Jack in the Boxjalapeño poppers 7 piece

C Aug 02, 2018

The restaurant in Belleville Il area particularly the one on south belt line has the worst customer services ever and food is heavily mismanaged and not cooked properly this am really put it over the top I ordered jalapeño poppers and when i got home and opened the container the peppers were burnt on the outside and also cold on the inside I can't figure that but of lately people in our subdivision have similar complaints mainly because there are the only restaurant close to to us that our open late when we come from the cardinals game and for this kind of service and horrible food to be served is very saddened situation the staff at night are always outside smoking then when orders come in they go in and immediately start to prepare food without washing there hands and then a lot of menu items are not available or the grill, fryer isn't working me and others from the homeowners association will be filling a massive report with the health and sanitation departments of st Clair county about these issues

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