Jack in the Boxdid not honor coupons

L Oct 07, 2019 Review updated:

On October 7, 2019 at around 12:30 p.m. I went to the Jack in the Box by where I work. I had a $5 coupon for the Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack Combo. I ordered it at the drive thru and went to the window pay. I gave the young black male the coupon the coupon and he said he had to figure out what I owed. I thought he meant sales tax added to the $5 coupon no he said the amount of the combo was aprox $7.49 and then quoted a price of around $6.00. What happened to the $5 combo? He was rude about it. This Jack in the Box has a history of horrible service but recently there has been a very friendly, helpful, And efficient service by an older black man. The young man needs to be trained to read the coupon and act accordingly. This is the Jack in the Box on 4500 Lemay Ferry Rd., Mehlville, MO 63129.


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