Jack in the Boxemployee named mike sexual harassment stalking

J Jul 25, 2019 Review updated:

went to resturant to eat harrased sexual harrased lived by his son register pedophiler keep bothering me went to restaurant than his dad mike keep on stalking and sexual harrasing me when i went hone they still kept on harrasi g saying i am going to sleep with wife give to people that you dont like killing your son called and made a compliant they said mike would never do anything like that he was .

employee named mike sexual harassment stalking


  • SubSquirrel Jul 25, 2019

    Could you please rewrite that in English?

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  • Um is not an answer! Jul 26, 2019

    You wanted to eat him and HE'S the sexual harasser???

    How was he sexual harassing you??

    He looks like Gilligan and Adam Sandler had a love child an named it Ben Stiller.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 26, 2019

    Who is killing their son ?

    You’re using a male name. Are you being harassed by men and if so, why do they want you to sleep with their wife?

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