R Oct 11, 2019

There is a 2 minute free restart, usually when you use it it makes you blow in to the Intoxalock anyway. You have to sit in your car for 2 minutes and wait for this 2 minute countdown to finish or the device may want you to blow again, $75 this will cost you.

Intoxalock will install the device and one week before your first calibration force you to sign a contract that you may not agree with. this contract is a scam. If you do not sign the contract you will be forced to change providers. This could cost over a thousand dollars, plus the hassle of dealing with the RMV.

The device is installed in an unprofessional way through the door jam, my weatherstriping definently will be ruined when this is all over.

People with DUI's have it hard enough, we really do not need to be taken advantage of in this way.


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