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I had went to the JC Penney for the first time a couple years ago. All my friends had told me I should get a spiral perm so I decided to go in and get it done. My first clue that they are horrible was the fact that every other hair place at Southride Mall was booked solid except for JC Penney salon. I went in and the place was totally empty except for me. The very first think I did was ask her if it was going to ruin my hair. That was my primary concern because at that point, I had very healthy and shiny hair. She assured me that perms nowadays don't use as harsh chemicals as they used to. She had checked my hair a couple times and kept saying it wasn't 'done yet.' I took her word for it. I guess I didn't know how long it would take because the place was closing before she started to take down the rods. She was obviously in a hurry because while she was taking them down, she was just yanking them out of my head instead of rolling them out carefully. By the time she was done, the pain was so intense that I was close to crying.
My hair was soaking wet, I was close to crying and she advised that since it was past closing time, she was going to send me off without drying my hair first. It was the middle of winter and freezing outside. Since my hair was still wet, the smell of the chemicals was pretty overwhelming.

When my hair finally dried hours later, I saw the full damage that had been done. My hair was completely destroyed. You could see all the spots that she had torn my hair. It looked horrible! The worst part is, I went through all that and the next day, part of my hair was wavy and part of it was super curly. I looked like a freak. I couldn't wear my hair down for months because I was too terrified to have it fixed and have worse damage done. I understood that perms aren't going to work the same on everybody, but between the service and my icky hair, I was obviously upset. I called the salon and told them about it and the girl said she would have the manager call me back. Two days later, I still didn't have a call back so I called the actual store manager and told her about it. She was very apologetic but told me the salon manager would have to call me back but she would call her at home and tell her to call me the same day. The salon manager did call me later that day and told me that I would need to come in and show her while she was there to see if there could be any sort of refund. The hours that she was there were the same hours I worked so I asked her if we could make it a different time. She said no, I would have to come in during her work hours. Obviously I couldn't, so I just let it go. But I made sure to show everyone I ran into my hair and tell them where I got it done so they wouldn't go there.

A few months ago, I went to the JC Penney salon at Valley West Mall thinking 'Hey, this is a different salon and a different person so it will be okay.' When I go into my appointment, the woman is acting like she had something better to do the entire time I was there. All I needed was a haircut, not that difficult, right? Wrong. She gave me probably the worst haircut I've ever had in my life. And I've had some bad haircuts. The layers were too short and not blended. Luckily this time there were no chemicals involved so my hair didn't get fried. I don't know what I was thinking going back to JC Penney salon, but that is a mistake I will never make again.


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    breanna Nov 09, 2008

    I totally agree! JC Penney is the worst place ever. I got a haircut today and my hair was past my shoulders and I came out with my hair looking like the beatles. Noone knew had to do a v-cut in the back with long hair!!! I cried for 3 hours! I'm still crying, because it's uneven! I am so sad and upset. There was no manager till Wednesday and it's Sunday. I have to wear my hair like this? They should have a mangager at all times to handle complaints and to give back refunds. JC Penney is no good. Sincerely saddened hair victim. :, (

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    Paulina Nov 18, 2008

    Worst haircut and color I ever had. I also made the mistake of going back twice. I highly suggest going somewhere else, even if it means the wait. It's just not worth it. The people there aren't very friendly and everything is done in a rush. I looked like a man when they were done with me. My layers were messed up, my bangs were uneven and my hair color ran out in about 2 weeks. So yeah, I agree... DON'T GO TO JCPENNEY SALONS!!!

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    stupidlynaive Jun 24, 2009

    I went to JCPenney Salon at Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, Virginia on Sunday, June 21, 2009 and saw Mina. She ruined my hair. You can just see where almost every strand on the top of my head was broken off. I wanted my hair lightened a shade or two. I specifically told her that I did NOT want my hair red whatsoever! It's very dark brown. Well, it turned out red. I've been dying my hair almost every day since with semi-perm haircolor and it won't even take any color. It's still red. I HATE IT... it'll take years to get the broken hair to grow out and not have little hairs sticking up all over the top of my head.

    NEVER AGAIN! What a horrible place, horrible experience and absolutely HORRIBLE HAIRDRESSER! I AGREE! DON'T GO TO JCPENNEY SALONS, EVER!!!

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  • Ak
    AKING0206 Jul 06, 2009

    Omg... I went to JC Penny Hair Salon in Fairfield Commons Mall in Beavercreek... I had never been there before but assuming Jc Penny I thought they have to be good... I have had my hair cut and never ever in my life have I had a bad hair cut until I went there... they cut it way to short she said do you want layers I said NO and by the time she was done I had the shortest layers it looks terrible all i want is for it to grow out its horrible... DO NOT GO TO JC PENNY FOR A HAIR CUT or any other needs for your hair you will be sorry... i paid $34.00 for her to wash my hair cut it and style it I have natural curley hair and the chick didnt even have a flat iron!! hello its 2009 who doesnt have a flat iron.. then she went and got one from someone else and said here you can do it yourself so it looks right!! I was so mad by the time I left I did not tip her nor do i care she didnt get a tip... DONT GO TO JC PENNY IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR HAIR TO GET SCREWED UP... AS FOR A REFUND WELL I WONT HOLD MY BREATH


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  • Li
    LindsayLou Nov 10, 2009

    Your story made me sad! Perms are not something that can be fixed right away, and that woman was selfish to rush and ruin your hair just so she could leave sooner. I would have refused to pay for the perm if that happened to me!

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    foreal Mar 12, 2010

    I almost booked an appointment today for a relaxer cut. Now I am scared. Not going to..

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  • Fo
    foreal Mar 12, 2010

    I was going to book an appt today to get a relaxer cut at the Fairfield Mall. Now I am totally scared to do it...

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    PWyche Mar 16, 2010

    I have been going to Shannon at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA for several years. She is awesome. My husband has his hair cut there as well by Troy, who just happens to be the station next to Shannon. We are extremely satisfied with their services and capabilities and we live in the next county over, so we make the drive to this particular salon. Once in Shannon's absence, I did go to another stylist there, with whom I was definitely not happy. I guess you have to find the stylist with whom you're a good fit -- can't always blame it on the salon. I think they offer a great range of services but I've only ever been there to get my hair cut/styled. Sorry everyone else has had lousy experiences -- I've lived all over the country and have regularly visited JC Penney salons. Again, I think you have to find the stylist with whom you click and one who you feel understands your needs and has shown you they are capable. Good luck!

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    SusanMMB Aug 28, 2010

    There are competent and incompetent people in every line of work. I left a stylist who worked in a salon and day spa because she was rushing and not taking the time to get the cut or color service right for me. I went to JC Penney again on the recommendation of a coworker. I went with some trepidation because I had two incompetent stylists work on my hair years ago. I'm happy to say I've had great experiences every time now. One word of advice is to get salon recommendations from someone whose hair you like.

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  • Sk
    skahler Jan 29, 2011

    That's weird because i go to a girl in the JcPenny ssalon in phillipsburg, NJ and she is the best hair stylist i've ever had. Everytime i need a hair cut or color i go to her. I always leave very happy and sometimes i even give her a hug. (funny, but true) I feel that it really matters on who your stylist is, and how much experience they have. My stylist is usually booked. My mother also goes there every 3 weeks for her roots to be done. She can only go on saturday mornings and the girl that we go to actually comes in EARLY on her appointment date to do her early in the morning. Now that's a stylist!! I recommend her to everyone.

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  • Sk
    skahler Jan 29, 2011

    Now, you want to talk about horrible stylists. Don't EVER go to holiday hair. I have two in my area and both are horrible. I think it's because they hire new kids right out of cosmetology school with no experience at all. My hair was down to my chest and i went there to get a trim. I was turned away from the mirror so i had no idea that she was cutting off 5 INCHESSS!!! when i left, i could feel the back of my neck. WORST haircut EVER! It has now been a year and my hair still isn't as long as it was. I want my long hair back! =(

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    Randi R Feb 17, 2011

    I just visited A Jcpenney Salon in Grand Junction, CO at the Mesa Mall! PLEASE everyone reading this NEVER EVER go to a Jcpenney salons (especailly this one) to get anything done on your hair! I went in with super long, thick curly hair to the middle of my back, all i wanted to get done was a trimm and have feathered layers around my face and around the back. Starting out I was already nerves because i dont trust anyone with my hair but i wanted a good cut, so thought lets try it. I told the salon lady specificailly what i wanted and she seemed real confident in what she was doing and just started layering and cutting. Right when she started layering i thought okay but then she broke her thinning sheers out and insisted that she needed to thin my layers out or they would stick up tooo much, cuz my hair is thick. But she got way to carried away with those cuz by the time i noticed how much she thinned my hair it was to late! my hair is sooooo much thinner and to me more then half of the body i had in my hair is gone! I t is sooo much thinner then when i went in! she left it puffy and kind of straighted it and added a bump on top and I think it was to only make her horrible asss hair cutt look better. she really rushed when i was looking at my hair so when i got home and started really looking at it i saw how bad it was!!! I have been soooooooo upset, crying senses Valentines day!! IT literally looks like she took have of my hair and cut it, there is a layer at my chin and the rest is long!MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE A STAIR STEP, THERES ONE LAYER WHEN THER SHOULD BE A BLEND ALL THE WAY TO MY LONGEST PART! I am so madd cuz i have been trying to contact a manager and they keep telling me she will call me back! still hasn't! I will get my refund back!!! i did go back and showed them and everyone in that salon agreed she did a bad job! horrible!!! and all they can say is sorry and refund your money when im the one with jacked up hair! so please ladies unless u have known someone for years be very careful who cutes ur hair! I HATE JCPENNEY SALON!!!

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  • No
    not my lucky day Feb 27, 2011

    Please do not go to Jcpenny salon in Florence SC at the Magnolia Mall for a hair cut. I showed the stylist a picture from their hair book and verbally explained what I want. She said she was clear on what I wanted...needless to say, I got more than a cut...I came away with a nearly bold head. Not at all what I wanted. They had a $55 dolloar bill waiting for me which I did not pay a penny. I left in tears and cried all night and that next morning. I really want my hair back. I feel a great loss. The stylist was rude and said that she gave me what I wanted, not true. I complained to her manager and the had the head manager call me the next morning. I hate that stylist. I hope the get rid of her, she sucks.

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  • Ba
    bamafan0362 Nov 16, 2012

    Had horrible cut at JC Penney salon at University Mall in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Jessica did everything I told her NOT to do to my hair and had the nerve to ask for a tip. My hair has a bald spot in the back near the crown because she cut it so short, I don't have enough hair to hid my cow lick. My hair sticks straight out. I explained in detail not to cut my hair short there. Too late, she totally ruined my hair and it has been devastating. Jessica should be fired. At the least, she should be taught how to communicate with client and LISTEN to the client.

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  • Sw
    sweetypie123 Feb 25, 2013

    I took my daughter to jc penny to get her hair braided and we got this horrible old lady again so i said to myself okay lets give her another chance since we are desperate . Well i told her how i wanted it oh forgot the appt was behind she wasn't there and it was a mess i will never let her do my daughters hair again she braids too tight and i told this woman don't braid it too tight this is what she says i can only braid the way i know how to braid more or less saying take it or leave it lady ! which i thought was rude so i am going to learn how to do it myself i am very gentle with my head and daughters. Some people don't care how people feel. Jc penny in pecanland mall in Monroe, la please find new braiders that wont pull your customer's hair out.

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  • Up
    upset2016 Apr 02, 2013

    my daughter who has always been known for her long beautiful hair, now that is all gone!! i took her into jc penny salon in eau claire wi. oakwoood mall and told sally j. to trim and layer her hair framing her face, and she butchered it horribly!!! i gasped when my daughter came to me and her brothers at the play area after I had already payed and tipped her beforehand!!! i marched my 15 yr' old back to that salon and told the manager NOT ONLY AM I NOT GOING TO PAY FOR THIS BUT YOUR GOING TO GET A MASTER SYLIST TO FIX THIS HORRIFIC HAIRCUT!!! thye had the audacity to refund my money on the girt card but not the tip! I am now dealing with jc penny corporate they kkep taking down my statement, and saying they'll get back to me, it's been a month now and i still keep calling them back, they will not get away with this! i want sally suspended!!! i will not give up!

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    unhappycoustemer Jul 21, 2013

    I went to jcp at the county fair mall in woodland ca last week had an appt made with a girl named elixia… for highlites she gave me the worst higlights ever she seemed like she did not no what she was doing at all I wanted done was thin highlights blonde I left ther with huge chunky highlights that were orange and had tiger stripes! she tried to tell me I moved to much that's how I got the tiger stripes and that my hair was to resistant to go blonde i have had manny highlights and never a problem going blonde… SHE WAS THE PROBLEM SHE RUINED MY HAIR! DON'T EVER GO THERE CAUSE CLERLY THEY HIGHER ANY SLAPPY THAT APPLIES!

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  • Re
    Reviewer15279 Dec 03, 2015

    I went to JC Penney Hair Salon at Coronado Mall in Albuquerque on 11/6/15. Monique cut my hair. My hair was almost to my waist. I asked for a 2 - 3 inch trim. Monique cut 5-6 inches, about 2 times what I asked for! Afterwards, I asked her, "this is 3 inches or less?", she replied, "yes". She flat out lied to my face! My almost waist length hair, which is classic curl, ended up to being barely grazing my shoulders. On top of that, my hair was apparently crooked and such a bad cut. I was devastated! Do not let Monique touch your hair. I had to go home to mourn the loss of my hair. The same day I called for a "fix" and of course refused Monique when she was offered to me. Thank goodness, Naomi was assigned to me. She was so kind and put up with my anger and frustration. She fixed what was wrong, of course could not give me my hair back which will take 10 - 12 months to grow back. I will go back to Naomi and recommend her to my friends and family. Besides having a kind heart and a gentle soul, Naomi is an excellent hair stylist. Very attentive, caring and giving. Thank you, Naomi, for everything!

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