J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchisingengine repair and repi

D Jul 05, 2019

I had bought a car through these crooks and then needed an engine replaced. They kept playing the run around until my warranty ran out so i had to pay out of pocket which cost me about $1500. The day i was supposed to pick the car up they had got into a wreck in and refused to fix it which then lead me to have to turn it into my insurance which is $800 a month now. Well when i turned it in to my insurance they found the radiator bracket was bent and was leaking coolant. Insurance told me it had to been like that but informed them i literally just had an engine put in and the radiator bracket couldn't of been bent for them to be able to put the engine in. They refused to fix then repossessed my car. I paid to get it out of repo and it was supposed to be returned to the shop that put the engine in but never got returned and eventually they sold the car at auction

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