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Bits And Pieces - Order not arrived after nearly a month!

16.11.20 - order for four Tee-shirts. Paid with my Bank Card so delivery may be swift, and definitely in time for Christmas.
14.12.20 - nothing has been received.
I know Corona Virus would slow down your deliveries, and that your Firm would be busy at this time. However, nearly a months waiting is too long. Please send my order NOW!
A. J. B. Browne.

Bits And Pieces - Order not delivered

I ordered two jigsaw puzzles on 1st April 2020 and due to the current Covid-19 situation expected a bit of a wait for delivery.
On the 20th April I still hadn't received them so called them to find out what was happening and they told me that these were not in stock and they knew this on 4th April but for some reason had not informed me. They also confirmed a refund had been issued.
I asked them to send a confirmation of this and I received an email 20/4/20 from Ben Elwell stating that I would get three separate refunds - £12.99, £12.99 & £4.99.
I emailed Ben on 23/4/20 as the refunds still haven't appeared in my bank account.
It is now 27/4/20 and I still haven't received a refund or a reply to my email.

Bits And Pieces - puzzle table board which was originally priced at $129.-

I ordered the product on December 10, 2018 for a birthday present in mid December. The puzzle did not arrive at that time. I called about 3 times and received ridiculous response, back order blah...

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Bits And Pieces - short shipment

Should have read reviews before ordering from them. One of the higher priced items was missing from shipment. Customer Service person was almost impossible to understand due to lack of English skill. They wouldn't reshape item or refund. Would only give me a Bits and Pieces merchandise credit. Totally useless as I would never order from them again.

Bits And Pieces - puzzles/ poor shipping

I give them 5 stars for fast delivery BUT 3 for shipping container .They ship their puzzles in a mailing bag which results in smashed in box corners. They use to use boxes. These were gifts and when i contacted customer service they told me "We are sorry and we will pass it on to the right department." Wth? No service to return and offer me new ones?
I am going to stick with WHITE MOUNTAIN PUZZLES. I never had a problem with them and their puzzles come in a shipping box.
I was a customer for years with B&Ps No more.

Bits And Pieces - lost parcel - dreadful customer service

Bits and Pieces sent me the exact same jigsaw puzzle as one I had only recently ordered. As this was a 'free' puzzle I e-mailed them to ask whether they would be willing to exchange this. It took me...

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Bits And Pieces - Very very bad customer service lost parcel

I placed a large for may Christmas Day placed in my name only for them to be sent to my dad so tried to get help from customer service only to be told I didn't have an account and it would cost me to...

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Bits And Pieces - Brass wind spinner

My order arrived today. The packaging was OK but the product was broken. It took me over an hour to try to get it back together. Was going to contact customer service but when I began reading all the...

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Dec 03, 2015

Bits And Pieces - Product and Service

I was foolish enough not to read any reviews about this company. Have ordered items on the 20th of November, they arrived on the 2nd of December. Packaging was extremely poor, cupboard boxes were...

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Bits And Pieces - Sneaker slippers

Saw them advertised in Daily Express 1/11/15. Got them soon enough, on the 7th, but was appalled at the quality. If I'd seen them on a market stall at a fiver I would not have bought them. I ordered...

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Oct 01, 2015

Bits And Pieces - Everything

Spent over £30 with this company for my elderly mum, 3rd September, not heard a dickie bird from them since, cheeky sods have took the money from my bank account and yet there are no signs of the jigsaws my poor old mum loves to do. I have tried ringing customer services but cannot get through at all, I expect the amount of times I been left on hold I've probably spent as much as the cost of the jigsaws themselves!! No one has ever answered, is it all a scam??? There's no email address, no complaints procedure to follow, so I'm going to write to them to see if I get any joy, if not I shall contact trading standards to see where I stand in getting my money back. Shame on them. Does anyone have a similar story, or a happy ending dare I ask??

Bits And Pieces - The seller has sent the order to wrong address

We ordered 3 puzzles from We got the confirmation info and receipt from them, but after 7 days we haven’t received the order. We emailed and asked to tell where the order wa...

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Bits And Pieces - Failure to deliver + reply to email

I placed an order with Bits and Pieces on the 15th Oct and now, nearly a month later I still have not received my parcel and they have not replied to my emails. Can anyone advise me on my rights and whether I can just ask for a refund at the this point? If i contact my bank can they cancel the payment ?
Many thanks

Bits And Pieces - Dreadful!

A dreadful organisation with utterly no regard for their customers. First and foremost, they take money as soon as the order is placed, in our case, this was some weeks before the goods arrived...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bits And Pieces - non delivery of Christmas presents

Christmas presents ordered by phone on 10 Nov 2011. The charge was made to my credit card on same day. It is now 5 January 2012, the order still has not arrived. A few calls were made in Nov and...

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Bits And Pieces - Scamming on Shipping

Nine days ago, I ordered a number of small items from Bit & Pieces & have received nothing after paying $19.99 in shipping charges. While trying to ascertain where my order was, their phone rep admitted they were not able to say where my order was or when it might be delivered as "UPS had turned my order over to USPS" because my order was under 10 lbs, an effort to save on their shipping costs. Bits & Pieces apparently has arranged with UPS, which is trackable, to "dump" lighter packages into local USPS systems where the packages go into a limbo of sorts that can't be tracked. I'm all for Bits & Pieces saving on shipping costs but not at my expense. This company needs to come clean on its website and in its catalog, letting customers know that they could well endure unpredictable and non-trackable delays within the USPS if their package is lighter than 10 lbs. It was made clear to me that Bits & Pieces does not see reasonable shipping times to be a customer service responsibility of theirs.

Bits And Pieces - No deliveries

Like everyone before me, they are just awful, incompetent and are ripping us off with their phone charges, They took my money on 1st December, they told me on Saturday 1oth they would be dispatched...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bits And Pieces - No customer service, missing goods, poor quality goods

Company sends out catalogues to order saying 7-14 days delivery. Small print says 28 days. I placed two orders - waited over a month for one and 42 days for the other, which never arrived. The...

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Bits And Pieces - Damaged Goods and Poor Customer Service

My mother ordered a folding jigsaw table (@£149) and it arrived damaged. She has now made 10 phone calls (many waiting in a queue for half an hour or more) on an 0871 number at 10 pence per minute...

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Apr 13, 2008

Bits And Pieces - Rip off!

In March 2008, Blue Sky Co., which owns Bits and Pieces and Paragon Gifts shut down. This is why we have no access to the company, Bits and Pieces, that has ripped us off. Now I know I will never see the 40.00+ dollars that this company owed me for a return of unordered, unwanted mdse. See the website Direct Commerce Systems for more detail.

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