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J.D. Byrider Complaints & Reviews

J.D. Byrider, Erie PA / Rip Offs Bigtime

CASEY51 on May 4, 2017
I purchased a vehicle from them during what was advertised as a " 0 down sale". Despite that I had to put $800 down! Within an hour of purchasing the car the engine light came on. I took it to the dealer and they gave me a myriad of things that it could be but didn't do anything to fix it...

JD Byrider / Erie, pa

rjones1112 on Apr 1, 2017
Within hours of buying a vehicle from them the engine light came on. They did nothing to fix it. That costs me over $400 immediately. They advertise "buy here pay here" that is a lie. The dealership does not take payments. The car they sell you is generally over priced by 4 or 5 times the...

CNCA Finance. (JD Byrider) / Car I no longer have.

James sumpter on Mar 14, 2017
I have not. Had the ford focus for. About 3 years it broke. Down I called for them to pick up the car. This was in 2013. They sold the car now they want me to pay for the car they sold. And they will not send me a paper stating I do not have the car. The gentleman I spoke with (Don rite...

JD Byrider/CNAC / Loan process

Keli Moore on Mar 7, 2017
I purchased a car from this dealership 10/2016. I put a $500 down payment and was told if I put some of my tax refund down as a deffered payment, it could lower my overall amount owed. I signed up to put $1500 of my tax refund after I filed the following year. I wound up getting my taxe...

J.D. Byrider / Financing for cars that are not worth it!!!

Sunyawilson-2 on Jan 20, 2017
I purchased a 2009 Ford Fusion from Monroeville J.D.Byrider. My car literally sounds like it is going to fall apart. Eveytime I take it to be serviced, nobody knows what is wrong. I pay 207.42 every 2 weeks for a car that squeaks, the mirror wont move, and now the rear defrost is not...

Jd Byrider's and CNAC / Auto

Menilda on Jan 18, 2017
This JD Byriders company and CNAC is a rip off. I got my car from them August 2016. Went there and see if I get approved. So filled up an application and Dan the car seller told me his waiting for approval and he stepped out at the room for a minute and the messenger pops up on hi...

JD Byrider / Gas leak

Cyntesia on Dec 27, 2016
2016 I had an motor placed in by this company service department it took 2 months! I wanted to return my truck! Once I called the finance department I was given a very reasonable price but was told another price by Country the service supervisor! When asked about a lender vehicle I wa...

JDByrider / Service/coverage

Gabrielle Strelko on Aug 20, 2016
Hi, I'm complaining cause jdbyrider is not being riteful here at all this is a stolen car claim that was not put in. Here this . the car I got financed and it got stolen and whomever stole it trashed it too busted windshield, airbags busted back axle broken and all so said the lady at...

JDByrider / Service/full coverage

Gabrielle Strelko on Aug 20, 2016
I financed a vehicle from jdbyrider and there were like 4 things wrong that OK in the first month they got fixed although back brakes weren't done, OK. Now the car got stolen oh and yes full coverage and no loaner car. Car got stolen and whomever stole it crashed it to the impact back axle...

JD Byrider / Purchasing a vehicle

Mags911 on Jul 29, 2016
Okay, the person who wrote the last review was absolutely correct. I'll admit, I am a novice when it comes down to anything involving an automobile. Since I purchased the vehicle I too have been harassed endlessly. About a week to a week and a half before my payment is due is when the...

JD Byrider / Car Sales

Jermaine Smiley on May 17, 2016
This company lies and make up stuff to not sell to the people they don't want to help. They told me they couldn't verify my reference and job and I call all my references and they said they didn't even call them. They expect you to come up with 12 reference like most people talk to a lot...

CNAC / J.D. Byrider / Auto loan

Latisha S on Apr 5, 2016
I was desperate when I bought a 2004 Buick Le Sabre on 3/20/2014. I had started a job and needed a car to complete my job duties AND be able to commute less than 4.5 hours per day. I had been unemployed prior for nearly 10 years. So I was compelled to agree to their terms. They did not...

JD Byrider / Lemon

Reviewer22326 on Jan 6, 2016
My son bought a vehicle from this company. The boy was 19 and really didn't know that much about it and they totally took him for a f****** ride. They took total advantage of a young man, alone and has Asperger (a form of autism) and only worked part time at a nursing home facility...

JD Byrider / Car manager

Reviewer68184 on Dec 1, 2015
Hi, Bought a car of them in July, for the last 6 months had nothing but problems with these people, car has been in there every other week for a few days. The manager tells me I should not be upset, that they do everything to get it fixed, not really, I tell them what's wrong with it...

JD Byrider/CNAC / Volkswagen Jetta

rmillab on Oct 29, 2015
I purchased a vehicle from jd byrider/cnac the initial deposit was deferred due to my daily transaction limit with my bank being reached, the payment was scheduled to come out the following business day. There was a $500 down payment the reps at the dealership initially swiped my card...

JD Byrider / Service Department / Service / General Manager

Justin Naylor on Sep 24, 2015
Vehicle: 2005 Ford Escape Limited Stock Number: BK3942 Purchased: 10/26/2013 @ 125694 Miles Original Cash Price of Vehicle: $11, 585.00 KBB Trade In Value: $3040.00 - $3823.00 ($8545.00 - $7762.00) (9/24/2015) KBB Used Price Should be: $5986.00 - $8071.00 ($5599.00 -...

JD Byrider / Complete Rip Off

trizt3n on May 12, 2015
This place is a complete rip off and their customer service skills are extremely poor. I purchased my vehicle in late November, 2014 and since then I've had nothing but issues with this vehicle. JD Byrider advertises their 3 year 36, 000 mile warranty, but what good is a warranty if...

J D Byrider / Paint peeling on car

robert j black on Apr 16, 2015
I purchased a 2005 nissan altima in February. The paint has been peeling off front bumper and driver side mirror. The cost estimate to repair is $325. They claim they do not paint cars. The body shop said the parts were painted without proper preparation. I would like to see the problem...

JD Byrider / Ignorant and Unprofessional Staff

Karen120967 on Mar 30, 2015
Unfortunately, I fell on hard times and was forced to purchase a vehicle from this company in order to get to work 50 miles away. My salesman was really nice but when I got the first reminder call about my note before it was due I knew I had made a mistake. I recently got a much better job...

J.D. Byrider / Auto Fraud

car dilemma on Jan 27, 2015
I purchased a vehicle with JD Byrider, which I was told was a 4WD by salesperson. The time came to use the 4WD option as we are experiencing adverse weather conditions. I could not figure out how to engage 4WD so I called dealership's service for help. Upon arrival, the mechanic inspected vehicle and determined it was not 4WD.

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