JC Penney Companycustomer service at jcpenney location at shops at montebello


On the afternoon of October 21, 2017 my boyfriend and I walked into JC Penney at the shops at Montebello. Upon arriving we began to look at the shoes I wandered off to look at girl shoes meanwhile he tried some shoes on immediately an employee came from out of nowhere and made it a point to ask my boyfriend "you like the shoes? Are you going to buy them?" And my boyfriend responded "well yeah I'm not gonna take em" and he came over to me and said "this is messed up why do they think I'mma steal the shoes?" And we saw that same employee walking away and saying over walkie talkie "I'm going to need police sent over here" it was unbelievable not even 5 minutes inside store and we already were being harassed. The whole shopping experience was uncomfortable as if we were the only ones shopping that afternoon, with staff following us and constantly asking if we needed help or if we needed a bag and at some point I responded and said "oh no I wouldn't want you to think we're gonna steal anything by putting something in your mesh bag." When my oyfriend attempted to pay the cashier was even rude enough to say each price of the item we wanted to purchase which was very unnecessary. With any other cstomer he never did that and the implication with that was almost as if he doubted whether my boyfriend could pay for everything. Todays experience at JCPenney was appalling, extremely unprofessional, and the stereotypical measures being executed by employees was even more despicable and only made the representation for JCPenney a very poor and embarrassing one. Every other guest at store was treated with the minimal respect and hospitality that any business gives to it's customers however today my boyfriend and I were singled out and harassed and judged and sterotyped in a very shocking and unacceptable manner

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