Jack in the Boxyour 24 hours service. customer service deceiving and lying to customer

R Aug 11, 2018 Review updated:

I went to one of your 24 hr drive through in kent Washington. Was denied service and told you were not serving at this time. 1am. Asked why they needy-to restock. There were no delivery trucks around. Your employee came back on pa and said that they aren't taking orders and I will need to wait 20 min. I replied sure I can wait. As I sat with my family in the vehicle. A minute later your employee on the pa said that I will need to move my vehicle out of line because it was a safety violation keeping in mind that there 3 other vehicle behind me at 1 in the morning. And 3 other vehicle in front of me waiting for there order. When I asked for the name of the night shift supervisor I was given nothing but a sarcastic and older response to move out of line for it's a violation. Looked back at my family after picking them up from the airport in Seattle. I moved on. My family was much more important then going back and forth with your rudeness of an employee going nowhere. We left. Just to head home and see your commercial to try jacks bowls way to promote your business but do a poor job on hiring decent quality employees. Your at a fast food employee you should enjoy what your doing and if costumer service is not your thing then move on. Here's one a new commercial should say open when we want my employees are run my business that's who pays my bills. Way to go jack.


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    9wood Aug 11, 2018

    seriously doubt they had a delivery truck or any delivery at 1am
    poberly were disturbing them
    how dare you make them work!
    I would contact the manager and district manager
    could also let the corporate office know

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