JC Penney Companyorder not fulfilled


I ordered two makeup products on 10/5/17. As of 10/18, they still were "pending shipment" so I called customer service. She said it would get processed soon. I called back the next day as that wasn't satisfying to me. on 10/19 the woman said she would research and give me a call back. She didn't. On 10/24, I spoke to a supervisor who gave me an explanation that the computers at Sephora didn't receive the order from JC Penney so the order would not be filled and there was nothing they could do despite being able to verify and view the order. I would have to be sent a gift card in the mail to refund the portion I paid with a $50 gift card. Two days later I still was seeing the order active in the system so I called again. First time, the woman placed me on hold without telling me, told me she saw my gift card had a balance so there was nothing else to do (it didn't have a balance) and then disconnected me when I was speaking mid-sentence. I called back and another representative seemed helpful at first and explained it does take time to process a cancellation. THEN she placed me on hold for OVER 30 minutes without so much as coming back on the line to check in. This is the definition of bad customer service. So to date I have no products and no $50 refunded. Essentially they just took my $50.

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