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charged for a flight that was not processed; not available

Dear Sir or Madam, Please note: I booked a trip to London via the merchant CheapOAir and I...

issues with wrong flight information

Horrible customer service! This is a total scam. Booked flight through airline got an email confirmation for 2 flights with same confirmation number and same information 2 different charges. Customer service could not help get may issue resolved. I am out of money and no other options available. They wanted to charge me another 303$ to make the correct changes to the flight . I am so over booking anything online. I was sent confirmation 2 days with wrong information immediately called and still could not resolve.


I booked a trip today for Dec, and after thinking it over and not wanting to pay extra for bags, I called to cancel the same day within a few hours and was charged $84.00 to cancel and was told that is was Spirits policy. After looking at Spirits 24 hour cancellation policy, they give a full refund if the flight is booked seven days out and canceled within 24 hours. I asked to speak with a manger and was put on hold for 15 minutes then told the line was to busy and that I needed to email [protected] to get a call back. Cheapoair has a 24 hour cancellation policy so I don't understand why I have to pay $84.00 up front, how is it you advertise 24 hour cancellation but you still charge, and I had the protection on the flight which is also worthless. This will be the last time I use them and I will be happy to spread the word on all of my social medias.
Booking # [protected]


What a terrible company! I booked a flight with CheapAir and misspelled my name, so I contacted them and asked them to fix that and they said that I have to pay for that kind of service. I refused to pay, but later I called back and said that I changed my mind and was ready to pay.
I already spoke with a different rep and this one asked for even more money. What kind of scam was that? Different reps and different fees?
Then I asked them to cancel my booking and they said that first I have to pay a cancellation fee! Remember people, if you are planning to use CheapAir be ready to pay tons of money for everything! What a joke.

Bad service

Dealing with CheapAir was a really bad experience for me. I tried to book a flight. Due to some circumstances I couldn't book online, so I called the airline and booked a ticket. It was even cheaper than booking through any websites. But then I found that I had made a mistake on the month of the arrival. I called the airline but was told that they booked my ticked through CheapAir, so I need to contact them. Then I called CheapAir and they said that it is too late to change anything. I asked the to cancel the booking, but it was also impossible. Now I have to pay twice for the ticked and there is no refund! This is a scam! I cannot understand no refunds for flights! Never again will I ever use this website.

I need a refund!

I booked a flight on this site and never received confirmation email. Well I suspected something didn't go through, so I called CheapAir. They told I made three reservations for over $5, 000 each. I told that I never received any confirmation emailed and asked if they can cancel all three reservations. They said they can do it, but they'll will charge me another $300 for each reservation to be cancelled. If I would agree that would be another $900! It seems to me they running a scam or something. I have no idea what to do. I also spoke to their customer service agents and they were not able to hep me. I was on hold for almost a hour! Agents were very rude and unprofessional. They stole my money and don't want to give me a refund. I hope I will get my money back.

They are rude and unprofessional

I booked a flight with Cheapair using Air Transit out of Dublin (Flight 235 on May 27th, 2010. Supposed to be direct to Toronto @ 12:45 PM. As it turns out the flight actually leaves @ 11:50 AM and stops in Montreal. Worst of all Air Transit tells me that flight 235 was always leaving at 11:50 and always stops in Montreal.How could CheapAir get it so wrong?Also when I went to complain about this they did'nt want to hear it and tried to put the blame on Air Transit...NEVER USE THEM...THEY ARE RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL...

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    Malibek Mar 30, 2012

    This agency should be closed, negative rating on customer service and their business, can be trusted and just a pain in the heart..

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