Jack in the Boxservice from worker

Y Sep 14, 2018

I went there on 9/10/2018 at 833am emp Dulce service went great that day. I filled out the survey got a code 3542 I went at 630am 9/14/2018 I waited at the speaker 5mins before she asked what can I order it was only one car at the window then when I got the the window she stated can I wait while she ran outside to take another order for someone and didn't waif for a reply she went out the door came back 4 mins later now I'm watching the clock cause I'm on my way to work then I gave her the receipt from Monday she asked why I gave her that I said bogo she stated she entered 4 times the code and it didn't work by this time I'm gonna be late for work she stated I think you used this already and I haven't this was my second time coming to jib in over 2years I was upset I ask for my receipt and drove off

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