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So me and my family went in to eat and we ordered sat down and had our drinks we had gotten a cup for water well I pored some water. My son he was complaining about not getting soda mind you he was already drinking his water well I poured some of my soda into that cup. Well then a worker comes over tells us she needs to take the cup and that all that could go in there was water. I said excuse me as she took the cup and walked off. I felt I was being discriminated towards as her and another Caucasian women mumbled. So as we left I asked a employee what the women's name was that took my sons cup, she said Janelle she's the manager and rolled her eyes(Cindy employee did this I did catch her name as I saw her name tag). This is so rude I don't care if thats policy my son had already been drinking his water. I was furious as I wanted just to finish our meal and leave.

Jun 12, 2019
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  • Al
      Jun 13, 2019

    This has nothing to do with your race. If you son wants soda BUY him a cup of soda. What you are "forgetting" to mention is that the drinks had free refills PER PERSON. She was not rude. Now if you were paying by the cup instead of free refills then I can understand your complaint. But the drink is for only one person. Also if it is policy, it is NOT racism since it applies to everyone. I hope you are sued for the false claim of racism and deported to your own country.

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  •   Jun 13, 2019

    Me and my family.

    Fvk off.

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