JC Penney Companycustomer service agents

N Aug 02, 2018

I called today, 08/02/2018, as a follow up to an error in the address my package was being delivered to. I spoke to 2 agents, the first barely let me explain, told me that the package most likely could not be intercepted and then hung up on me mid sentence.

The second agent listened briefly then put me on hold without letting me know that I was being put on hold. When she returned to the call I heard her saying to someone that I was no longer on the line and laughing about it and make a few other comments that I didn't clearly hear. When I made her aware that I was still on the line she made no apology for her behavior when she thought I wasn't on the line. She then connected me to a UPS agent who was clearly misinformed. In the end the issue was resolved but required that I insisted on my point being heard. If they had listened to me in the beginning the experience would have been much different with both agents. I think that they were both rude and very disrespectful. No customer should be treated the I was.

My order number is [protected]. I called between 8:30am and 9am today. I would appreciate if this is looked into and those agents have a review in their training.

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