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Today (3rd August 2018) I had done booking for Pune to Banglore flight - 9W773. I made web checkin for the flight. The departure was scheduled at 5:55 AM. When I reached the boarding gate at 5:30 I was informed that boarding gate has been closed and I was not allowed to board the flight and has been forced to cancel my boarding pass for to just talk with JET airways person seating outside boarding area.
Meanwhile I found that the flight's schedule departure was 5:55 AM. However it actually departed at 5:39 AM. This change was not informed to me. Because of this I had to cancel my business appointment planned for the day and bear the loss.
Request the concerned authorities to reimburse my loss.


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      Sep 21, 2018

    i've booked a ticket for delhi-imphal on the 21st of sept 2018 9W908.the departure was scheduled for 11
    ;20am.ive reached the boarding gate around 10;20am and there was this one very unprofessional female ground staff on the desk who informed me that my luggage was overweight by 5kg and told me to pay 2500rupee..i told her that since i still got some time instead of paying the said amount i'll rearrange my luggage and take out some stuff from it.she directly told me that if i take out my luggage without paying the said amount she will not be able to help me check-in my luggage again..i'm shock and very dissappointed that jet airways which i thought was one of the leading airlines in india have such unprofessional employee.i do know that i still have time and i have the right to make a choice of taking out some stuff from my luggage nor pay the i took my luggage and rearranged it by taking out some stuff which make it over weight.and im back with my luggage at the same desk/counter with the same employee and she told me that im late and will not be able to board the flight anymore.that happen around 10;40am which i learnt from other staff that i can checkin and board the flight till 10;45am.i even got my boarding pass but miss the flight because of that unprofessional employee.she even made the final call to board the flight while i'm standing infront of her.i've never face such unprofessionalism in other airlines and didn't expect it from JET i want a refund for the amount i've lost to book the ticket.

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