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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved poor quality, dubious customer service

I purchased a dresser 2 1/2 years ago. Most ikea items come with proprietary parts, so when the door slider...

Resolved availability

I went to Ikea and tried to buy a kitchen counter displayed on their floor. It was out of stock and they did not know when in would be in stock. They would not sell me the display model. I found the item online and checked every store in the US, no stock. How can they display an item online and on their floor and not have it in stock or know when it will ship? I have had the same experience with their office line, a monumental lack of information. It seems all they want to sell is $20 bookshelves to college students because that is all the furniture they have in inventory, the rest is just for show.

Resolved assembly costs

Before I purchased the Besta TV entertainment center wall unit, I asked
about assembly, because I knew I could never do it myself. I was told by an IKEA employee, who had my "shopping list" in front of her, that it would be 10-20% of the purchase price. Okay, I could handle that, so I made the purchase, loaded the flat-bed carts to save on delivery charges, loaded my car, and drove home. I was too pooped to unload the car, so I got out the two business cards the IKEA employee gave me - little blue and yellow business cards that IKEA had an "arrangement with." When I got through to them, I was informed that it's NOT a percentage of the purchase price, you're charged by the PIECE. He said it would cost $385 for them to assemble the wall unit that cost $868. When I called IKEA to complain about being misled about the costs of assembly, they said, oh, you should have looked into that before you made the purchase. I guess speaking to the IKEA employee isn't checking into it? I got, oh, we don't have any control over those outside assembly people. Funny, the little blue and yellow business cards are passed out at IKEA and say "IKEA-certified installer" on them and I was told at IKEA that I would be charged 10-20%. I think it's a scam. They know darn good and well that if they told you it would cost HALF of the purchase price to get the darn thing assembled, you wouldn't buy their complicated furniture items in the first place.

  • binder Apr 16, 2009

    If you are too dumb to know how to screw pieces of wood together, you shouldn't have bought it to begin with.

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  • Jb
    JB Stewart Sep 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's true, IKEA stores generally tend to give out names of uninsured, unlicensed individuals to their customers. They are generally unprofessional and expensive. We used a local furniture assembly company to assemble our furniture and the service was reasonable and professional. We notified IKEA in Charlotte about them and they were very unresponsive to our findings. These "special" relationships between contractors and stores like Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Staples, Office Depot, ETC. are very disturbing as no one seems to have any control over the contractor they are referring you to.

    We found that if the store recommends them "stay away" and find someone else.

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Resolved worst customer service

oh IKEA, is the worst customer service, even the manager on the showroom they have at palo alto, ca, she i...

Resolved deceptive advertising

They advertised a stock pot, regularly $40 for $10. One per household, while supplies last. Store opens at 10 AM - they offered free breakfast between 9 - 10 AM so I got there about 9:30. I noticed they were giving something out at door, looked like a flyer about the breakfast but I already had the ad from Sunday paper. Had breakfast, then waited in the line to get in store. 10 AM I enter and look for stock pot. None in the kitchen supply area. The other item I was looking for from the ad was there and I got my limit. Someone said you had to have a coupon to get the stockpot and they were up by the checkout counters. Strange I thought. The paper ad nor the TV ad say anything about a coupon or first so many customers. I go to checkout and see the stockpots being held hostage on the far left wall by the clerks. They would not sell me one without the coupon they gave out before the store opened. I had to make a scene but I got my stockpot ("someone gave their coupon up"). IKEA practices deceptive advertising and I will not let one of their ads lure me back to their store again.

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Resolved bad taste commercial

I will no longer purchase anything from your store again! Your commercial with the woman putting together a dresser and the elderly woman saying she could go find a nice man (Or woman)... Was shocking!
To be a parent that is careful about what her children watch on tv, and then have no control over the type of commercials that are shown are truly unbelieveable. Your ikea company will no longer be a place where I purchase my family items. You were able to show your liberal point of view and gain the gay and lesbian costumers, but you have lost a conservative costumers! I can't understand why it was even necessary to put that in one of your commercials!
My family will no longer be a costumer of yours!

  • Get a life!!! Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they are evil or their lifestyle shouldn't be included in a commercial. Oh any by the way I am a straight female married with a daughter and I will shop at IKEA in your place, even though I am sure they will do fine with out a
    homophobe like you as customer!!!

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Resolved faulty chair

I ordered a chair from ikea online on 27/01/2009 and took delivery on 03/02/2009 to find the height/rake levers snapped. As I needed a chair urgently I put it together never the less. Then requested a replacement be sent out. Then advised delivery/collection on 17/02/2009. I attempted to dismantle chair and found a bolt has cross threaded so I can't dismantle for the courier to accept it. They now want to send a truck to collect as assembled on 04/03/2009. What rights do I have? Do I have to go through all this? Can't I just dispose of the faulty chair? Does anyone have experience of taking this further due to inconvenience caused?

Resolved ikea cheap furniture

In September 08 I bought an Aneboda bed frame and Lilliker Bed slats from Ikea. I didn't put it together...

Resolved bad customer servive

I bought book shelf at IKEA for $100. and since it was my 1st time in one of their stores I looked at many...

Resolved refund policy fraud

I bought a stand alone cabinet from ikea, like 95% of your their products required assembly. I bought it home...

East Palo Alto Furniture

poor products and customer service

I have a4-part wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors that I purchased from IKEA several years ago. The closet...

Resolved fraud and scam

I bought a bed from ikea, carson, california. When we get it home and start to assemble it we realize it i...

horrible kitchen experience

The worst kitchen experience ever!!!

Ok, so. Bought a $3, 000 kitchen for my new office. Still waiting for it! I paid for it in may. I hired ikea's installation company to install it. They booked a date and didn't show up. No call, no apology. They rescheduled 3 weeks later. They installed half of the kitchen. Turns out ikea sent the wrong upper cabinets. Called ikea to ask them to send the proper cabinets. I was told it w0uld be fixed right away. Nothing happened. After countless calls, emails through their customer service site and much frustration, nothing happens. 4 months later they tell me the cabinets are discontinued and I could have a $100 gift certificate for my troubles (Whooopty - doo). I asked for them to be replaced by another type of cabinet. They assured me that would be taken care of immediately. Nothing happened. Another 2 months go by. I call to find out what is happening and nobody could give me a status.

Whatever you do. Do not purchase a kitchen from this store. Completely incompetent service staff. Horrible installation company.

Btw, they didn't even give me the lousy $100 gift certificate.


today I watched a commercial about a woman putting a red dresser together with and elderly woman making...

Resolved rubber ice trays

I'm sure you have seen those ikea ice trays that come in funny shapes and are made of a rubbery like substance. Perhaps you have purchased them, maybe for the kids, or maybe because you like the idea of your ice cubes coming in funny shapes and this appeals to you in some sort of aesthetic way.

Well, either way. the ikea ice cube trays really suck. It's so hard to break the ice out of the tray, because of the fact that they are in funny shapes, AND because the rubber that they are made out of is complete crap. The cubes are too small. Altogether I just wanted to voice my opinion that these ice cube trays needs to cease being sold. At best, I would hope that they stop using the rubber to make them as I think that is the major problem.

Enough said.

  • Ma
    Mady Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow. What a ridiculous complaint. They're $1.99. They 're trendy. They're cute. And they're not that hard to get out. Trust me - I have them too.

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  • Sa
    Sarah123 Aug 02, 2009

    It's ice, it melts eventually, and god forbid if one piece of ice breaks into two. It's people like you with useless complaints that make me lose all faith in humanity.

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Resolved awful company and its products

I bought a chair. Got home with it, ready to put it together and guess what, the last piece in the... Severely damaged. Needless to say the whole frame is scratched. Now I have to drive again 50 miles to bring it back. And the stupid chair doesn't even fit back in the box. Stay away from ikea. How can they sell such crappy products in the us? I can't believe that I even bother to buy something from them. I have heard that their products suck from many people. I did not believe it. Now I do.

  • Ma
    Mady Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From the post it sounds like you just discovered the part was damaged and haven't driven to IKEA yet. DONT. Have you receipt in hand and call the store first and see if they can send you the part. Although youve probably already driven back and caused a scene at the store.

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  • Sa
    Sarah123 Aug 02, 2009

    "How can they sell such crappy products in the US?"

    So your implying that they can sell crappy product in any other country but your precious one? Newsflash sweetheart, 99% of your country's product comes from cheap labour in China. And you need to realize that it is shipped across the country and sometimes damages happen!! Pull your head out of your ###.

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  • Be
    Bet1 Sep 03, 2009

    I wanted to purchase a kitchen sink and cabinet for my basement from IKEA. I called IKEA Hicksville NY to see if the items were available and the rep. said there were 6 of each left. I get to the store at 11am and proceed to the kitchen area and the PLANNER very slowly checks downstairs to CONFIRM all the items are there. I make the the purchase at the kitchen planning area and slowly proceed downstairs to furniture pick up and also to pay for the sink drill bit(20 min on line). I get to the furniture pick up area and there are approximately 3 people complaining they have been there too long. 30 minutes later, the girl wheels up the sink top but no cabinet and is expecting me to take it. She said the cabinet was out of stock, if I want a refund go take a number next store @ customer service. 20 minutes later I get my money back and was offered coupons. While there, a man had the same issue but was waiting even longer than me to pick up and out of stock item. I went back to the kitchen planning area to speak to the planner and two planners were discussing(15 min.) where to put a cabinet while 3 customers awaited assistance. 1:20 I leave the store with the understanding of how someone can go postal!!!

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  • Pi
    Pissedinjersey Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought furniture from Ikea. Had it delivered to my son's apt, a six-floor walkup.

    Five months later, the bed fell apart. Ikea won't cover it longer than 90 days from purchase; I must have a receipt; and it has to be brought in to be "looked" at.

    So, I would have to disassemble it, carry it down the six flights of stairs I paid to have them bring it up, and drive it to another state.

    They won't stand behind it, because its more than ninety days. Maybe they know it won't last too long.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't think they're asking anything too unreasonable. This may sound odd too, but did you pay a lot for it? Furniture can be one of the few things where quality really depends on how much you spend.

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Resolved refund

I returned a sofa I bought from ikea. It has been over a week now and they have not refunded my money back. I visited their store several times, filled out the same form many times with my credit card info!!!, every time the associate goes back to talk to some one and then returns saying"it will be refunded tomorow" and "some one" will call you about this. Also "there was some complication, some one failed to log in and this and that..." when tomorrow comes, no one calls. I then call the store and they tell me I have to visit the store to get refund. This has been going for a week now. I am tired of this mental torture. Can any one please advise what can I do. Shall I go to the police fro help.

Resolved awful company

We purchased plates, cups, bowls and other assorted glassware from Ikea. The products were described as lilac hand blown glass. When we began to wash the plates and remove the stickers, we noticed that the clear spots were showing up on some of the plates. We were shocked to learn that the glassware is not really lilac, but instead it is made of clear glass and has some sort of plastic film covering. We checked the bowls and cups and found them all to be the same. Since the products are made in China we were a bit concerned that flakes of this plastic coating could get into our food and we have no idea what types of chemicals might be in the product. Not to mention, that after a few months, the dishes were going to blotchy messes of clear and lilac as the film continued to scratch or wear off. We called Ikea and told them we had traveled from a long distance to pick up the dishes, we told them that we were very unhappy that the plates were not advertised as

coated and we told them we wanted to be compensated. They expressed shock and said they had no idea that the glassware was not solid glass. We were told we would be refunded our money and compensated with coupons or store credit for our time and mileage. We returned to the store and our money was refunded, but they refused to give us any other type of compensation. They changed their story from what they had said on the phone and claimed they new the dishes were coated, but they were safe for use. We told them to post a sign so other consumers were aware, but they refused and told us they did not want to deal with our concerns. We want others to know that this film could flake and it could get into food products and beverages.

  • Valerie Oct 02, 2008

    Ordered a bed a month ago, and still sleeping on the floor. My last e-mail to IKEA is below, and I'm on hold waiting for a supervisor right now.

    "I ordered my furniture almost a month ago now, and after quite a bit of trouble with Purolator I finally got it at the start of September. However, when I went to put my Dalselv bed together, I noticed that some of the holes that were to be drilled in the frame were missing. I immediately called Ikea (on September 4th), spoke to a representative, and was told that someone would contact me in three to five days. My phone does not have voicemail and so an e-mail was sent to me on the 10th with contact times -- which were wrong. When I called on Friday September 12 at seven pm, as the e-mail said I could, customer service was closed. I called again last Monday, the 15th, and was put on hold for twenty minutes before speaking to a representative. She told me that I'd have to wait another thirty minutes before talking to someone else, and I wasn't able to do that because I was on my way to class. I asked if someone would be able to call on the Tuesday, and she said that wouldn't be a problem - but I didn't get a call until yesterday (September 20th) at noon, when I was in class. I bought an Ikea bed frame (among other things) a month ago, and am sleeping on a mattress on the floor. This problem could be rectified easily by sending a tech with a power drill to my apartment, and that's what I expect to happen as soon as possible. If it's not possible, I'd like to return my bed frame and the slats that go with it - I will buy another bed frame from someone else. Please have a supervisor call or e-mail me."

    I called back on my own, October 1st, two weeks later. After missing Ikea's call once and then sending an e-mail, in which they PROMISED they'd call and never did.


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  • Valerie Nov 11, 2008

    So I took the advice of my friends and family to give Ikea a try (a lot of them are from California and they swear by the place) so I figured I would brave the big blue and yellow monstrosity with bravery in mind and an appetite for a good deal when I was in the market for a new desk. I'll let the uber-hip sheik interior pass without reprimand as the real problem was when I bought my desk and finally carted it back home, it was missing half the screws. So I carted the darned thing back to the store and the customer service simply shrugged their shoulders. Literally, it was nothing more than that. So I've written to corporate. This is truly unacceptable.

    What am I going to do with a half allotment of wonky screws, a few pieces of polished wood and an Allen wrench? Good riddance. If you do shop there make sure you check that everything is in the package as promised.

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  • Ka
    karis Apr 15, 2009

    what is it with people that complain about nobody calling them back when they are never home and have no machine? this is the 20th century you know.

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  • Ch
    charms May 19, 2009

    In my experience, even if you DO get all the parts, the item will fall apart within a few years. Great store for decorative items, crappy for furniture - just pitty those poor people who bought their KITCHENS & appliances there!!

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  • Zo
    zoerouhi Aug 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Today i bought two wardrobes from ikea wembley given to believe that they where the correct size height 229cms for the doors this was ok but i later checked that the frame was 236cms to tall paid for delivery that i tried to phone the company to council so i could return to ikea to rectify the mistake the following day the delivery company are called allways express sorry should be called never express delivery cause you can never get hold of them im actually wondering if they exist im so upset with ikea ive kitted out most of my flat with ikea products and still need to furnish my bedroom and living room ikes lose

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Resolved chest of drawers

i purchased a set of chest of drawers from ikea on sat 16th august 2008.i built them up on sunday night and as i was building them the wood started to split were the screws fitted in leaving the holes to big for the screws.once the drawers were fitted up i noticed that one of the drawers slants to one side and doesn't close properly.plus the chest of drawers isn't very stable now that there up.i am not very happy with the purchase as i paid £55 for them.i can not bring them back as they are built up, the reason why i managed them home is i got a taxi.i would either like a refund or someone to come and pick them up and give me a new set.
i would like an answer to my complaint.

non-delivery of goods

I purchased over $1, 600 worth of goods on july 27th and they debited my account on the 29th. Since then I have heard nothing, zip, zero, zilch. I have spoken with several different people who assure me that someone will get right back to me and then nothing again. I e-mailed them through "contact us" and 5 guesses as to what happened. Do not use this company. It's a rip-off!