Jack in the Boxcustomer service

T Aug 05, 2018

At approximately 4pm I went to the restaurant #4817. I drove up to the drive through to place an order and the lady stated "I'm doing shift change and can you wait" and I said yes. I waited 5 minutes and drove around the building and got back into the drive through lane. The same lady said again "I'm doing shift change and can you wait" I then said OK and I have been waiting 5mins already. She started talking over me, while I was explaining that I've been waiting and how much longer do I have to wait. She keep saying just wait. This woman was very aggressive and rude to me. I continued to wait 5 mins longer at the drive through. I then went around to the front and went inside. I asked the lady are you the one at the drive through and she responded "yes". I explained to her that she was very rude and aggressive to me at the drive through and asked why she cut me off when I was talking to her. She was screaming at me in the store, while she was complaining about working by herself. I said ma'am I just want to place an order. I said I came inside to tell you, you are a very rude person and customer service goes a long way. Can I please place my order. When I received my order my fries were cold and stale. I did not go back to that store because I didn't want a confrontation with her or have her mishandle my food. The cashier name on my ticket is Gabriela, store #4817 on 8/5/2018 at 4:24:35pm
Please express to your employees the value of customer service. The way this young lady spoke to me was unacceptable and unprofessional. As long as she is there I will no longer dine at that this Jack in the Box.

  • Updated by Trina Thomas · Aug 05, 2018

    My complaint stands.

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