order, forget about it. Incompetent, condescending, awful. Talk to 10 different people...

HSN / failure in customer service

latinajuarez808 on May 12, 2017
I ordered a mother's day gift on 4/29/2017. Called today 5/12/2017 to check the status of my mother's day gift not yet being received and learned that item was never ordered due to what they claim "technical difficulty". They did not inform me of the issue. I only learned of this when...

Account Assure/HSN / Account assure program

Carla Caefer on May 8, 2017
I have an HSN card for which I do not remember ever agreeing to the Account Assure program. However, upon review of my transactions I've realized that they have deducted over several months a total of $225.72. Upon calling Account Assure a representative said they would cancel program...

HSN / Hp 17.3" touch intel quad-core 8gb ram, 2tb hdd laptop + support

Jeremy Traub on Mar 22, 2017
3/22/17 Don't know client number, but was ordered from zip 37716 and on Dutch Valley Rd Problem with both HSN and manufacturer. Was very upset I didn't get order tracking number to plan ahead, later found out it somehow went to an old email address I had. I don't like creating an account and...

HSN / Shipping/return shipping charges

theone1956 on Mar 3, 2017
I ordered Perlier face/neck cream which came with body wash; total charges with shipping approximately $24.00. I couldn't use either product as I immediately broke out in hives on my feet, legs and neck. I returned the product to HSN and was refunded all except shipping charges (per...

HSN / HP laptop

Gail Brackin-Lowery on Mar 3, 2017
Purchased a nice HP laptop for granddaughter to complete senior year of college. She had problems with computer soon after receiving. It keeps freezing and you need to restart a lot. Called HSN and if it is past 30 days, they do not help you. They only take your money...$650.00. Called HP...

HSN / My bad experience

Ralf on Feb 15, 2017
I bought a tablet from HSN store and they charged me twice. I contacted HSN customer service as soon as I found out what happened and they said that was a terrible accident and promised to fix it in no time. Weeks passed and I received my tablet (can't say anything bad about it) but there...

HSN / Keith urban guitar set

Bethany Evans on Feb 11, 2017
I ordered a Keith Urban Guitar Set that was suppose to include 30 cds by Keith to teach you how to play. I ordered this set in January of 2015. It arrived on February 9, 2015, Order number 1185997805, Item number: 381348, Price: $299.95 plus $20 shipping. I became ill in March and had...

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