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Sizes run at least 2 sizes smaller than they indicate on the site. I ordered a size up from what was posted and all the items still did not fit. The material is extremely inferior, with some so thin that you can practically see through it. It took them 3 weeks to process and ship the order. To return the products will cost as much as what I paid so it's not worth it. I am very unhappy and never order from them again.

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Sep 30, 2015 4:07 am

I ordered a long hooded sweatshirt in grey size large, I received it today in blue size med. I went on chat and spoke with a Jessica.First she wanted me to send a picture, which I refused to send telling her I had no reason to lie.She then asked for the order number which I could not find.She then asked for the tracking number and told me I had ordered it in blue size med. and that I should check my order, when I went to check my order it said SORRY THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE. She said I needed to get in touch with [email protected] to correct my order and the site does not exist. I am out 30.00 at this point but now I'm waiting on a purse I had ordered at the same time.I really fear what my purse may be like.

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my order, B2015032307081371, an xL stretchy dress, is ridiculously small. When I asked about returning the item, I was told that I would have to pay more than the price of the dress and ship it all the way to China!

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Dec 11, 2014 4:07 am

Size is way to small and i ordered big! &60.00 coat will run me 101.00 to ship back to get a refund! They wont work with you at all so i lost money! Do research before buying...They even blocked me so I couldnt complain! BEWARE SCAMMERS

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