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Complaints & Reviews

hot tub cover

Do yourself a favor and pass on this company and the covers they sell. I paid way too much for a hot tub cover that is so cheaply made that it will not hold in the heat. The actual cover is extremely lightweight and the vinyl material holding it together is so thin it ripped at the fold within a month of install. I regret my purchase everyday and the time they have wasted trying to understand what a substandard product they manufacture. I have since throw their cover useless away and written it up to lesson learned

spa cover

On July 20, 2018 I purchased a spa cover from The Cover Guy on their website. They said it would take a few weeks to make and process the order. On August 10, 2018 I get an email saying my order had shipped. Yay. They give me the shipping company's name (YRC Shipping) and a tracking # (that was wrong). YRC said they would give me a call and let me know when exactly to expect the package. After a few days I check the YRC tracking website and the shipping # didn't work, so I called the 800 number. The guy said the order would be delivered in 2 days. I take off work so I could be home when the package arrived because they wanted me to inspect the package for any defects. The package never showed. I missed work for nothing. I call YRC again. They tell me they have the paper work but can't find the package.?? The package is a fricking Spa cover that is about 7 ft long. The YRC rep said I needed to call the Cover Guy about the issue. I call the Cover Guy helpline, I also email them. I never hear a thing back until I went to the Cover Guy's Facebook page and sent them an instant message. A Rep named Amanda finally emailed me and said she would update me when she had more information. After not hearing from her for almost 2 days I then call Amanda and I leave a voice mail. She calls me back later that day to inform me that my order has been lost, but they can make me another one and ship it the next week. At this point I am beyond pissed. I tell her that I want something for my troubles because taking off work to meet with the shipper that never showed cost me a day off work. Amanda offers me a spa cover or 40$ discount on another order. That of course doesnt even come close to covering my time missed at work. I then tell Amanda that I just want my money refunded IMMEDIATELY. She said she would check to see if that was possible. A couple more days go by and I don't hear from her. She then later responds back to say they found my spa cover and just give in. Just send me the damn cover. So I set and wait for the cover to show. Finally last Friday Sept 8, 2018 I get a call from the YRC driver. It went directly to my voicemail. He says he is at my house (30 minutes away from my work) and can only hang out a few minutes for my inspection. I try to call him back but no answer. I haul ass home, but he is gone. I then call YRC shipping for the 4th time. They said it would show up Monday between 2 and 6. IT NEVER SHOWED.
So it is now Sept 11, 2018 . I called YRC yet again, they said it would be delivered next Thursday Sept 13, 2018. My confidence is very low in this actually happening of course. YRC and the Cover Guy seem to be very incompetent on my levels, especially in logistics and customer service. No one at either company ever reached out ahead of time to let me know there was any problem. If I hadn't hounded them, I doubt they would have bothered to do anything. The time they have cost me is more than the cover is worth. That being said, I wouldn't recommend using either company. The Cover Guy and YRC Shipping have been my worst experience ever.
Chris Fox

hot tub cover

Wish I could give it 0 stars. Similar to other reviews. Placed my order 10 weeks ago and have yet to receive the cover. Several email responses regarding estimated delivery dates upon complaining, but none have been accurate. Quote 1: 3-4 weeks (on website). That date passed and called to inquire as to when it will be completed. Quote 2: 5 weeks (due to peak season). This didn't happen. Upon contacting again, Quote 3: another 2 - 2.5 weeks. This still didn't happen. Upon contacting again, Quote 4: either 8/11 or 8/14. Again nothing. Upon contacting again, Quote 5: Toward the end of the week. This was unacceptable, demanded a specific date so I got Quote 6: Product will ship 8/18. Supposedly the product shipped Thursday 8/17, but today's 10 days later and alas I still have no cover. Contacted the shipping company and they don't delivery to my area and are handing the product off to a different shipping company. I have called the company over 20 times. The "status" line takes you automatically to extension 211 which is a voicemail box. I've tried many other extension numbers and have found only 2 others which supposedly go to an individuals desk, extensions 212 and 213. After leaving voicemails for these individuals and getting no response, I will be contacting legal representation. Please for your own sanity, never ever use this company. I truly believe this is a scam and I have lost my money.

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    The Real Mike Sep 05, 2017

    Same issue here. The problem is they do not disclose that your cover will take 3 months to ship until AFTER you purchased the cover. Ordered my cover July 20th and still waiting.

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The Cover guys — Hot tub cover not fitting poor service

Do not buy from the cover guys they do not stand behind their warrany or their product. My cover is brand new and it is leaking of the icicles coking from the seams. I sent them...

Defective spa cover

We ordered a new hot tub lid for our spa through The Cover Guy after seeing their add on-line. We were told 4-6 weeks for delivery, which did not happen. Finally after 2 week...

The Cover Guy - Hot Tub CoverDoes not abide by warranty

This company does not warranty their products as promised. The company states that we have a 5 year warranty with no other stipulations, however, when we reported a problem after only 3 years, the company blames the buyer for poor chemical control of the hot tub with no proof of this and only offers a 40% off discount. According to other review sites online, this is an ongoing problem/complaint from this company. On their website, there is no specifications as to limitations of their warranty, leading the buyer to believe that they are receiving full coverage.

I bought an upgraded cover with all the extras for my hot tub. It is supposed to be warrantied for 5 years and we are only beginning on the 3rd year. I paid for all the upgrades because I wanted this cover to last me for a while. I called them and explained to them that the upgraded combo vapour proof barrier seal is peeling thousands of pieces daily into my hot tub and water has gotten into my cover. It is so waterlogged that it is very difficult to lift. The lady who answered said I was still on warranty and they wanted me to show proof of this, so I took a picture of the inside cover and said I needed to send it to the "warranty manager". This was the warranty manager's response- "Thank you for the pictures. The issue with the cover, plastic flaking does qualify under the pro-rated warranty. You are currently in year 3 of your warranty, which gets you a 40% discount on the original purchased price.
We can have a new cover manufactured for you which will include our new upgrades. These upgrades are a double layer plastic around the foam inserts and a full length insulated hinge.
The price for a new cover will be $257.98 + $99 shipping. Originally the cover was $429.97. Please call our office when you would like to proceed with the order [protected]. We even upgraded to the 2 lb high density core." I spoke to another person and this is another email... "As per our phone conversation chemical damage is a physical defect not a manufacturers defect. The reason your cover is waterlogged is because the plastic is flaking and absorbing water. The plastic flaking is caused by chemical damage." "We are trying to help you with this so we can also pro-rate the shipping to $59.40 (which they only offered because I complained that their website was currently offering FREE SHIPPING). I have also attached a document for you to help care for your cover." Oh really... Chemical damage??? The last time I checked hot tubs have chemicals in it and my wife and I always checked to make sure the chemicals were right! I did my research on the cover guy and I found NUMEROUS people having the same exact problems and the emails sent out to them were verbatim!!! My response was reasonable and fair.. this is what I sent them.. "I understand. Therefore, as per our conversation earlier, i plan to contact the bbb and i will recommend to all family and friends, as well as providing website testimonials about your company regarding your warranty policy that is NOT even stated on your website, as well as warning them against purchasing unnecessary upgrades on their spa covers that do not provide any added protection. It would be reasonable to assume that we may pay a small fee for a replacement cover .. Such as paying shipping alone, especially considering your website is offering free shipping in the month of May, however, suggesting that we would basically purchase a new cover is absurd. So, thank you for your offer, but at this time, we decline."
So basically- all the upgrades that I already purchased previously that didn't work- they are going to give me the same cover for 40 percent off which will include their new upgrades "that I already purchased" and only $99 shipping- which at the time I inquired about this warranty was free! Which now- this warrantied cover will now cost me the exact same as what I bought it for!!! STAY AWAY! I've also noticed that there is a standard, copied response to every negative review asking them to be contacted because they are concerned. I hope the company is helping these people out- because it is the right thing to do, however, it should not take this type of frustration and complaint to receive their advertised warranty!

Does not abide by warranty

thecoverguy.comRip off

If you are thinking on ordering a cover from don’t! They are a rip off! I ordered a cover on April 5th had to pay them in full, on June 20th they said they shipped it, then a week later they said the trucking company lost it, and they would make a new one, 2 weeks later a cover showed up the wrong size.

I called them and they said I would have to pay to fix it, I am disputing it with this cc company and the cover guy is fighting it tooth and nail.

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    Reviewer69704 Nov 27, 2015

    Bought a cover and had to cancel 2 days later ( company tried to upsell me after my order). Was told to pay $50 to cancel an unfilled order. Nice service, never again!

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Rip off

I wanted to let anyone know who is looking for a hot tub replacement cover to avoid the Cover Guy Company. Substandard materials, very poor workmanship, the fit of the cover is not even close. The cover arrived ripped missing stitching in critical areas and overall unacceptable. What even makes it worse is the warranty department is a name only. They will not back up any of thier products, they blame it on everything from the shipper to miss treatment by the customer. I told them I had the cover less than one day and it was junk! They basicly said we got our money. I'm out several hundred bucks I hope it doesn't happen to you.


134706 Within one year of purchase this product began to deteriorate. The supplier said they would repair the defects within the warranty period after I paid freight equivalent to 10% of...

Slow in response

Quick service after ordering, and they caught my measuring mistake. (Good customer service) When product arrived the accessory (cover cap) was torn from packaging staples.They were some what slow in authorizing refund and even slower notifying us that they received item, and even slower in getting authority to issue credit back to us rather than replace. Finally got refund, but in this day of electronic communication, they were very disappointing about their (customer service). The product seem to be of a lesser quality than my original factory cover, and I thought the tie downs were of a lesser quality and in poor locations for our needs.

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    OneHappyFamily Nov 10, 2010

    I have to say i disagree, i think The Cover Guy has great customer service and you even started by saying they did. I have a cover from The Cover Guy. The cover is a higher quality than anywhere i have seen so far and i checked around a lot. I was worried about ordering through an online company but they by far met and exceeded my expectations. The service was quick, fast and very friendly. They also helped me with my measurements and i couldn't be happier !

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Bad service

I have been waiting for my spa top ordered in September. The company collected our money in quick fashion. Since then I have been told that they confused my order and needed the...