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At DXB, we were denied of boarding by mistake from the supervisor of Jazeera for our flights J9124 and J9539 from Dubai to Kathmandu departing from Dubai International Airport at on January 10, 2022 at 18:15. At the checkin counter, the agent noticed that our covid PCR certificate was valid within 72h of the departure of the flight. The agent called the supervisor to double check the validity of the PCR. The supervisor confirmed that the PCR test was valid within 72 hours of the departure of the flight but, as he was not sure if the test was acceptable, he went to call the airport of our final destination, Kathmandu, Nepal. He came back, few minutes later, with the following information.

The supervisor denied us the boarding as per the Nepalese immigration rules for the reason that the PCR test was made in France and not in Dubai (our city of embarkation). We were surprised so we asked him to show this rule written down on the page of the Nepalese immigration or on the airline’s boarding conditions. This information does NOT appear on neither the entry conditions of the Nepalese immigration offices nor on the website of your company. When we asked him to justify the source of this information, he replied to us: “every passenger must be aware of the conditions of entry of the travel destination, that we would be deported from Nepal, that Jazeera will provide no refund and that he cannot help us further”.

We are now in Kathmandu. My wife and I talked with the immigration in Nepal and they confirmed that there is no such requirement. The PCR test does not have to be from the country of departure. The ONLY requirement is that it must be made by a certified test center within 72h of the embarkation point (as indicated on the official website of the Nepalese government and on Jazeera's website). The covid test we presented to the supervisor at the checkin was fully valid as per the Nepalese immigration office and the denial of boarding was purely arbitrary and unjustified. The immigration office recommended me to file a complaint to receive a compensation for the denial of boarding so we contacted the customer service of Jazeera Airways.

The customer service changed the argument, saying now that it was not a requirement from the Nepalese immigration office but from the company's policy (confirming that the supervisor lied to us in the first place). Customer service answered to us that Jazeera's Airways is requiring passengers to have a covid test made at the city of the embarkation point (Dubai in our case). They provided us with a link of the company's website for us to verify that (screenshot attached):

When entering United Arab Emirates in departure and Nepal in arrival, they argue that the sentence : "Passengers must have a negative COVID-19 test result taken at most 72 hours before departure from the first embarkation point" implies that the COVID-19 test must have been made at the city of the first embarkation point. It is totally wrong and nonsense. Moreover, on their website, for other destinations, it is clearly indicated when they require that a test must be taken at the city of the embarkation point. All sources indicate that the tests were valid, yet, customer service ignores the claim and refuses to send more proof of their arguments. There was huge monetary loss due to this arbitrary denial and therefore, I ask for the full refund for the booking.

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