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StudentUniverse Complaints & Reviews

StudentUniverse / Stole my money

Paula Redfern on Sep 21, 2017
What a terrible mess! Please choose alternatives and never book through them. Absolutely appalling. I booked a ticket, but later changed my mind and decided to cancel it. They refused to do it providing no acceptable reasons. Then I asked for a refund and again my request was rejected. Look like...

StudentUniverse / failure to honour terms of the contract

Uni Eoin on Sep 11, 2017
Needed to rebook a reservation from EWR to EDI to accommodate a sudden medical procedure. Contract says penalties for this change should be $50 for Student Universe and $300 for the airline plus the change in airfare. The rep wanted to charge $100 for Student Universe, $300 for the...

StudentUniverse / flight ticket with united airlines - ripped off with non-refundable ticket

Hasselled on May 23, 2017
Hi there, I have talked to your customer service today. Due to lengthy visa processing with US embassy in Sydney, I can not make my conference anymore. I have to cancel my trip. Unfortunately, Student Universe customer care told me that the ticket I bought online on 17/03/2017 wa...

StudentUniverse / Atm card

Syed Zakir on Apr 25, 2017
My Name is Syed Zakir Hussain from Pakistan. I applyed 3 month ago for Payneer Card but my card don't recived . I text for help on facebook many time but he don't reply me and after help my card deactivate. I am so confuse and so sad to the payneer managment on pakistan. please help me to...

StudentUniverse / customer service was terrible

Rachel Shen on Apr 21, 2017
I called StudentUniverse to get a refund on my flight, and I repeatedly told the woman on the phone to cancel my flight under my name and not my friend's. I even confirmed with my birthdate, but she just said "yeah, yeah, yeah whatever" the entire time, and it turned out at the end that...

Student Universe / No refund

Musab Zulfiqar on Mar 4, 2017
I am very dissapointed in Student Universe. I have been travelling with Student Universe for years now and recommended to so many friends. I was told I had 24 hours to change my flight and when I called within 24 hours of my confirmation they were not willing to make the change because...

StudentUniverse / They refused to give me a refund

Zakki on Feb 24, 2017
I booked a flight via StudentUniverse and next day I contacted them and said that I wanted to get my booking cancelled. I changed my plans and wasn't able to go on a trip. They said that there was nothing they could do and that they were not able to refund my money. But it was clearly said...

StudentUniverse / My account blocked

Esther onyinye on Jan 25, 2017
Good day sir my name is Esther Onyinye.please i have a complain to make my account on badoo has been blocked since last year 2016 please it is my mistake i fair to upgrade my account please sir sorry for my mistake i am begging please reopen my account as soon as possible thank you my...

StudentUniverse / Walking difficulty car in the middle of footpath meant for walking

Ambrose Capstina on Jan 22, 2017
Hai i am a studient recentl i took my mom for walk she is 75 at neredmet road opposite to bhavani textiles and there was full of traffic jam i could not take her on the foothpath as there was a car parked in the foothpath near to reshiba jewellery foothpath is ment for walking not for...

StudentUniverse / Reschedule

Reviewer56105 on Dec 7, 2015
Biggest joke of an organization if there is ever any issues with your flight. my flight was changed on me to later without my consent. I tried to switch to an earlier flight and gave them 5 days of flexibility. They claimed it was impossible, kept blaming the airlines, and had the worst...

StudentUniverse / Refund/reschedule

Reviewer60061 on Nov 10, 2015
I booked a so called BOLD ticket to Colombia, and the Colombian Consulate didn't return my passport on time, so I asked for a help from studentuniverse to reschedule or so mutual solution. They refused and kick the balls with the airplane company, and lied about they can't do...

Studentuniverse.com / They don't help you if you have problems

Roadi on Jul 2, 2015
I used the services of the company www.studentuniverse.com. I booked flight through them, and they seemed to be so helpful. I tried to cancel the booking, because I have some serious problems, but when I contacted them, it turned out that they weren’t interested in returning money or...

Student Universe / Refund refusal

iAbc21 on Jun 2, 2015
A month after my first flight had been deemed ineligible for my trip to Italy, I booked a second flight. While waiting for the consulate to approve my second flight, I submitted a transaction dispute for my first one. To put things in perspective, I'm leaving in July, and this is the...

Studentuniverse.com / They provided fake number and overcharged me for nothing

metaltux_ on Jan 6, 2015
Scam, scam, scam. Don’t buy any tickets through the company www.studentuniverse.com. I ordered 2 tickets, but these scammers overcharged me and provided fake confirmation number. I argued with them within couple of weeks, but they continued to provide some fake info and only told...

Student Universe / Change policy

Miss Ray on Oct 20, 2014
I booked my flight to Bolivia months ago for my study abroad program for my Masters in Public Health. Shortly before I left they emailed me and said my return flight had been altered due to airline scheduling and I needed a new flight. They booked a different flight which would get me home...

Student Universe / Policy

Phoebe Unterman on Sep 2, 2014
Even though they make it clear that they are hardnosed about their change policy, they know they are dealing with cashless students who jump stupidly at a cheap quote for a flight. Of course, when our daughter's emergency occurred (heads up, parents), which was that she got left in...

Student Universe / Service

Allay521 on Jun 3, 2014
Do not utilize Student Universe Services. Extremely poor customer service almost no knowledge of how the travel industry works. I was on hold for over twenty minutes every time I called assistance. Just think of this when you or your children are traveling abroad. Student Universe would not...

Student Universe / Website problems

Claire.Mars on Nov 22, 2013
So I bought plane tickets through the website Student Universe for my study abroad trip to Argentina. After I bought them, I logged into my account to check all the details of the flight so I could write them down. But when I went on the website and logged in, my flight I had just bought...

StudentUniverse / Service

Carrie Lee on Mar 15, 2013
I have booked the air tickets on their website for the first time. I have to say it did badly. I can't believe that the tickets I have bought is more expensive than the tickets shown on their website couple days later.They are totally the same airline company and the same date . I...

StudentUniverse / Major fraud

strawberryswing on Mar 7, 2013
This is the most lunatic website that I had business with. Last night I was charged a total of $800 in my account, have tried calling the poor quality costumer service that made me wait 30 mins just to tell me that the person taking care of this is not available. The next day I called them...

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