Jack in the Boxunfair and non professional


I started at jack in the box store #6902 Nov 07 2015 the manager there was rude and thought she could talk to anyone how she wanted it . it was being ran improper and they like to gossip about what other employees were doing on their off time . after a while I was told by her and the assist manager I would get a rasie then she started training a manager from another store to take her place. it got a little better at first then and then when I became manager I had to wait 3 weeks to get my manager raise then another girl became manager got her raise the same week couldn't count a drawer down and isn't allowed on grill cause she slow on it stay and still can't properly stock or run the store. on top of that every since I became a manager I've been short handed a lot on busy days where it would be just me and 1 other person and they expect us to run front counter drive thru fryer and grill and wasn't allowed to close the lobby then on top of that there would be times on these days that the shift before me did not stock emtpy trash left the prep out sink full of dishes almost all the trays out dirty in the dirty lobby and no set ups for anything . well it got a little better but not much and we had a manager meeting that we all had to sign a write up says we wouldn't close or put signs up saying we are out of things. then they would schedule me and two people one being new and no one else until 6 so it was pretty much the samething. One day the boss over my gm came in and we was talking and I said something to him and apperantly it fell back on my gm so she got mad it me and tried to get smart with me over it. then today I go in and I put the new person on drive thru then find out the of new person got took off schedule so its me 1 new person and a person on grill I was on fryer and front counter and having to help the new person in drive thru and dealing with the phone and a few other things when in walks in my GM's boss .. We were talking and he asked who I had and told him one more person comes in at 6 . I told him it was fine even after I noticed a sink full of dishes and once again no one would probably get a break because its hard to do with no help . then my gm calls me and is mad cause her boss called her about the help and I finally had it I broke down my hands and legs were shaking I was in tears I looked at her boss and said I quit

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