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coustomer service

worst company to work with. they donot train their couriers and restaurants end up loosing money working with them . i will each and every person to order online and pickup.
evrey time we prep order and end up getting complaint with missing items. we work with other delivery partners never has any problem. why with skip the dishes.
they steel food.


SkipTheDishes just robbed me of $16 from an order from Pizza 73 (Order #:[protected]) No phone number to contact these clowns. What a joke of a company, get out of our country if you can't respect our people you corporate fools! My number is [protected]. I expect respect if I show respect and igor is a piece of garbage. The fact that you people hire these clowns is proof that you're a complete joke! I want a refund for my stolen $16!

ability to read a map

This is a general complaint regarding a lot of drivers for your company. I live at [address removed] in Guelph and there is a condo building behind us at [address removed]. At least once a week a driver will ring our doorbell, sometimes during the day, sometimes late at night, looking for the wrong address. I have 2 small children that have been woken up before because drivers cant read maps. There is a street sign right outside my house that clearly shows which street they are on. I'm not sure what can be done here but it needs to stop. It doesnt take a genius to read a map.


I used to love your commercials for skip the dishes until the latest one where Hamm angrily yells "Brando!! throw me the shirt!!!" to the poor personal attendant that is sweating his balls off in a costume to entertain him at home TV game. Don't like that guy now!! He used to be very likable and funny but now, makes you just feel sorry for the other guy... We're Canadians, not mean rude loud mouths :(

items missing twice in a row.

I ordered for my daughter and I yesterday and they forgot my large fries. I contacted support and they were like "We'll refund your $0.58 back to your card in 3-5 business days" Today I ordered again and they forgot 2 things with my daughter's Happy Meal. I contacted Support again and they kept passing the buck and no one wanted to talk to me. When someone finally answered the chat again it was "we'll refund what was missing" And that was it. End of conversation. I asked if they'd refund the whole order since it was the second time in a row that they screwed up and I left left on read. Never using that [censored] company again.

account was hacked

My Account was hacked today (Jan 14 2020), I live in Toronto and two orders were submitted for delivering in Montreal.
I spot the incident when the second order was being delivered, contacted support but nothing could be done.
They asked to send an email with details, which I have already done, but looking to previous feedbacks I am kind of hopeless.
I removed my credit card details from the app and changed password, called my bank and cancelled my credit card.
Orders were:
#[protected] - Thai Express
3009 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H4C 1N9, Canada
#[protected] - Pizza St-Henri
4200 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H4C 1J4, Canada


On dec 23 someone hacked my card and used $43 I tried to contact the company and they told me it was my loss keep better track of my card number! Mind u that money was being used for travel during the holidays and for presents I wasnt happy at all! I contacted my bank which told me they couldnt refund it to me that I needed to contact the payee and that was the response I got from them completely ridiculous


We placed an order and the money was taken out of the account (got the email confirming it) but there was no history of the order being placed. Chat helpline DID NOT HELP and said that there was no history of the payment being taken, we did send them the email we got and they still didn't help. We had to place ANOTHER ORDER and did not get reimbursed, so we had to pay twice.

food not delivered, driver did not follow instructions

On December 19, 2019 I ordered KFC (dewdney location), and I was following the tracker that the website provides. I was working in the Brandt Centre and put in the "instructions for driver" section 'deliver to west entrance, doors facing lewvan drive'. The map said the driver was here and I went to the curb to meet the driver like I said when I placed the order and after 30 mins the skip screen went back to re-order. I called the restaurant and they gave me the number to call to fix the situation and I got a busy signal for 6 times trying to call. I called the restaurant back and even they could not get through on that number. I do not know where my food is. authorization # 006912, transaction # [protected], confirmation #5917. The KFC person I had talked to is getting their own driver to drop off my food.


This morning I ordered from A n W and they put my tea in the bag along with my order . They didn't inform the driver that they put a tea in the bag. Long story short the tea spilled all over the food and the driver just told me to call to complain to customer service for his mess. Then I received a refund for only half of the order. Now I place an order with the credit that I received and I noticed the order says I have to pick up the new order. There's no section to cancel the order so I contacted skip help and there trying to tell me I can only go pick up the food or I'm going to lose what I paid. So twice in one day I've been robbed by skip. No money and no food. I want my money back and a manager to call me back

my entire order

I placed an order on December 4, 2019.
My order never arrived. I used the live chat 3 times and kept getting disconnected. This was very frustrating. I also emailed a few times to notify Skip the dishes of the occurrence and request a full refund. I'm attaching a photo of the order confirmation. I look forward to a prompt reply.
I also have photos of a partial conversation I was having the day the order was placed rearing a full refund. If this is needed I can submit these photos as well.

my entire order

food delivery

I just had the worst experience using the skip app. I ordered for lunch and the delivery guy called me as shown on attached image. He called me at 11:36 am and said he was at the back door as per delivery instructions.

I was on the phone with him while walking downstairs and the call dropped. I called him back at 11:37 am and the line wasn't connecting and he wasn't there. I called a couple of times and had to reach out through chat. The chat rep was very unhelpful and insisted the driver tried to reach me when in fact I was the one trying to reach him and the line wasn't connecting. I tried calling him back just a minute after we spoke but to no avail. Anyway he wasn't at my house, I didn't get my food and skip the dishes is refusing to refund my money.

food delivery
food delivery

the commercial

We just heard the newest 'skip the dishes' on sportsnet 11 at 5:20 + p.M. Monday november 25. 2019. It i...

order incomplete

I placed an order with Skip the Dishes on saturday Nov 16th and the order showed up incomplete. We ordered...

order was not what was described in menu

Hi, I was informed by Quiznos (4192 Dawson St Burnaby, B.C.) that I have to file a complaint with Skip the Dishes inorder for them to process the resolving of my problem with the food that was ordered/delivered through Skip the Dishes. On Nov. 1st, 2019 I ordered two peppercorn sauce sandwiches from Quiznos, when we ate them we discovered that there was only meat in the bun, and none of the toppings or sauce that was supposed to be on them. Having had this sandwich before many times we knew it was not right. But we were eating on the run and could not report the problem right away. I did contact the store asap, I was told they would look into the matter. Yesterday I was send an email to contact Skip the Dishes and file a complaint. I do not know if the order number would help but here it is #[protected]. Thank you


Ordered for delivery at 4:30pm to 5:30 pm, never received order till 6:15pm. Called restaurant and asked about the time, the told me that skip the dishes had put my delivery time for the delivery at 6pm to 6:30pm
The delivery was awefull from skip the dishes time not blaming driver but the company for altering my order details.

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Order Placed
Your order has been placed with Vanier Grill for delivery on Nov 3, approx. 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM.

  • Updated by Marc Parsons · Nov 03, 2019

    Ordered for delivery at 4:30pm to 5:30 pm, never received order till 6:15pm. Called restaurant and asked about the time, the told me that skip the dishes had put my delivery time for the delivery at 6pm to 6:30pm
    The delivery was awefull from skip the dishes time not blaming driver but the company for altering my order details.

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    Order Placed
    Your order has been placed with Vanier Grill for delivery on Nov 3, approx. 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM.


Ordered online - paid with interac online - their page glitched - my money was gone - order not completed - customer support chat offered no help - my bank gave a confirmation of payment code - customer support chat still offered no help - refused to give me phone number - found phone number [protected] - mwahahahaha (thank you Popeyes management) - got my $ back 2 hrs after initial problem!

Will never ever ever in a million years put myself through that hassle again. They deliver make it almost impossible to reach them in the event of a problem. They seem to do this intentionally so you give up on getting reimbursed. If a food place uses skip the dishes I suggest you skip on over to another food place. They are an absolute disgrace in customer support/service & their payment platform failed on their end of things and they couldn't fix the problem. They told me in chat that my $ was ‘lost in a cyberspace phantom zone'.

My bank advisor laughed at that one, glad someone got a laugh out of it!

online chat customer support

Waited over 1.5hrs for food. The delivered message came up but the food never actually arrived. Contacted online help. They confirmed my address and phone number (which I had already double-checked and knew was correct), and then issued me a refund in skip credits. There was no accounting for the fact I had already waited 1.5h for food and would have to wait another hour minimum to get my food, as well as the fact that I would have much preferred getting a refund to my credit card consider I would not be ordering again because I wouldn't get my food until 10pm. There was no offer of them talking to the restaurant to get a rush placed on my order either so I would get it sooner than 1h minimum. Had to go without dinner that night. Not impressed, especially considering how often I've used Skip in the past.

online chat customer support


To Whom It May Concern, Despite your marketing and sophisticated graphics, it is quite challenging to...

delivery - driver - food not delivered

I have tried contacting you people several times, received a food delivery somewhat from you on Sat Oct 12th pm, from KFC in Mississauga, the order was a total of 84.54 - including a 9 dollar tip for the driver which we couldn't alter or adjust and the driver handed us a bag of food and ran away, we had a bag with fries and gravy and potato salad, for 85 dollars, we tried contacting skip the dishes no luck at all there is no way to get hold of you, I emailed you finally with the problem so did my husband and no answer as of today, 3 days later, I ended up having to drive and pick up my order as the restaurant replaced it free to me, because he has had this issue with skip the dishes before and didn't want it to reflect on them. So I paid you 85.00 tipped your driver 9.00 to buy his dinner and then go pickup my own food.