Jet Airways India / frequent cancelation without advance intimation + misconduct of the employees

We had a booking in 9w616 from Kolkata to Mumbai on 24th March for five passengers bearing PNR numbers QXKCFD & STQDWF. The flight was cancelled due to unknown reasons and we were intimated well in advance thru phone call & sms. We rebooked in 9W819 with the same PNRs. Incidentally this flight was also cancelled, without any advance intimations over phone. 23rdMarch afternoon there was a call intimating the cancellation of the flight. Call center was clueless but a toll free number. During the call I had different experience with the Jet employees. Initially there was ambiguity what is the solution. I spoke to Ms Nisha Saini, floor supervisor, stating Jet cannot make any arrangements but refund the full amount. Then I was promised by her tickets in the other flight same day, & a confirmation within half an hour. We waited for an hour. This time she was non responsive to the previous commitment & she was not willing to escalate the call, which I repeatedly requested. When I insisted after a long hold she made me speak to Mr Vishal Rana, senior floor supervisor. He started speaking on behalf of Ms Nisha without any accountability. Ultimately he dropped the call. It was 5hours I have been interacting with Jet employees in order to get a proper solution unfortunately all in vain. I wanted to lodge an official complaint about the whole incident, on the following grounds,
A, Irresponsibility of Jet airways about the frequent cancellation without advance intimation & noncooperation with the passengers due to last moment change.
B, Misconduct of the senior employees with the passenger during the crisis hours, holding the information, misleading statements & non capability of handling the situations.
I expect a thorough investigation on this case with the audio recordings of the conversations between me & the concerned officer, additionally, records of the cancellation intimations calls. I have been severely penalized financially for this tardiness & irresponsibility from Jet airways. I have lost time debating & discussing with the employees without proper direction which has led to increase in fare from other airlines.
Looking forward to your revert . Regards Sushant Datta [protected]

Mar 25, 2019

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