Jetblue Airways / unprofessional behavior

1st encounter with jet blue airline. Party of 4 traveling from Ft Lauerdale to Nashville TN on Nov. 19th. Flights were booked 2months ahead. Arrived at airport over hour early. We 1st tried to use the kiosk and that did not work (many other people having trouble with it also). Attendants were no help. We went to the counter and still had 45 min before flight. Attendant at the counter told us plane had already closed and we could not go. After much discussion he told us the plane had already closed and we could not go and that was it and only 1 flight per day and we would not be reimbursed to catch a flight with another airline. Very rudely he told us we could book for the next day and if we missed it we would not be reimbursed. Ended up having to stay another day which cost us additional $300 plus missing next day of work that we were expected back for. Very rude and bad experience.

Nov 25, 2017

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