JetBlue Airlines / rip off and terrible customer service

United States

Made a reservation online and accidently clicked the "8th" instead of the "7th" in the date drop down when I booked a flight. I immediately (within seconds) went back in to change this and was shown that there was a $100.00 change fee so before I did anything further I called the reservation line and was told my call would be answered withing 20 minutes.

At 20 minutes I hung up I went ahead and changed the reservation online for $100.00 just to get the error corrected and decided to call again and I also filed a "Concern" online (the webpage reads that if the flight is within 24 hours, which it was, you would receive a response within 24 hour). Upon pressing submit, I got an auto-response that I would hear back within 14 days! I placed another phone call and this time held 12 minutes when I was finally able to get a human on the phone BUT she said she couldn't authorize a refund of the $100.00 error fee and that she had to get a supervisor on the line and so we would need to hold until a supervisor was available but she would continue to check back in on the line. After holding for 28 minutes, the call was disconnected! So I have placed 2 phone calls, filed 2 "concerns", wasted 1 hour of my time, forked out an extra $100.00 to give a company business! Never again!


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