Jetblue Airwaysservice charge

D Aug 15, 2018

I am writing to express my recent experience with your airline while departing Cancun on Sat 08/14/2018.

I checked my flight status before leaving my resort and the flight (0852) was confirmed and on time. On route to the airport I received the 1st of many notifications informing me of a short delay. I continued to receive 20 additional messages with delayed flight times throughout the day. I approached 2 different JetBlue representatives who assured me that the flight would definitely be leaving at some point and that a crew was already prepared for the departing flight. I was concerned that the flight was going to be cancelled and wanted to return to my resort while it was still daylight. I was assured over and over the flight would DEFINETLEY be departing that evening and there was no need to worry.

I received an automated call from JetBlue at 7:43 PM informing me that the flight had been cancelled and rescheduled for 8:30 AM the following day. After over 10 hours in the airport, being strung along by message after message on time changes, being assured we were going to be leaving by 10:30 the flight was cancelled and we were left stranded!

We approached the Jet Blue representative who informed us that we must collect our luggage and leave the airport. We asked if we could stay and were told this was not an option. We then asked if any assistance was being offered to find transportation or lodging and were informed that it was our responsibility and no assistance was being offered.

What followed was a terrifying evening in downtown Cancun trying to find a hotel (everything close to the airport was booked). We were able to speak to a "tour representative" at the Comfort Inn where no rooms were available who "helped" us get a taxi and a room at a "friends" hotel. We were asked to pay in cash ($170.00 for a $35.00 room) and an additional $35.00 for the taxi service.

I have traveled to Cancun even though there have been travel advisories because we have booked rooms at expensive resorts which are private and safe. We do not even go out on excursions due to the fact that crime in that area is at an all-time high. I do not need to be stressed and fearful on my once a year vacation. I experienced a major panic attack and anxiety due to the complete lack of concern and help of your airline.

I understand JetBlue has no control over the weather conditions. You do however have an obligation to provide your customers with better customer service. You do have the responsibility to make sure your passengers are not put into unsafe situations due to your neglect at cancelling a flight after stringing people along for an entire day.

Please help me understand how we can avoid situations like this in the future. I will not be traveling to Mexico again due to this horrible experience.

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