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since I can remember you know I don't eat cheeseburgers anymore because that Jack in the box on the menu it's States cheeseburgers 129 now I think they're 159 but as soon as you place your order theycharge you a dollar extra for that cheese so it's actually like 2:59 I think we should all come together and Sue this place for all them extra dollars that they make off of us and have it advertised the price of a cheeseburger supposed to be and they are so rude if you tell them about this this is experience I've had at the Jack in The box on South Garey avenue the crossroad is Rio rancho in Pomonaand it's very dirty and you have homeless people asking you for money and you find IV syringes out there throwing everywhere totally unsafe to take your kids

Jack In Box
Jack In Box


  •   Jan 25, 2019

    I’m trying to understand your post. Cheeseburgers are listed as $1.59 but they charge another dollar for cheese, right? Do you order extra cheese? How much is a hamburger? They can’t upcharge unless it’s on their price board. Can you take a clear picture of the price board and your receipt? Pictures of the door, plants, and garbage cans don’t help.

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