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mechanics suck

Got into a car wreck with a drunk driver!!! Needless to say he totaled my car so had no time to check into...

total rip off

I bought my first car at JD By Rider in Parkersburg, WV. I told them I was going through somethings made sure...

gone a month with no car, still not fixed!

My vehicle started having problems on July 10, 2010 transmission in which I knew and was convered in my warranty. I called JD Byrider on Monday JUly 11, 2010 and was told there were no openings until Jul 23, 2010 so I waited 2 weeks to get my vehicle even looked at. Once it was taken it they said it was the TCM and it was back ordered they were trying to order out of state, once it FINALLY arrived a week later it couldnt be fixed, then i was told the cyllinder block had to be replaced and I could pick up my car on Friday August 6 2010, once I called at 5pm to make sure.. I was then told they had to replace the entire transmission. As of today its been a month that I've had NO CAR!!

used car stink

I got a used car from jd byrider in bloomington . never again it broke down i had to keep fixing itall the time . then they would call me for money all the time and never left me alone. they towed mt truck away and told me that i needed to pay 900.00 dollers .no i said you keep it i dont need the hassel of fixing itall the time.. they said they never repo i was 1 payment behind ther liers and stealers too . never shop ther you will get screwed and lied too . and they allways add on more to the price than whats its worth.


I bought a 95 Neon from JD Byrider who promised me a great car. I didnt have to put a lot down and wa...

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lies about service

I am a former employee who knows firsthand that the service work done to the vehicles before the sale and the work done under their service agreement is extremely poor. They get engines from junkyards and other used parts to bandaid the vehicle rather than fixing it right the first time.

There are franchises nationwide that are individually operated but I worked at a company owned dealership and these methods were encouraged from senior management, not the employees at the dealership itself.

The finance company is also very strict in their collection policies. One day late and they are sending a repossession unit out for the vehicle. They will ask you to pawn personal items to make a car payment. They do this after setting customers up with extremely high payments and very tight budgets.

If you have to purchase a vehicle from them due to your credit, please take the time to have the vehicle inspected by a 3rd party mechanic, get all promises in writing, and go to them at the end of the month, if possible, since they will do whatever it takes to hit their sales goals, even reducing price substantially!

vehicle purchase

Do not purchase a vehicle from JD Byrider you will regret it. I understand the concept of paying more because...

bad place to get a car

J D Byrider tells you that you have to do a budget plan, and in the budget plan they ask you if how much you spend on cigarettes and just cause you bring in a pack of marlboro's they assume thats all you smoke, and put in the budge 162.00 a month for them, as well as if you tell them you have not bought yourself clothes in the past 2 yrs they tell you that the minimum has to be put down of 50.00, as well as they try and tell you that the minimum also for household goods is 50.00 when you do not spend that each month and then they want you to sign this document which they can later turn around and say you signed a false document and then take the vehicle from you. Its pretty stupid that the sales manager at the Knoxville location wants to tell the customer when he tells her he does spend 50.00 every month on household goods then she wants to make the remark ok so you do not take baths. Is this something a manager should say? what a pissy attitude... That's why i have filed a compliant with the Better Business Bureau, as well as Consumer Affairs, and as well as i am going to Contact Don Dare Six on your side.

  • Sh
    shepmom Jun 19, 2010

    If you bring a pack of cigarettes with you everywhere you go and you reek of stale cigarette smoke, it would not be too far fetched to believe that you smoke more than a cigarette every once in a while. Actually for most smokers 162.00 seems a little on the low side.

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  • Si
    sickens me Mar 01, 2011

    The reason they are making a budget is not so much for you as much is it is for them! They see everything on paper and then they push you to make a larger payment each week and larger down payment than you can afford. They then have 3 people present this to you and don't tell you how much the loan is until you're ready to sign. Sorry JD Byrider, you're not getting $16K from me on a $2K car. You have got to be kidding! My family and I spent 4 hours there on a Friday night with a 4 year old and then want to give us a piece of cake and clap for making a deal? What a joke!! I was lucky enough to get family to help out and didn't have to take what they were offering. I suppose they can be good for some people, but to ask if you smoke is a personal and ridiculous question!! Anyone on here who says anything else has not had an experience with them (or works for them) and should keep their opinions to themselves!!

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  • Li
    Lili627 Jan 20, 2014

    Jd Byrider sucks, period.

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all they want is the money

I Purchased my car from JD Byrider in October 2009. It was the best car on the lot Malibu 2003 the rest of...

rip off

No you do not need credit. They only deal with people with bad credit. I must warn you, this is no joke. I...


I bought a car from JD Byrider, and financed through CNAC in June 2009. The total purchase price was to be $10, 900. What originally lured me in was their constant advertisement that $299 down delivers. Well, once I got in the office, and spent 3 hours going over everything about my life, I left $1500.00 poorer than when I went in. As for purchase price of 10, 900. after a year of making payments of $360 a month, my total owed has just now gone under $10, 000. Also my payments are due every friday, and the office closes at 7pm. If i am not there by 4pm, they are calling threatening to take my vehicle. My insurance this month was due by the 17th, and i paid on that date. I just got a really *** letter from CNAC today(21st) about how my insurance has lapsed, and to contact them immediately. I went on my insurance providers website, and my insurance never lapsed even for 1 day. these people are ruthless, and dishonest. I was in a bind after an accident, and had to have a vehicle fast. My credit wasn't very good either. If not for that, I would have never gone there. I will most definitely not be going back

  • Tr
    Tracy Alcorn Jul 23, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought my van a couple of years ago. Ever since then this company is nothing by unpleasant to deal with. Our payments were always made on time up until a year ago when my husband lost his job. For the most part they are still on time every other week when i get paid. My husband is fighting disability, and i have explained this to them. I havent asked for a lower payment, or anything else. I fell behind a couple of months ago. My payment is 306.00 a month, i pay 153 bi weekly. Well i was a payment behind. I have continued to make my regular payments and on opposite weeks i get paid have been making 50 dollar payments to get it caught up. Every single day for the past week. I have gotten 10 calls a day, on top of multiple text messages a day. I have asked them to call after 430 when i get off. They cannot do this. I have told them that i got in trouble at work due to my phone constantly going off, they still do not care. They are bullies, and very un professional. I do not recommend anyone buy a vehicle from them or have to deal with cnac.
    This is ridiculous, and i have made complaints to the company, nothing is done. One worker even had the audacity to tell me i needed to work two or more jobs to make sure they get paid, and i should file for govt assistance. Ummmm i work for the county. So i should work 3 jobs to make sure they get their 100.00 that is still owed to them. Once that is paid i am filing a claim with the bbb. This is not how a company should conduct business.

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poor attitude

On April 17, 2010, I purchased all the materials to build a 30' x 16' deck attached my house for $2, 124.00. I hung the joists and found that I could use 6 more 16' 2 x 8 boards instead of some boards that were delivered.

On Saturday, May 1, I made arrangements with my daughter to get am pick-up truck to return lumber and excess hardware. I returned the following;

2- 2x8x8's, 3-2xs8x14's. 2 stair risers, 3 stair treads, and 8m pounds of assorted nails. Then load was heavy. We unloaded the lumber onto a cart and wheeled it into the Store.

When I got in the store, I realized I forgot my receipt. I talked to a clerk who ID'd herself as Lynn and explained that I forgot the receipt and that I didn't have the credit card that I purchased the deck stuff with. She explained that I would get less of a value on my return without the receipt or the card. Lynn was very polite and courteous. I told her that I lived no farther that 15 minutes from the store and could get the receipt if I could leave my return goods on the cart at the return area. She said that she couldn't make that decision.

I asked to talk to a manager. Lynn pointed to a guy. I said "excuse me, " and he rudely said "I'm the Manager". Lynn told me he was called "JD". He must have been listening to the conversation between Lynn and I. I re-explained the receipt situation and asked him if I could leave the stuff on the cart while I went home to get the receipt. With no verbal recognition of my explanation, he walked around the counter to look at the load on the cart. He came back to me at the counter and said; " I have other customers here to be concerned about and he was rude! You have to load it back on you truck and take it with you when you go to get the receipt. That stuff was heavy and I'm a recently recovering cancer patient. I responed by saying; "That's ridiculous. I'm a customer too, am I not?" My daughter was also irate and went to look for a general manager with more authority. I left the load on the cart and drove home to get the receipt.

My daughter came back to the return desk with a GM, who told her that JD handled the situation improperly and poorly. We are customers and should be treated as such. The GM had conversation with JD.

Seriously, JD did use very poor judgement and consumer service skills. Saying that I had to load that stuff back of the truck was ridiculous! He needs some training on people skills.

I've been a long time customer of Menard's and always pleased with your products. My wife and I spent around another $900.00 yesterday on lattice materials to finish the deck and on a 4 piece patio furniture set for the deck. In '93, we built a sun room on our old house with all Menard's materials for about $18, 000.

trouble with car after purchase

After I got home from buying my 2000 Jimmy I found a few things wrong. A bad noise somewhere, cruise control didn't work, and a wiper blade that was in shreds. I took it back in like the told me. They fixed all problems with a smile. I had a wonderful experience with the service department. Everything was under warranty and didn't cost me a dime.

I recommend J D Byrider to anyone that has credit problems. They let you know everything they are doing step by step. No surprises. I will recommend them to anyone any time

  • Fr
    frustratedinjax Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You have got to be kidding. You must either work for JD Byrider or they paid you to place this comment. That whole entire company is a joke. I have written a letter to the Attorney General about there practices and will go further if I have to.

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  • Jr
    jrcook Sep 30, 2010

    Haha you must be on crack

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solicited sales of reference list

After telling our local JD Byrider that we weren't going to pay $11k for a $4k van they called us 3 times a day. After the first the messages claimed that they had good news for us!! No news from them is good!! But what finally tipped me over the edge is when 3 of the people I listed as references began getting phones calls "to come on in and get into a new car." Had I known JD Byrider was going to use "my" reference list as a tool for them to solicite their business, I would have walked out with all my paperwork. Beware of JD Byrider, they are only trying to scam those of us trying to get on our feet, and any information you provide to them they will only use to what they hope is their gain.

  • Ca
    carelessbuyer Sep 22, 2010

    Same thing happened to us. Fill this out with references. 2 days later we are getting phone calls from people we put as references. they said they got a call from our salesman telling them we just bought a van and should come down and get a great deal too. I called the salesman and explained we did not agree to a referral list and stop calling people on the reference list. of course a week later, I find out he is still calling and it is making some issues with friends and family!!! I spoke to someone else and they said it would stop. We will see????? I wish we never bought this van. I think we make a huge mistake. But my husband says we needed a warranty...

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  • Ju
    justno Jan 09, 2013

    You can't complain about your own stupidity. If you actually read the terms at the top of the reference list, it specifically says "Further, I/we give my/our consent to J.D. Byrider to solicit the persons listed below for the purpose of soliciting vehicle sales. This authority shall expire when the account is paid in full." You signed a contract that says you give them permission to do this. And my experience with them has been great. And they are not giving you just some car. You get a car that has passed a 150 point inspection, comes with a 3-year 36000 mile warrant, and reduced price servicing at their location, which have never had to use in the past two years I've had my car I bought from them.

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Repos car from Military Veteran

My husband's unit had just returned from Iraq the begining of February. As of then, they had "laid off" many of the returning soldiers. He happened to be one of them.

Ever since his active duty has been up, he has had job interviews at local corrections offices, restaurants, and convenient stores. He is also still waiting for unemployment to start coming in. Because of his income last year, we do not qualify for any kind of government assistance.

His car payment is now 9 days passed due, and hes tried many times to cooperate with CNAC. For the past two years he has had his account set up for automatic withdraw for his car payments, and they NEVER took the payments out when they were scheduled to. So while he was in Iraq they would call me twice a month wanting the payments... HELLO they were to be taking them. So because of "technical difficulties" they were experiencing, his history shows many late payments.

Today is friday, his unemployment is coming monday, and they are trying to repo his car by 7:30 pm tonight.

I understand a contract was signed, and we should keep up with the payments, but things do happen. They are acting as if he is three months behind on payments.

This is the most HORRIBLE financing company I have ever experienced. I wish he would have found these reviews before he bought the car and we would have gone a totally COMPLETELY different direction.

  • Hear Me Mar 16, 2010

    Where was this at???????

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  • Hear Me Mar 16, 2010

    While he was in the military, did they adjust his interest rate?? If not then I would be looking into that could save you some money...

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avoid them

I bought my car in 2007. I have never missed or been late on a payment. I still owe 4100.00 on a piece of junk, while still under warrenty they had it in service like 4 times and nno they do not off rental car's or a different piece of crap to drive. Cnac did reinburse me for a rental however now that the warrenty is out the car is about to just die but guess what, I can't even trade it back in to them. They say I need to pay it down to 2500.00. I said it will not make it that long but they just don't care. If any of you have any brains in your head, avoid this dealerships at all cost. No other car dealer will take this piece of crap from me either. They are dirty dirty... Low lifes avoid jdbyrider.

  • Fr
    frustratedinjax Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree. Same thing they told me but, the car has to be payed down to 1500.00 before they will even attempt to trade.

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rip off artists/scams/sells flooded vehicles

I have been dealing with CNAC and JD Byrider for the last 5 years. The first problem we had was a vehicle...

Worst reps ever

CNAC Customer Service Reps are the worst. I'm one month shy of it being 1 year since i had my car I never been late paying my bill but my last t

2 payments was late and I called them and let them know why I was late, but regardless of me calling them and letting them know they will still call and harass you anyway. it's time for me to shop around to get my car refinanced. Not only have this man called me about my own account with madness but he has also harassed me about someone else that have an account with CNAC that put me down for a reference.


Upon applying for a car from JD Buy Rider I found out that they are big rip offs. They tell you how easy it is to buy a car from them but the are ripping you off. They charge you 3 to 4 time more then what the car is worth. Example a 2001 ford focus in my area with 111, 000 miles is worth 4350. They want 11, 995.00 for the same car. They tell you the higher cost is to pay for the warranty on the car. Then they tell you that the finance company they use is right in house. But when you ask what the interest rate is they don't know. They also tell you the cars are road ready, well try again I took a car on a test drive and it was a joke it was worst than the one I was trying to get rid of. So buyer beware they are worst than a loan shark.

  • Na
    NasH78 Dec 17, 2009

    In June of 2007, just a day before my daughter's first birthday party, a very desperate, stupid me was escorted to JD Byrider by a car salesman from Chrysler whom couldnt get me in a car.

    I was told that this was the best of the best car companies and he they would treat me good. seeing as if the car salesman was a personal friend of my boss, I thought I was at no harm.

    Well I shouldve known that this was a shady deal because they videotape the contract and make you sign tons of forms that say you can never sue them no matter what! You must take them arbritration court.

    I had met the owner and he was honest and upfront with me, he told me that the cars were from auction and they werent the best cars but the service department would always be there for me with my 18 month warranty. (he told me they were some of the best guys in the business) I was hesitant because I was paying over $10, 000 for a car that was in perfect condition and low miles was only worth $3, 000. But I was ensured that whatever problems may arise from the car would be taken care of asap. Thats what I was sold on; was the fact that they would always work on my car no matter what!I was given an emotional speech on how improvng my credit would help me, and to think that the money I was paying was priceless considered to how this new car would affect my credit score. My credit score has barely moved in 18 months of on time payments.

    I needed a car extremely bad and couldnt risk losing my job, I could afford $175 every 2 weeks because I had been renting cars for almost 7 months at this point. and was paying almost triple that. I thought I had nothing to lose.

    I drove off with my new used car; not even 12 hours later after getting the car, it cut off on the freeway. They made me pay $50 to get it towed back to them. It was Saturday so the service department was closed. The salesman stuck a dealer tag on another car in the lot and allowed for me drive it until Wednesday of that week.

    This was only the start of my problems. I never drove that car 2 weeks without it cutting off, smoking, or not starting. The service department would keep my cars for days, whenever i called to get the status on my car, coincidentally Mike, the service manager always picked up and told me that his best guy was taking it for a test drive as we spoke. No kidding every time I called I was told someone was looking at my car or taking it for a test drive, as we speak. I have fellow family members whom work on cars but I never let them touch it for fear that I would lose my warranty. Whatever Mike and his employees were doing to my car were only minor things to last for a few days to a few weeks. I was told several times by several passer byers on the freeway, gas stations, or wherever my car would break down the issues that my car had. I would call Mike and tell him, he would have my car towed, I would get a rental, he'd keep it for days, I'd get it back in a few days, and maybe 2-5 days later my car would have another problem. Ive been told that tape was used to patch things up. I cant beleive they would put my child and I in such danger!

    Supposedly they have put a new engine, replaced the gaskets, fixed leaks, pipes, brakes, tubes etc. And my car is a ticking time bomb. I have never missed a payment in 19 months. Even when I was out of work for 10 weeks!! I even pay an additional $50 every month just so i can get rid of it quicker. If you dont make your payment by 5pm, they send the tow guy to your home and work looking for you. Mind you the payment window closes at 8pm.

    They stay right on top of your payments but not on top of their so-called guarantee. The worst thing is I shouldve done more research. I was just so desperate!!! Ive read horrible stories all over the internet. One involving death. But guess what? The contract you sign, says they can use deadly force to take the car if you miss just one payment!

    Ive paid over $7, 600 for the car since Ive had it, they havent fixed my car which is now out of warranty. I havent driven the car since August. Im still making payments on time. i still have active auto insurance on it. My mom uses the car occasionally to run errands or to take my grandmother whom has alzheimers to appointments. Last week I paid them $60 to fix the heat. They didnt! They put tape on the engine and messed up the fuses in the car so nw the trunk wont pop for my grandmother's wheelchair. They need to be stopped! This is not the kind of business we need around praying on those whom are trying to repair their credit and have families to take care of. We need reliable transportation!!!

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  • Av
    avgjoesmbdy Feb 22, 2011

    I found JD Ryder co. in Downers Grove Il, to be a den of thieves.For 2 weeks I spoke to a Joe (salesman) and told him exactly what we could afford, what our budget would allow and what we wanted to pay.Joe said sure we can take care of you.None of the cars there were not only NOT in our price range, but so overpriced that I actually started laughing in his face.Mike the fanance guy told me a different story than Joe did.Tey lied the whole time to my wife and I.These guys are BAD NEWS!! Do not deal with them!

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  • 19
    1985jte Apr 11, 2011

    This story is all too common with this company. They are ruthless liars. I too kept up my payments like clockwork and in return received several calls a week reminding me of the next one. I did tell them to stop calling, they didn't. It finally got to the point I went to the dealership to speak with the General Manager. His response was "if you don't like it go ahead and take us to court, I'll be happy to show up". I replied with an equally sarcastic remark and this nut case jumped out from behind his desk and started yelling "get out of my store" at the top of his lungs while waving his arms all over the place. These are the kind of [censor]s they put in charge so it's no wonder there are literally thousands of complaints against them. I have steered several people away from them and will continue to do so for the rest of my life! You have to be a real low life to sell vehicles for J D Byrider, that's for sure!

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rip off

I had purchased a car from jd ### ryder on arizona ave. i paid $5, 000 worth of payments. my payment was one...

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