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Instacart reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 17, 2013. The latest review Substitutions was posted on Mar 30, 2021. Instacart has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 155 reviews. Instacart has resolved 0 complaints.

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Today I placed an order through Dillons and I will tell you now that I will never use this service or store again. I never chose the option for substitutions. This store allowed for you to unclick substitutions so I did, but still got the substituted items. As I said, I will never do that again so this was on me.
I am frustrated and curious as to why someone thinks chicken is a good substitute for thin pork chops. That is a whole other meat!
Especially not knowing if the person has an allergy to chicken (which they do) why would you just not pick something in the same meat group? If no one answered the text I would think the person would pick a pork item or not get the item.
I will end up making a trip to the store after work anyway. Thanks!

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    Instacartshopper care

    Yesterday I received a phone call from " instacart" and was told my previous customer filed a complaint of "incomplete order" and they insisted I resolved it on the spot and was told my current shop was reassigned they had to check my account and investigate and made me give them my text generated code after threatening permanent "deactivation", Then proceeded to take over my account change all my info, steal my paycheck for $500.00 so now they have my SS#, bank # they changed all info and deactivated my account so now I can't get into shopper support. And NOBODY at instacart has helped me. I have filled out fraud report and emailed them. NO RESPONSE!!!

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      • Updated by RGS127 · Mar 29, 2021


      InstacartInstacart Shopper App

      I decided to try delivering for Instacart to make a few extra dollars. At first everything worked out ok, but I wasn't impressed when I had to drive 15 miles each way to make a delivery for very little money. Still I was willing to do so. Several weeks ago, after completing an order ar Costco the app would not move past the part that I was supposed the receipt. That means I did not have the information of where to deliver the order. Both times I spent an additional half hour in the store in a chatroom trying to get help. The second time it happen I was informed I was not the only one that had this issue. Since I am a computer hobbiest of many years I know it was not me. The second time it happened it was so aggravating it caused me to lose their credit card. Finally the person on the other end just gave me the address and asked me to contact them in the chat room when I delivered it. They also ordered me a new credit card. The new card arrived yesterday, which was 2 weeks from when it happened. So today I took an order to Costco to deliver once again 15 miles from the store and my home. At the cashier it the app told me to use debit, but gave me no pin number. After holding up the line in the store, I was moved aside and spent 15 minutes in a chatroom once again. Finally I got a pin number. The manager took over and tried to help me complete the order. The pin number came back with the order declined. Further I was not able to get back to my batch to complete it in the app. Again in a chatroom for 20 minutes I was informed that due to a technical glitch my batch became unassigned. The person helping me in the chatroom talked a few things that made little sense, but assured me he would help. After 20 minutes I finally had enough, told him I quit, apologized to the manager for having to return the items and left the store. Now I have deleted the app and am finished with Instacart. If their app cannot work properly, and shoppers are dependent on the app to do so, I do not see why anyone would put up with that for such a pittance.

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        Instacart, I thought was a great way to make money . But I was unfortunately proven wrong . I had a customer who only had 1 item in his order . That item was out of stock and the order needed to be refunded and cancelled. I was able to refund the customer but only instacart support is able to cancel the order so it wont count against me and allow me to accept new orders . For some reason the link to initiate a conversation in the support chat keeps crashing. And for the last 5 hours continues to crash. The order was cancelled due to inactivity which negatively impacted my cancellation rate. Instacart has no working phone number, no email for their employees, and no way for their employees to contact them outside of the app . This is ridiculous!

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          InstacartKroger shopper

          The person who did my Instacart kept my grocerys and only delivered me a few on my list Rachael Medina 3736hipp Dearborn mi I also paid with my card Information on file. She also did not provide reciept

          Kroger shopper
          Kroger shopper

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            InstacartNever been paid

            I have driven for Instacart grocery delivery over 15 times and have never been paid.

            The portal when I had access would not accept my bank routing #s after multiple attempts and then locked me out of the portal completely.

            I can not get access to the portal/app because it says my username, email address and password are invalid. I submit a request to reset the password and I never get the email to complete the process (I have checked all spam folders).

            Furthermore, I have tried calling whatever customer support # I can, and they direct me back to the application which I cannot access.

            If I ever do get anyone to live (1 in a million) they hang up on me or tell me they cannot help me.

            I don't want to go to the better business bureau, but that is the next step.

            Lorna Brown

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              InstacartPearl C

              image.png Delivered Mar 15, 2021, 6:34 PM - Smith's

              This young lady, named Pearl rang my doorbell very rapidly three times or more. It was very annoying. I want all delivery people to ring my doorbell one time. That's what all the other delivery people do. I typed it right there in the description box when I make my order.

              In addition, when I came out to get my groceries my bread had fallen out of the bag, and other groceries were about to fall out as well. Also, she put my power-aid in single bags instead of doubling up the bags, so when I picked the bag up some fell out and rolled on the porch.

              I am a senior citizen. Pearl has to do a much better job, take her time, focus, and don't try to damage my doorbell, please.

              Pearl C

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                InstacartCustomer Service / Fraude

                I received an email from Instacart that I changed my email address. I did not.
                I could not reach them through my shoppers app, because my old phone broke and I am using another (older model) iphone which does not support the app.
                I have called 5 times [protected]). They said they can't help me and I need to email them. They have given me 4 different email addresses (one was not valid). Some said they would contact me in 24 hrs, which never happened.
                I am beyond frustrated. They had not problem running a background check, getting my checking account info, etc. But, I cannot get someone to help me cancel my account and personal info (even if it concerns fraud).
                I no longer deliver groceries and have a full time job. All I want is my information deleted.

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                  InstacartInconsistent charges

                  Today, I ordered a large order of groceries from Food For Less to be delivered to my home, because I have a disability and am unable physically to do the shopping myself. The subtotal amount of the groceries alone per online Instacart receipt was $440.84. Once the tip, delivery, tax and service fees were added, that total jumped to $492.79. Upon reviewing my actual paper receipt from Food For Less (once my groceries were delivered) I learn my groceries plus sales tax totaled only $419.76 (a $24.96 difference when compared to what I was charged by Instacart for groceries + tax ($440.84 + 3.88)) So basically, with fees and extra paid on the groceries, it cost me a whopping $73.03 over the actual cost of the groceries for this order. When I presented the issue to Instacart customer service reps, they just blamed it on Food For Less for inputting the wrong prices on their site. NO offer to reconcile the problem or refund me the difference. I just want to warn those who depend on this service to beware of these unethical business practices. Sad. : (

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                    Feb 22, 2021

                    Instacart Grocery Delivery — Strange things happen today of my order from instacart to shop for my grocery in safeway

                    First of all, I am an instacart shopper too. I aware of a lot of under level shopper and some has very...

                    Feb 17, 2021

                    Instacart — Food delivery and refunds

                    Today I tried instacart for the first time. The date is 2/17/2021. First at bj's. I made the order on...

                    Feb 17, 2021

                    Instacart — Earnings

                    On Monday February 15 2020, I shopped for four individual people, plus three batches which were worth$30.00...

                    Instacartgroceries not delivered

                    Order number: [protected]
                    Order date: 2/10/2021

                    I placed an order on 2/10 at Kroger. The shopper's name was Richard S. He did the the shopping, checked out and never showed up to deliver food. We had said no substitutions, he substituted. We have used this company for the last couple of months and had no trouble. I called insta cart and they could not reach the driver. They said they would refund my money, but not for 7 to 10 days. Does this guy, have access to my account? does insta cart? I am 82 years old and have to rely on other people for my groceries. My email is [protected]@aol.com.

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                      InstacartChicken wings from Wegmans

                      The chicken wings in my order were a substitute for the ones I had. They are in a 1.6 lb. package with a price of $7.69 on the package. I was charged over $36 for this package. The shopper had asked me if the substitute was alright. It was listed as $26 and I questioned that. He assured me that I was $7.69 and sent a picture of the package. I have used the "report an issue" feature already but received a boiler plate response. I would like this rectified please.

                      Chicken wings from Wegmans

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                        InstacartDeactivated my account

                        My account was deactivated in error on 1/13/21. I've reached out to the company multiple times explaining what happened. I had an issue with the app days prior where it kept asking me to take a picture to identify myself which I did numerous times and even updated my profile picture. The error even pooped up while I was shopping customer's orders forcing me to log out and back in. After talking to an agent, I was told to uninstall the app and reinstall the app. That seemed to have fixed the problem. That next morning the app kept freezing and I just kept tapping the screen until it unfroze but flashed a pic. I clicked on every button trying to get the app to unfreeze and the screen eventually disappeared. 20 minutes later, the app said it wasn't able to verify my identity and I was deactivated. I called customer service who said to reply to the email you were sent, which I did. I sent every piece of identification I had from ID, birth certificates, and live photos. Minutes later my appeal was denied as if no one looked at any of the info I sent. Weeks later and I'm still reaching out to intsacart through every social media platform, and I'm being ignored by trust and safety and told the same thing by customer service... respond to the letter in your email. someone will eventually get back to you. No one from instacart has yet to say anything to me about my account. I'm sitting here jobless, struggling after I spent my last to buy insulated bags which are required for some locations to shop for customers.

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                          InstacartCustomer Service / They dont refund money

                          This is the message I sent to Instacart 9 times. They always denied it but they don't even say why.

                          I placed the same claim to get pay for a transaction I did with my credit card in order to help an Instacart customer, since the last transaction of that batch was denied.

                          My kind intention to help an Instacart customer is leaving on me a sour taste.

                          I will explain one more time:
                          It was a batch of 3 customers at Costco.

                          I am sending 4 pictures:
                          1. All receipts together including both card used in the transactions.
                          2. The record in my personal bank card.
                          3 and 4. The last receipt divided in two pictures to make a close up.

                          Customer "A": Everything good, look at receipt "A" in the picture.

                          Customer "B": Two transactions, two receipts "B1" and "B2"
                          Why two receipts for customer "B"?
                          The cashier started scanning the items and without asking me, closed the transaction with only half of the items; so the rest of the items that belong to customer "B" are in the receipt "B".

                          You can see the time sequence that follows on each receipt in the pictures.

                          At this point (with a batch of 3 customers), only two customers went through.
                          Customer "A" with Receipt "A"
                          Customer "B" with Receipt "B1" and "B2"

                          Then, what I believe happened is that Instacart was expecting to have only 3 transactions and when I was trying to pay the items of customer "C", Instacart denied as you can see in the first part (top part of receipt "C".

                          At that point I had two options :
                          Either to leave behind at Costco store the items of Customer "C" OR pay with my own card to complete the service without any issues for customer "C"

                          You can see on the receipt "C" two transactions : the first part that was the Instacard transaction denied and the second part at the bottom, the same transaction accepted but with my own card.

                          Also to make it easy for you I included in the same picture both cards : Instacart card and my personal one.

                          I am adding 3 more pictures this time.

                          The record in my personal card and the receipt C in another two pictures to make a close up.

                          If you have an specific question, please let me know exactly what it is because your answer is really vague, so we can't make any progress.

                          Hope everything is OK.

                          I appreciate if you call me in case you have any question.

                          Customer Service / They dont refund money
                          Customer Service / They dont refund money
                          Customer Service / They dont refund money
                          Customer Service / They dont refund money

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                            InstacartSign in

                            Every time I try to sign in for delivery, Instacart does not recognize my password!!! However, they are able to say that the password has been used before
                            I can't even begin to tell you how annoying this is.
                            When I reset my password, it still does not sign me in!!!
                            I have used Instacart before for orders from Safeway and Costco, and every time I have problems!!!

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                              Jan 16, 2021

                              Instacart — Terrible service even from supervisor over charged

                              This is the 3rd time this has happened to me. I have been a customer with I Stalwart since Dec 20th and put...

                              InstacartBecame deactivated by instacart

                              Someone reported food as missing because they wanted free delivery and they happily got it whereas I was left jobless. Instacart knew that I did drop off the order yet they deemed me as unfit to work. After this they gave me wrong address And I drop food off and two days later I go to get the groceries and bring it to the right house. They said they'll reactivate my account and they never did it.

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                                Dec 26, 2020

                                Instacart — No delivery, lie, extra charge

                                Do not use this company. Ordered one bag (fruits, cheeses, crackers) for elderly uncle 12/18/20. Got email...

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